Mindful Gambling – Improving Your Experience In The Casino

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I have been reading a book by Susan Albers called “Eating Mindfully.”  It is an excellent book for learning to retrain ones self to enjoy eating through a healthy approach of awareness.  Then I got to thinking – am I really enjoying my casino visits, or are there ways to enjoy my visits more?

Do you gamble mindlessly?  Are you aware of the speed of your play?  Do you take breaks?  Are you truly aware of all the sounds and sights of your gambling experience?

Mindful Gambling could include the following:

  • Being aware of the game’s rules – Awareness of each table game’s rules and how  affects your length of play and casino advantage will definitely increase the enjoyment in your gambling experience.
  • Being aware of the difference in slot machines – Knowing advantage strategy will reduce the casino’s edge.  Knowing if max play on a slot machine actually reduces the casino edge, or slot multipliers are  involved depending on your wager is important, since slots are such a high advantage for the house.
  • Sensing and savoring success – when you get a good hit, or beat the dealer on a double down, do you take some mindful time to enjoy it?
  • Take time to watch the process – of the games, of management, of the wait staff in a restaurant….anything.  So much is happening around you to bring the casino experience to you.
  • Adopt a “non-judgement” mind-set – All those things & people who a person can allow to get into the way of the entertainment of your  gambling?  Let them go……Understand the science of the Random Number Generator, accept the losses as part of the experience, move aware from annoying idiots & jerks, and make your environment more conducive to a higher quality time playing.
  • Be aware or present in the moment – do you need to continue gambling?  Are you mentally tied to specific machines, or playing time?  Take a breath every ten minutes.  Be aware of your breathing, be calm.  Let the gambling experience come to you.
  • Be alert and observant – know how you feel about your experience as you go.  Take time to take inventory of your gambling time and how you feel.

The bottom line is to make aware, informative choices instead of being on casino auto-pilot.  Some people are professional gamblers, and instead of entertainment, it a job.  This is probably not appropriate advice for that segment of gamblers.  But for the vast majority of us, take some time to be aware, breathe, relax, and enjoy your gambling.

And if it’s the adrenaline rush that you look forward to, as many of us at the casino, still take time to enjoy the moment.

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