The Monday Link – Before You Plan Your Las Vegas Vacation


After returning from Las Vegas, I thought it would be apropos to make this Monday’s Link about planning your next Vegas Vacation. has a good blueprint when planning your Las Vegas Trip as a newbie or frequent visitor. TripSavvy calls itself “a travel site written by real experts, not anonymous reviewers, with hometown pride, parents who are road trip heroes, cruise junkies who know every ship at sea, and virtually everyone else in-between.”

So, how do you plan a trip to Vegas? Some plan every minute, some plan by the sections of the day. There are many Las Vegas lovers who visit without any direction or itinerary. “Go with the flow” is their motto.

To be honest, the first investigation is with yourself and those going. Here are a few NETG suggestions:

  1. When tripping to Las Vegas with others, meet before to find common ground, interests and vacationing.
  2. Determine how much gambling is important to your trip. As a group, time in Vegas is easily wasted waiting for others
  3. It’s important to understand that time together and time for individual adventure is important.
  4. Discuss transportation – how are you or the group getting around and how far do you expect to travel? Are you only spraying on the Strip, going downtown, checking out sites outside Las Vegas?
  5. Plan your meals at first – more time is wasted waiting in buffet lines and dining options.

So the following article is good place to start, or a good reminder of what you might have missed.

“Before You Plan Your Las Vegas Vacation”

by Zeke Quezada has many Las Vegas articles for everyone’s interest. Check them out.



My Vegas Vacation – Trip Report, Part 2 – The Good, The Bad and the “What the _____ ?

The Las Vegas Strip

The Las Vegas Strip from high up in Mandalay Bay.

Part 2 delves into praise and sarcasm, the good, the bad and the “what the?” in our five day trip to the gambling mecca that is Vegas. First let’s take a look at the gambling.


The gaming gods did not look down in support of our play.  As George Costanza would have said, “the sea was angry that day (week), my friends, like an old man trying to send back soup in a deli!”  It was a battle all week. But let’s start with the positive.


  1. Red-Rock Resort Casino, Summerlain – Our best gambling was off-strip – surprise, surprise. I love Red Rock Resort.  Full pay Bonus Poker and 9/6 Double Double Poker.  It’s a large casino, always with the newest slots and table games.  Most table games are favorable compared to the strip, including 3/2 blackjack.
  2. Main Street Station, Downtown – the best gambling this trip was at tried and true Main Street Station.  I consider it the nicest casino downtown.  Always great beer (go for the porter), scratch offs for every video poker quad ($1 -$2 mostly), friendly staff, and great gambling.  They even have some video poker with good paytables using coins, in case you like dirty hands and coins dropping into the coin through.  Five quads in two hours for me, 3 for my wife.  Three of my quads (DDB) were Aces (no kicker). We’ve been visiting MSS since the 90’s and it never gets old.
  3. The Palms – used to be a place that had full pay everything, even for the $.25 player. I was very surprised to see at the new Palms, now owned by the same company as Red Rock Resort, the video poker pay tables diminished.  With a look around the Racebook – Eureka! there they were.  Some full pay Deuces,  JOB, DDB, NSUDueces, etc.  To me, the Palms was back.  Stations casinos now has an presence on the Strip, almost.   Across from the Palms is the Gold Coast, a good VP property from Boyds casinos. Video Poker is alive and well on Flamingo Road.

These were the exceptions of an otherwise dismal gambling trip.


  1. Mandalay Bay, South Strip – Pai Gow Poker at Mandalay Bay kicked my butt – quickest Pai Gow session EVAH!  Slots didn’t pay, except for one of my faves – Little Shop of Horrors.  It’s hard to find these days, the bonus usually pays well, and max bet is only $1.50 to get all the perks of the machine.  The sounds from the plant are funny and entertaining.
  2. Planet Hollywood, mid Strip – If you’ve played Video Poker on the Strip, you know how abysmal it can be.  Both M-Bay and Planet Ho. The few playable at Mandalay at $.25 are in Spin Poker and multi-hand games.  Full pay Bonus Poker starts at the $2 level. Planet Hollywood is worse – NO FULL PAY ANYTHING. How about 6/5 JOB at the bar tops? Terrible.  Besides that, most Caesars Properties have their little light system that tells bartenders if you deserve a free drink!  To be honest, $10 through, or 8 hands of VP max bet seemed to do it. But kiss away those low play Keno breaks with a beer.
  3. Bally’s, mid Strip – Supposedly, this casino has gone through renovations.  My question is “How can a property go through renovations and still be one of the most non-descriptive, boring casinos on the strip?  Slots need to be upgraded, the VP has been downgraded since there last from bad to terrible, and overall – blah. Needless to say, I should have paid attention to the sucking sound I heard upon entering, because it soon found my bankroll.

NETG Vegas Bad-Beats – This refers to the kind of things you just shake your head, amused but muttering “I don’t GET IT.” 

  • Men’s underwear – Do I really need to say it.  I thought that fad was gone.  I guess some boys refuse to grow up and dress like big boys.
  • $.75 for water – At Della’s Kitchen, you don’t have the option of free tap water.  You water is $.75.  Be aware, they pour before you have a chance to know! Sure, I know, it’s a little thing, but just one of many.  Parking fees, resort fees, paying for drinks while gambling…… water the next thing we will be charged for?
  • Seabreeze at Mandalay – Looking for a good, quick breakfast at M-Bay? Stay away from Seabreeze.  Our breakfast was horrible.  The breakfast special was so small, we ordered a side of turkey sausage – for $7! The special was $9.99. The sausage tasted like Jimmy Dean microwaved (luke warm and was quickly brought out) bread was dry and obviously from a store bought loaf, and service was slow and not engaging. Again, stay away!
  • Resort fees – Yeah I know, beating a dead horse.  Don’t get me wrong, I like getting comped rooms from Caesars Entertainment. But even at Diamond status, I paid $150 in resort fees & taxes at Planet Hollywood.


  • Taking JetBlue non-stop from Boston to Las Vegas and ending up in the newest terminal D is awesome.
  • How good is Earl of Sandwich?  not good – Outstanding
  • Yardhouse is a chain and has great salads and outstanding beer.  Order two flights – 8 beers – and share! Find it at the Linq and Red Rock resort.
  • Planet Hollywood Kiosks for checking in worked very well. If you’re early , concierge holds bags, they email/text you when ready.
  • Banger Brewing downtown is a must for beer aficionados. The El Heffe (a Jalapeno hefeweizen), the Morning Joe (a blond coffee kolsch) and the One Off Series (brown ale with mint chocolate) are NETG Recommendations. 
  • El Cortez – great gambling in a place out of old Vegas. Low minimums and good gambling. What trip is complete without a visit?
  • Best little breakfast at the Miracle Mile (Planet Hollywood) – La Cantina. $4.99 for 2 eggs, bacon or sausage, hash browns and two tortilla.

KENO CHALLENGE or “How to pass the time on $20 when your bankroll dwindles.”

Caveman Keno

Bert and Bin made up a new game for passing the time, whenever needed. It’s called the KENO CHALLENGE. Those competing insert $20 (it could be any amount, but same amount for all). The one at a time, play taking turns. Continue until one playerThe one left with money wins. What do they win?  Does’t matter? Meanwhile, drinks keep coming, since this can last a long time. BIG SUGGESTION – don’t use your players card unless playing $1 bets and up, (depending on your personal Daily Theoretical.)


It was a great trip, not financially, but in all other aspects.  If you can’t come back from Vegas and still feel happy about going, then you’re not going as a vacation, Advantage Players not included. Can’t wait for next summer.


My Vegas Vacation – Trip Report, Part 1 – Stays & Eats

The Las Vegas Strip

The Las Vegas Strip from high up in Mandalay Bay.

Most trip reports begin with “Day 1” and takes the reader through the trip from beginning to end.

Let’s try something different.


This trip was not like our usual yearly Vegas Vacation – for one it was July.  I thought it was hot in July, but the average temperature was 117 degrees F.  Oh sure, it’s a dry heat and lowered to around 105 in the evenings, but who cares – who really needs to walk around anyway.

It ended with a monsoon.  Our final night had over 2 inches of rain in 5 hours with winds across the valley up to 69 mph!  The vent in our hotel room at Planet Hollywood had to be taped down because the wind kept popping it from the top of the window sill.


Bomb Tacos – Downtown, suggested by Tim & Michele from “Five Hundy by Midnight” (the original Las Vegas Podcast!).  It was outstanding. We recommend the cartinas, chorizo and crispy brisket tacos. The veggies are extremely fresh, the place is clean, and it’s all freshly prepared. An “NETG Must-Do” when in Downtown Vegas.

The Palms A.Y.C.E Buffet – The Palms is going through a major renovation after Red Rock Corp (formerly Stations Casinos) bought it. The buffet re-do is amazing.  Smaller than the big Strip Property buffets, it is still pretty large.  Salads were great, a wide variety of entrees across 7 stations – The Greenery, The Hearth, The Roastery, World Pan, Smoke & Fire, Revival & Sweet & Light. Centered around a large rotisserie and wood-burning grill, the Roastery station offers dishes like porchetta, French onion sliders and curry cauliflower heads. At the Hearth, a brick oven turns out duck cassoulet and fresh pizza, while Smoke & Fire serves barbecue ribs and smoked brisket.

Palms Buffet, courtesy of

For guests who’d like some lighter fare with their fries and pies, the Greenery provides salads and antipasti, and Revival dishes up health-focused fare like fresh-pressed juices and zucchini noodles. Part of the attraction is price: It’s just $12.99 for breakfast, $15.99 for lunch and $21.99 for dinner.  For more information on the Palms make-over, check-out Andy Wang’s review in Food & Wine called “A.Y.C.E. at Palms Is a Vegas Buffet That Does a Lot of Things Right”


Gordon Ramsay’s Burger – Yes, I know – why highlight ANOTHER burger place, isn’t Vegas saturated with burger joints?  Hold on, this new burger joint is a high end gourmet burger restaurant which we loved. We ordered three burgers, cut them in half and the tried all three. My favorite was the Blue Cheeseburger, which comes with blue cheese fig jam, arugula, cider vinegar reduction and spicy mayo. Mt wife loved the Mediterranean Burger with lamb patty, tandoori baste, feta cheese,tabbouleh salad, lemon vinaigrette, all subtle meshing together in one fantastic burger. We loved the Curry Burger, with chicken patty.  Looking for a great burger mid-Strip? Go to Gordon Ramsay’s Burger at Planet Hollywood.

Honorable Mentions: 

Ellis Island (Koval, off-strip) – I tend to forget how good that $9.99 steak special is.  The price is slightly higher than some of us remember, but is still outstanding and a NETG Vegas Top Value. Della’s Kitchen (Delano at MB) – somewhat pretentious breakfast, but the quality of the food was terrific. Order the chorizo patty’s with your breakfast. Coco’s Bakery Restaurant (behind Hooters, walking distance from MGM Grand, Hooters, Tropicana, some other south Strip properties.) want a good, hearty breakfast, for a decent price with a Las Vegas local Flavor?  Check out Coco’s. It was a nice find for a place outside the mammoth properties of the South Strip.

At Coco’s Bakery Restaurant. You should see their pies! Think Perkins, only homemade and twice as many flavors.


Mandalay Bay 

If you have stayed at Foxwoods or Mohegan Sun, you would find many similarities.  But one is not gambling. The staff is friendly and helpful, very typical of MGM properties. It has an Arena similar in size and usage to Mohegan Sun Arena, where we saw our CT SUN WNBA team play the new Las Vegas Aces (unfortunately lose to the Aces.) It has shoppes like the Sun, but no where near a comparison to the Tanger Shoppes in Foxwoods. The Gambling I will cover tomorrow.

This is the second time I have stayed at MB in three years. The rooms are large, spacious and homey.  This is a good thing – it’s a comfy room. But then there are other considerations:

  • The doors creek, especially in the room, to the toilet. Every time someone opens the toilet door, it sounds like someone opened the Munsters front door – enough to wake someone in the middle of the night.
  • Then there is the gurgling sound from the sinks – think Blue Man Group tubes if you ever saw the show – yes during the night.  The TV didn’t work until day 2.
  • Who was the genius who designed the door to the bathroom opening directly in front of the beds?  What’s wrong with the door opening in the hall inside the room, like everybody else?  Our doors couldn’t even stay closed.

So, a night in a Mandalay Bay room goes like this.  You get up to use the toilet in the middle of the night.  Open the first doors right next to someone sleeping…….gurgle, gurgle, gurgle……. creeeeeeeek……….gurgle, gurgle…………creeeeeeeek………….closed doors next to someone sleeping.


Mid-Strip is a great place to be.  Planet Ho has a fun, partying atmosphere. Our room was one of the Ultra Hip room, two queens.  These rooms used to have the rock memorabilia in each room.  The renovations are nice, in a sort of ho-hum way.  It’s clean, but the amenities are a little lacking. And it feels SMALL! Even the white walls don’t help that aspect. we enjoyed the room, but it was a little claustrophobic.

I would recommend both.  Each have advantages.

Tomorrow we tackle the Gambling aspect of the trip. We will also play NETG Best Three lists and give you our NETG Vegas Not-Shots.

Until tomorrow,



The Gambler’s Fallacy – Explained


I swear that when I’m playing video poker there is one thing I can count on. Whenever I make a mistake on the cards that should be held, after I correct it, I never get a winning hand. Every time. It’s something I’m sure of because I’ve seen it over and over with my own eyes!

I’m sure you’ve heard this type of thing from other gamblers. Many of the things we perceive in a gambling instant we begin to believe as a “forever occurrence.”

Today’s link explains this phenomena, which is called Gambler’s Fallacy. Nick Valentine wrote an article for thecalculatorsite.comwhich “contains useful calculation and converter tools for every day use. Whether you’re looking to work out the compound interest on your savings, convert between two metric or imperial measurement units or calculate your BMI, The Calculator Site has tools to help.”  This website is far from being dedicated to casino gambling and yet actually explains the considerations and awareness casino visitors need so that they don’t get caught up in this selective memory.



“The gambler’s fallacy – explained”

by Nick Valentine

New England Casino News Review


Brockton Casino Driveway

Brockton Casino, no longer an option.

The Massachusetts Gaming Commission received a letter on Wednesday from the Chicago-based Rush Street Gaming asking for another chance to bring a $677 million casino to Brockton. Rush Street and Mass Gaming and Entertainment are now seeking reconsideration for the project more than two years after it was rejected in a 4-1 vote by the state gaming commission in April 2016.  Rush Street and Mass Gaming began the letter by referring to a notice posted online in July 2016 by the state gaming commission, pledging to hold a public discussion “at a time deemed appropriate” about the short- and long-term interests of southeastern Massachusetts. The Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe originally planned to open a destination casino in Taunton in 2017, but construction was derailed by a federal lawsuit.

Meanwhile, there is increasing support for the Mashpee casino in Taunton. Read the following article for more details:   “Support grows for legislation for Mashpee tribe”


Paul Tuthill, from WAMC Northwest Public Readio reported “The Massachusetts Gaming Commission voted 4-1 Thursday to approve, with some conditions attached, an alcoholic beverage license for MGM Springfield that will allow drinks to be served on the casino floor until 4 a.m. – two hours later than the time all other bars in the state are required to close……but only if they are actively gaming would they be able to consume (alcohol) after that 2 a.m. time frame.” MGM Springfield Vice President & General Counsel Seth Stratton said the proposal before the gaming commission is to have extended hours for alcohol service only on the casino floor, saying “If you are a gaming customer and would like to have a cocktail as you continue to game up until 4 a.m. we will offer that service, but if you want to hang out at a bar, our bars close at 2 a.m. just like any other bars in the community.” Brian Hallenbeck , The Day staff writer, reported Foxwoods wants later ‘last call’ to keep up with Mass. casino.  Click on the link to learn more about CT’s casino’s reaction.


Mohegan Sun announced that it plans to open Game On, a 23,000-square-foot interactive arcade, sports bar and restaurant, this winter inside its new convention center. Game On will feature a luxury bowling alley, ping pong tables, billiards, darts and arcade games in addition to multiple high-definition screens and a 65-foot bar. It will be located on a lower level of the new Earth Expo & Convention Center, which is hosted Barrett-Jackson’s Northeast Auction of collector cars in June. The new venue will accommodate parties and private events.


In the fall, look to TopGolf invading New England’s casinos. Looking for your next party idea or a place to better enhance your golfing skills? Top Golf is a fun experience for all ages that offers a comfy lounge to hangout while you enjoy fantastic food and drinks, all while enhancing your golfing skills. MGM Springfield will be the first when it opens in August. Not to be outdone, Foxwoods jumped into the ring, or should I say the course, possibly introducing it before MGM Springfield this summer. Foxwoods’ Topgolf Swing Suite will offer multiple golf simulator bays, throwback arcade games, a DJ booth, lounge seating and a full-service craft bar with an impressive food and drink menu.


Governor Gina Raymond signed the bill into law a bill allowing legal sports wagering in the state. The Rhode Island General Assembly approved the $9.559-billion budget bill which includes legalized sports wagering. The bill established legal sports wagering at Twin River Casino and “reflects an agreement reached with IGT, the operator of the state’s electronic lottery systems which also won the contract for operating sports wagering in the state.” Rhode Island will retain 51% of sports betting revenue, IGT will get 32%, and the Twin River Lincoln facility and Tiverton facility will get 17%.


MMCT Venture in East Windsor, CT, Courtesy WFSB

MMCT Venture, the joint company of the Mohegan and Mashantucket Pequot tribes, has proposed opening a $300 million 188,000 square foot gaming and entertainment facility in spring 2020. It would include around 1,800 slot machines, 50 table games and 10 poker tables. This is just one of many hoops the Mohegan & Mashantuckets had to go through to build a casino that is said to be able to keep jobs and gambling revenue from flying up to MGM Springfield.  For renderings and the story, click on East Windsor Casino Takes Shape In New Renderings


The president and CEO of Foxwoods Resort Casino, Felix Rappaport, passed away unexpectedly due to heart disease, according to the state medical examiner’s office.  For more information and an article highlighting his accomplishments and respect in the industry, click on Visionary Felix Rappaport Was a Star Wherever He Went.



Jeffrey Osborne Celebrity Classic at Foxwoods

Jeffrey Osborne Celebrity Classic, July 29 – 31  – The primary mission of the Jeffrey Osborne Celebrity Classic is to benefit non-profit organizations who support a continued push for music and the arts to children and their families, as well as those who provide a safe-haven for families in need. In his efforts to support these deserving organizations, Jeffrey Osborne has again engaged some of the most successful names in the entertainment and sports worlds for this 7th Annual Jeffrey Osborne Celebrity Classic. Celebrities invited and excited about returning for this year’s event include event host Earvin “Magic” Johnson, Smokey Robinson, Sugar Ray Leonard, Julius “Dr. J” Erving, Ozzie Smith, Rick Barry, Cedric the Entertainer, Chris Tucker and many more. Events include:

  • CELEBRITY BOWLING CLASSIC, Sunday, July 29 • 2:00 pm
  • ALL STAR COMEDY EXPLOSION, Sunday, July 29 • 8:00 pm
  • CHARITY CHAMPIONS DINNER GALA – Tuesday, July 31 • 7:00 pm

For information on all events, CLICK HERE

Poker Tournament Action Around New England –

In Case you haven’t noticed, we have added a new tab in our main menu.

Poker has been big in New England in the 21st century.  But it wasn’t like this when our country was born.  Jack Kelly, writer for American said,

“America was founded on gambling; Jamestown was one of several colonies backed by the proceeds of English lotteries. But the gambling craze that swept Europe in the seventeenth century was sternly condemned by the Puritans who settled New England. To them, card playing was sinful idleness that smacked of the sacrilegious…….In 1633 authorities imposed a fine for card playing in Plymouth Colony. The southern colonies of America, beyond the influence of Puritan moralizing, embraced this aristocratic view of gaming……..George Washington recorded his modest wins and losses in his daybook (but gave orders to squelch the rampant gambling among Continental Army soldiers). These conflicting patterns persisted after the Revolution. Gambling remained subdued in New England but was pursued with abandon in the South and on the frontier.”

So, it seems were late to come to the table, so to speak – I mean the poker table.

Let’s jump to today and we see a vibrant poker scene in our New England colonies, uh, I mean states.  And NETimeGambling is going to attempt to keep you informed in the NEW ENGLAND POKER SCENE.

If you play in New England Tournament action, you should be following

Here is what they say about themselves, CT & New England poker:

“Welcome to Poker Atlas, the local favorite provider of information about playing poker in Connecticut and New England. Join Poker Atlas today to get your finger on the pulse of poker in your area, share your room reviews, and much more!

Connecticut and New England poker players are well located to play in some of the country’s best poker tournaments. The World Series of Poker Circuit is never far away from Foxwoods Casino poker room in Mashantucket. This enormous venue boasts more than 150 poker tables and is familiar even to first-timers due to its television exposure. Mohegan Sun is another sizable venue, with 42 tables, and hosts a number of tournament series throughout the calendar year. Poker in this area is strictly regulated, hence the fact that only Native American casino venues are allowed to spread live poker. Online poker is also not yet legal in Connecticut or New England. Thankfully, there are none of the pot size caps that are enforced in other states during live cash games. Up in Maine, players frequent the Hollywood Casino Bangor for cash games, and they flock to Twin River in Rhode Island for the cash game action (no tournaments, though). In New Hampshire, players have 10 rooms to choose from, but all 10 are charity rooms. Tournaments, however, are plentiful at most rooms, and bigger venues such as Seabrook, Manchester and Chasers (in Salem) have action non-stop during operating hours (rooms are not open 24/7). Massachusetts is set to join the poker scene on September 2018 when MGM Springfield opens its doors with a 19-table room.”

Below you will find New England’s poker schedule.  But is so much more.

Connecticut and New England Tournament Schedule

You will find Poker coverage for Nevada, New Jersey, New Jersey Online, and other states at PokerAtlas. You’ll also find a general discussion area, posts on strategy and advice and so much more.

The Table Captain

Plus, they utilize TableCaptain™ Poker Room Management System – the world’s most advanced, user friendly, and cost-effective Poker Room Management System. The PokerAtlas TableCaptain™ will simplify your poker room operations, improve your players’ experience, and attract more players to your room by broadcasting your Live Action on PokerAtlas, the world’s largest network of live poker information.

What are you waiting for, go check out

And come back to NETimeGambling to keep up on New England’s Poker Scene.



July Promotions, Events and Entertainment


Summer is finally here, and so are

promotions and events galore


New England

Curious about casino expansion in our region? Then there’s only one place to go – visit us at NETimeGambling! For specific casino details, visit the websites of all seven casinos:  ConnecticutFoxwoods Resort/Casino & Mohegan Sun Resort/Casino; Rhode Island – Newport Grand (closing fall 2018), Tiverton Casino Hotel (opening Fall 2018) & Twin River Hotel/Casino; Massachusetts – Plainridge Park Casino & Raceway, MGM Springfield (opening Aug, 2018) & Encore Boston Harbor  (opening Fall 2019); Maine –  Oxford Casino & Hollywood Bangor Hotel, Casino & Raceway.



$1,000,000 SLOT TOURNAMENT: July 1 – August 23Monday – Friday • 2pm – 8pm, Saturday & Sunday • 10am – 4pm, Great Cedar Casino.  Grand Finale • September 1, 4pm – 6pm

Swipe to Rock in Vegas – July 1 – August 31. Activate Entries: September 2 • 6am – 3pm. Grand Prize Drawing: September 2 • 4pm. Celebration Zone – Swipe your Foxwoods Rewards card once per day for a chance to win the Ultimate Music Experience at the iHeart Radio Music Festival in Las Vegas. PLUS when you swipe your card at the Celebration Zone on the Great Cedar Concourse, you could win great prizes including Food Credits, Bonus Slot Play, and Rewards Points!

Fourth of July HOT SEAT – Wednesday, July 4 • Noon – 8:00 PM. Every 30 minutes, 1 lucky player in the Hot Seat will win $2,000 cash!

Saturday, July 7th, Foxwoods Famous FIRECRACKER BINGO!

Earn 2X Rewards Points – MONDAY, JULY 16 • BEGINNING AT 6AM. Simply play your favorite Slots and Table Games with your Foxwoods Rewards card to earn double points.

Foxwoods ♥ New York – Residency has its privileges. Exclusive offers for CT residents, including:

  • WIN ONE OF 20 FREE HOTEL SUITES | JULY 8, 15, 22, & 29 • 3PM – Simply opt in at any Foxwoods Rewards location July 1 – 29.
  • EARN TO WIN, JULY 14 – 17 –Register at any Foxwoods Rewards locations and earn 2 Foxwoods Rewards Points from Saturday, July 14 through Tuesday, July 17. On July 17, at 7pm, 10 Winners will win exclusive gifts!
  • HOT SEAT | JULY 28 • 12PM – 8PM – A winner every hour! Simply play your favorite slots or table games. Every hour, one lucky New York resident will win $2,000 cash! Reservations required, check in at any Foxwoods Rewards location to qualify.
  • BLUE POINT BREWERY DAY | JULY 20 – Grab a cold one when Blue Point Brewery Co. takes over Foxwoods. Present an I.D. to receive a 3$ Blue Point Toasted Lager draught at Cedars Steakhouse & Oyster Bar, Centrale at Fox Tower, Live@Atrium and the Sports Bar at Race Book. The Blue Point Brewery Co. team will be at Live@Atrium at 7:30pm and Centrale Fox Tower at 9:00pm


Summer of Dreams Thursdays – July 12, 19 & 26 | August 2, 8, 16 & 23, 5 pm – 8pm • Celebration Zone. The PEPSI ZERO team will be on hand with product sampling. Enjoy great music, play our corn hole game to get free Pepsi swag while supplies last. PLUS play a special game for a chance to win Foxwoods free stays or a $100 Tanger Outlets Gift Card. Special for July 26 & August 16 – 5 pm – 8 pm • Foxwoods Bingo Patio & the Pepsi Zero Football Challenge!

Monopoly Slot Promotion – July 27 • 4PM – 6PM • Great Cedar Casino. Join us Friday, July 27th from 4PM to 6PM and receive $15 Bonus Slot Play to be used at the Monopoly slot machines in Great Cedar Casino. Play 5 spins at the max bet and the winnings go right in your pocket!

Beach Ball Hot Seat – Friday, June 29 • 2:00 PM – 10:00 PM . Five guests will be selected in the “Hot Seat” every hour. They will be invited to the Celebration Zone on the Great Cedar Concourse. Select a beach ball from the prize board for a chance to win up to $5,000 cash!

ONGOING PROMOTIONS – SPECIAL MILITARY OFFERS & DISCOUNTS, High Hand Poker Frenzy, Young & Fun Days, 55+ Offers


HOLLYWOOD CASINO IS PLEASED TO OFFER MAINE’S ONLY LIVE POKER ROOM offering Limit and No-Limit Texas Hold’em, Omaha, and 7-Card Stud are currently available based on player demand and availability. Click HERE for the Poker Calendar of Events.

RACING SCHEDULE – Click HERE for the racing schedule

QUEEN OF HEARTS PROGRESSIVE – Match the winning card picked Fridays and Saturdays in July at Hollywood Casino Bangor and you could win Free SlotPlay and a chance to find the queen of hearts.

JACKPOT PARTY – Saturday, July 28th, Win up to $750 of Free Slot Play or the Grand Prize of $1000 CASH.  Play for entries using your Marquee Rewards Card.  2X entries every Sunday, Tuesday, & Thursday.

Midweek Moolah – We’re giving away $50 in Free SlotPlay every 10 minutes between 6PM – 9PM on Wednesdays.


AT HOPS HOUSE 99 – The following is happening this month:

  • Every Monday in July, from 8AM – 8PM – Every Monday Play One Hour, Eat Free
  • Trivia Night, Thursdays at 7:30
  • Tap Takeover – Thursday, July 19th from 5PM – 9PM. Ballast Point Brewing, known for its craft IPA’s, with at least 3 taps and $4 Beer specials.



HOT SUMMER FUN IS BACK at Mohegan Sun.  Click of the Title or go to the post below for all the Hot Summer Fun Events and Offers here “Mohegan Sun Hot Summer Fun Is Back in 2018.”

ROAR INTO SUMMER GIVEAWAY – Friday, June 29th 2018, daily until Friday, August 31st 2018. Grand Prize is a 2018 Campagna T-Rex from T-Rex of New England. Swipe your Momentum card once a day at any promotional kiosk and win Free Slot Play, Momentum Dollars or entries into the grand prize drawing. Guests who swipe their card on Friday, August 31st between 6:00am – 4:00pm and touch the “DOUBLE YOUR ENTRIES” icon will double their total entries in the sweepstakes.

BRING-A-FRIEND FREE SLOT PLAY starting Wednesday, July 4th 2018 weekly until Wednesday, August 29th 2018

CONNECTICUT SUN SUPER FAN GIVEAWAY – starting Monday, July 2nd 2018 daily until Friday, July 13th 2018. Win a Connecticut Sun Super Fan Experience: Travel by air with the team to Chicago, tickets to the CT Sun vs. Chicago Sky game on August 10th, overnight accommodations from August 9th – August 12th and $1,000 Cash! 

DOUBLE MOMENTUM DOLLARS  – Wednesdays, weekly until Wednesday, August 29th 2018

STATUS POINT BOOSTER – Every Wednesday, starting July 4th 2018 until August 29th 2018. Earn 50% more Status Points while playing your favorite table games, including stadium gaming and wagers placed in Race Book.  – Excludes Status Points earned in the Poker Room and at all slot machines

FREE AND FUN FRIDAYS – Friday, July 6th 2018,  9:00am.  Weekly until Friday, August 31st 2018

STATUS POINT MAYHEM – Thursday, July 5th.  2018, 6:00am. Give your Momentum status a huge boost with Status Point multipliers that randomly change throughout the day – earning you anywhere from 2X – 5X Status Points. Each multiplier is guaranteed to occur at least twice. Play your favorite slots from 6:00am – Midnight.



Free Slot Play Hot Seat – Free Slot Play Hot Seat, WIN: Fridays, July 6, 20 & 27 from 12PM-9PM; 1 winner every 20 min. wins $100 in Free Slot Play!

$13,000 Cash Sweepstakes – Friday the 13th, WIN: Friday, July 13 from 2PM-8PM; 10 winners every ½ hour win $100 in cash!

5X Rewards Points every Tuesday in July


ONGOING PROMOTIONS2018 Birthday Bash, SATURDAYSuper 6SUNDAY16X Multiplier  TUESDAY – 15X Multiplier WEDNESDAY15X Multiplier & Seniors Day THURSDAY – Missile MadnessEvery Thursday.  3:00pm – 8:00pm &– Free Lunch Buffet (100 pts earned),FRIDAY –  Mega High 5 , Prime Rib BuffetWeekend Breakfast Buffets


ONGOING PROMOTIONS:  P OF Diamonds Fridays from 6PM-10PM. Win $100 up to $5,000 Free SlotPlay. 5 winners every hour from 6pm-10pm. If a winner picks the P of Diamonds they receive progressive prize,  Play Up To $500 Sign Up Bonus

Monday 50+ Rewards – Swipe your Marquee Rewards card at any of our promotional kiosks from 6AM-11:59 pm for our Mystery SlotPlay bonus.

Wednesdays Lottery Tickets – Earn 500 tier points on the same day as the giveaway and claim a $5 lottery ticket in the Promo Zone. 3-7 PM

Saturdays BIG DRAW PLAY TO EARN – 1PM-8PM, Earn 500 points to redeem one big draw entry ticket in the Promo Zone from 1pm-8pm for Saturday’s drawing. One ticket per account per week. *Match all 6 numbers and win $100,000 in Free SlotPlay.


$50,000 Free Slot Play Sweepstakes – WIN: July 3 & 4 from 12pm – 10pm; 10 winners every half-hour


Summer Concert Series at the Darling Waterfront Pavillion is walking distance from Bangor Hollywood Casino.

Mohegan Sun Tequila Tasting – July 20th at 8:00PM

CIRCUIT ONE EVENTS  – Saturday, July 21st daily until Sunday, July 22nd 2018

Liquid Sundays are Back! – The Northeast’s Biggest Pool Party Is Back. Foxwoods Liquid Sundays is the only outdoor Vegas-style pool party in the Northeast, happening every Sunday throughout the summer.

THURSDAY NIGHT POOL PARTIES – at Sun Terrace Pool, Thursdays at 8:00pm. Weekly until Thursday, August 30th 2018

Jeffrey Osborne Celebrity Classic, July 29 – 31  –  Events include:

  • CELEBRITY BOWLING CLASSIC, Sunday, July 29 • 2:00 pm
  • ALL STAR COMEDY EXPLOSION, Sunday, July 29 • 8:00 pm
  • CHARITY CHAMPIONS DINNER GALA – Tuesday, July 31 • 7:00 pm

For information on all events, CLICK HERE



July 11th – WNBA: Connecticut Sun vs. New York Liberty, at Mohegan Sun Arena, 11:30AM

July 13th – WNBA: CT Sun vs Phoenix Mercury, at Mohegan Sun Arena, 7:00PM

July 17th – WNBA: CT Sun vs Atlanta Dream, at Mohegan Sun Arena, 7:00PM

July 20th – WNBA: CT Sun vs Seattle Storm, at Mohegan Sun Arena, 7:99PM

July 24th – WNBA: CT Sun vs Washinton Mystics, at Mohegan Sun Arena, 7:00PM

August 1st – WNBA: Connecticut Sun vs. New York Liberty, at Mohegan Sun Arena, 7:00AM

August 5th – WNBA: Connecticut Sun vs. Las Vegas Aces, at Mohegan Sun Arena, 7:00AM


July 21st – Broadway Boxing at Fox Theater, Foxwoods 7:00PM

July 28th – Lion Fight Boxing at Fox Theater, Foxwoods 6:00PM

Live CES MMA Fighting – August 3 at Twin River Event Center, 7:00PM



July 3rd – U2 at Mohegan Sun Arena, 8:00PM

June 6th – ROBERT RANDOLPH & THE FAMILY BAND at Wolf Den, Mohegan Sun, 8:00PM (free)

July 7th – Jerry Seinfeld at the Grand Theater, Foxwoods, 8:00PM

July 7th – THE OFF COLOR COMEDY TOUR, at Mohegan Sun Arena, 8:00PM

July 7th – Chris D’Elia: Follow the Leader 2018 Tour, Fox Theater, Foxwoods, 8:00PM & 10:45PM

July 7th – Little Anthony & the Imperials at the Wolf Den, Mohegan Sun, 8:00PM (free)

July 7th – Creedence Clearwater Revisited at Twin River Event Center, 7:00PM

July 8th – Steely Dan & the Doobie Bros. at Mohegan Sun Arena, 7:30PM

July 13th – #YES50: Celebrating 50 Years of YES at the Grand Theater, Foxwoods, 8:00PM

July 14th – Lenny Clarke at the Loft, Plainridge Park Casino, 8:00PM

July 14th – Steve Miller and Peter Frampton at the Grand Theater, Foxwoods, 8:00PM

July 14th – Chicago Total Access – at Newport Grand Event Center, 9:00PM (free)

July 15th – Britney Spears at Mohegan Sun Arena, 7:30PM

July 19th – Charlie Puth, at Mohegan Sun Arena, 7:30PM

July 20th – Brian Wilson: Greatest Hits Live at Twin River Event Center, 8:00PM

July 25th – EVANESCENCE AND LINDSEY STIRLING at Mohegan Sun Arena, 7:00PM


July 29th – Jeffrey Osborne All Star Comedy Explosion – at Grand Theater, Foxwoods, 8:00PM

July 29th – Smashing Pumplins at Mohegan Sun Arena, 7:00PM

July 31st – Camila Cabello – at Mohegan Sun Arena, 7:30PM

August 2nd – HALESTORM + IN THIS MOMENT at Mohegan Sun Arena, 7:30PM

August 3rd – Rise Against at Mohegan Sun Arena, 7:00PM

August 4th – Eric Moo, at the Grand Theater, Foxwoods, 1:00PM

August 4th – Jason Mraz at Mohegan Sun Arena, 8:00PM

August 4th – Boyz II Men at Twin River Event Center, 8:00PM

August 4th – The Cult, Bush, Stone Temple Pilots, at the Grand Theater, Foxwoods, 7:00PM

August 4th – Two Kings and A Queen, at the Fox Theater, Foxwoods, 7:30PM

August 5th – Boy George and Culture Club and Thompson Twins’ Tom Bailey, at the Grand Theater, Foxwoods, 7:00PM


The Wolf Den, Mohegan Sun – Located in the center of the action, in Casino of the Earth, offers full beverage service, a state-of-the-art sound system, intimate seating and top performances by headliners. For complete schedule, click HERE.

Hollywood Bangor now offers two venues for live weekend music – 99 Hops House & the Sound Stage.  Click Here for schedule.  Summer Concert Series at the Darling Waterfront Pavillion is walking distance from Bangor Hollywood Casino

Newport Grand offers Free shows by Tribute bands  almost every weekend.  Click HERE for schedule.

Twin River Lighthouse Loungeright in the middle of the downstairs casino.  Shipyard Pub – Upstairs in Non-smoking.

Plainridge Park Casino – the Revolution Lounge offers entertainment on the weekends

Foxwoods – Atrium Lounge – Live bands on the weekend, specialty cocktails and great time.

NETimeGambling | Casinos in New England“NETimeGambling is a non-monetized blog created for my personal interest and passion in the gambling industry  – its history, and its ongoing evolution- mixed with my love for New England.  Come share my passion and visit us.”

Robin T. Aubin (Binbin) has been involved in music all his life, including 40 years of choral conducting, and performing professionally in different musical genres since he was 10 years of age.  He has performed in Mohegan Sun’s Wolf Den, Foxwoods’ Atrium Lounge, and Twin River’s Lighthouse Bar & Lounge.” (All venues in New England casinos)

Twenty years ago casino gambling became a side interest. The business, the history, the expansion across the U.S., the myths, the superstitions and innovations of legalized gambling all became a fascination. The goal of  NETimeGambling is to provide a service and resource for any recreational gambler visiting New England’s expanding casino market.



The 5 Hidden Secrets of Craps that everybody Should Know – The Monday Link


Frank Scoblete is the #1 best selling gaming author in America. His newest books are Slots Conquest: How to Beat the Slot Machines; Everything Casino Poker: Get the Edge at Video Poker, Texas Hold’em, Omaha Hi-Lo and Pai Gow Poker!; Beat Blackjack Now: The Easiest Way to Get the Edge; Casino Craps: Shoot to Win!; Cutting Edge Craps: Advanced Strategies for Serious Players; Casino Conquest: Beat the Casinos at Their Own Games! and The Virgin Kiss.

Frank and Casino City Times columnist Jerry “Stickman” teach private lessons in dice control. Today’s link is about craps.  Craps players out there should particularly pay attention to this Monday Link. Here is Frank Scoblete and his

The 5 Hidden Secrets of Craps that everybody Should Know


Pai Gai Poker & Gambling Superstitions

Pai Gow Poker Table.

I have really enjoyed playing Pai Gow Poker lately.  While the game is slow, with a low house advantage (good for bankroll, not so good for comps), I find it fun.  The gamblers at the table are usually interesting, whether there are language barriers or not.  It’s not a social game, but you can show your hand for advice in separating your cards into hands to other players, the dealer or even the pit boss f.  It’s a different camaraderie than the screaming at the craps table.

I find this variation of Pai Gow Tiles, which originated in Asia, has many gambling superstitions. Of course, superstitions are also a part of most table games, or gambling et al. There are both ethnic based and arbitrary depending on the individual.

Because of its close Chinese origin, many Asian gamblers favor this poker game and bring with them strong superstitions about poker and cards in general.

Red is a very popular color to wear in Pai Gow because the Chinese believe the color brings fortune and joy when you wear it. For that matter, why not change the felt for Asian-based games to red?

Numbers also play a huge role. I like 4 because it represents my birth month – purely arbitrary.  But many times, if there’s a choice, the 4th seat at a table mine, or 4th seat on a bank of slots or VP.  Four , however, in the Chinese language, sounds almost exactly the same as the word death does and, as such, is a very unlucky number in Pai Gow Poker.


  • Three – a lucky number symbolizing the three stages in people’s lives.
  • Five – there are five elements in Chinese culture, hence the reason why five is considered lucky. Additionally, you’ll find that there are five arches in the Forbidden City main entrance, and that the Emperor was often associated with the number five.
  • Six – this is a number that represents wealth and is a lucky number.
  • Seven – this is considered the luckiest number in the West as well as a very lucky number in Chinese culture.
  • Eight – a very auspicious number and lucky number used both by businesses and in card games.

Tip your Pai Gow Poker dealers. Courtesy of Wizard of Odds.


  • It was interesting recently observing the Pai Gow Poker table I was playing at. I would say by the bets, it was a variety of big to small bettors, most of who knew the game.  Here are some of my observations:
  • Some players diminish bets when relief dealers come in.  They might be considered unlucky or even casino “coolers.”
  • When a player decided to bank the hand instead of the dealer, everyone pulled back their bets.  I personally have had bad luck against the player banking, so I pulled my bet back, too.  (Peer Pressure?)
  • Either play the side bet or not……but decide and stick to it.  Because you know what happens when you play it and then don’t – 5 aces shows up in your own or an other player’s hand.  (Been there, not happy.  Lost $250 envy bet. It is forever engraved in my memory.)
  • Avoid counting your wins and losses during the game. This can incur bad luck and is quite impolite to other players especially if you’ve just won big.  That said, I count because I forget where my bankroll is at.  Heck, I recheck my low-hand often because I forget what I put in it.
  • The cards – when picking up the cards, some at the table would spread them very slowly.  On person picked up his hand every time in a neat pile, picking from the back of the pile first every time.  Strange……..oh wait, that was me!

It was a fun session. I made $50 after 2 1/2 hours of play.

For related posts on how to play Pai Gow Poker, go to 

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Resouces for Gambling Part 3 – Pai Gow Poker

One consideration to be made.  Tip the Pai Gow dealers.  They rarely get tipped like other dealers. I like to put a $1 -$2 bet for the dealer.  It’s not much, and I know it cuts into the already low house edge, but you’ll make a friend usually, which usually translates into a little help if there is a problem.

That’s all for now.



ComiCONN and TerrifiCon – CosPlay Invades CT Casinos

As comic book movies have become of increasing importance to Hollywood — the big box office of “X-Men” in 2000 is generally considered the turning point — there’s been more and more movie and television involvement  with comic book superheroes, and the events that follow.  Connecticut casinos will be providing events for your inner Superhero, starting this weekend at Foxwoods Resort Casino.

Marvel Comics, or DC Comics? Which Superheroes do you prefer?  In case you don’t follow DC and/or Marvel comics, cartoons and movies (like me) you probably don’t know where to start. Here’s a quick review of which superheroes belong where:

DC: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, The Flash, Aquaman, Cyborg, Shazam, Martian Manhunter, Hawkman and Green Arrow.

Marvel: Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Thor, Spider-Man, Wolverine and Ant-Man, such teams as the Avengers, the Guardians of the Galaxy, the Fantastic Four, the X-Men and the Inhumans, with antagonists such as Doctor Doom, Red Skull, Green Goblin, Ultron, Doctor Octopus, Thanos, Magneto and Loki.

Altered Reality Entertainment presents ComiCONN at Foxwoods Resort Casino, June 30th & July 1, 2018.

Whatever floats your superhero boat, Foxwoods begins the fun with  ComiCONN 2018 in the Premier Ballroom, June 30th & July 1st.  Tickets range from $10 – $99 with the festivities starting at 10:00AM. (For your safety, there are some items that guests are prohibited from bringing inside of the Fox and Grand Theaters. Please click here for the full list.)

The event will include all the same aspects that fans have come to expect from a comic con — celebrity appearances from the big and small screen, industry-leading comic book artists, and the best vendors in the market with toys and collectibles, as well as the ever-popular cosplay competitions and events.

ComiCONN “A Show for the Fans by the Fans!” was created by Erik Yacko in 2009. ComiCONN’s name came from adding an extra “N” to the end of the word “comicon.”  ComiCONN began in  2010 as a one-day event.  In 2014, it expanded to a three-day event in Bridgeport. In 2016, Connecticut ComiCONN joined forces with Altered Reality Entertainment.

Want to meet 4 stars from “The Walking Dead?”  How about the beautiful Tara Reid? For a Complete List of Guests, Artists, and VendorsCLICK HERE

For more information concerning ticket passes, the After Party on Saturday Night,  CosPlay Rules or anything else, CLICK HERE.

TerrifiCon – August 17-19th at Mohegan Sun Resort Casino

Actors from today’s hottest shows and movies descend onto Mohegan Sun on August 18th – 20th for the Northeast’s hottest comic con. Fans of superheroes don’t have to travel to San Diego for comic con action; they can get their fill right here in Connecticut when TerrifiCon returns this August inside Mohegan Sun’s Convention Center. Stars from Guardians of the Galaxy, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Flash, Arrow and Gotham are headed for Mohegan Sun as Connecticut’s terrific comic con returns for three days of fan fun. There will be stars of today’s hottest shows and movies alongside the top comic book artists and writers from Marvel and DC Comics in attendance as fans get their geek on.

Tickets are $30.00 and $27.00 and are available to purchase now by logging on to

Kids ages 10 and younger will be admitted for free when accompanied by a paying adult. Military personnel, active or retired and first responders can get special Friday tickets for only $20.00 on-site at Mohegan Sun. Visit TERRIFICON’s website for more details:  Or CLICK HERE for more about celebrities and cosplay information.

That’s all for now – I need a new costume.  Is Fred Flintstone a Superhero?


Casino Card Swiping Promotions – Does Anyone Really Win?


Casinos love to run promotions to get you To Visit.

Even the most naive gamblers realize this.  In the summer, many “Swipe & Win” promotions are offered at casinos, and New England is no different.

But I’ve never won anything – have you?  I know some do – one friend of mine won $500 with one swipe of their players card.  But for most of us, it’s just another exercise in futility. I’m so tired of “You did not win a prize today, come back and swipe again tomorrow.”  When I read that I hear, “Hey loser, we got you to do this again, didn’t we?”

How do they work?

In these swipe promotions, you swipe your card, then choose something on the screen, hopefully matching something or finding something for a reward.  One patron after another will be disappointed, because it’s a promotion, not a free-play ATM.

I began to think it was very similar to a VERY, VERY low paying slot machine.  Remember, the reels, bonuses, etc, on a slot machine is just the entertainment value for pushing a button, or in the old days, pulling the handle. It could be showing you the latest Stars Wars trailer – it wouldn’t matter.  You push the button, you choose a combination in the RNG (in a milli-second) and what ever you get, you get.  So, I figured, it’s not the choosing, it’s the swipe that counts.  Again – the screen choosing and all that is just the entertainment value. (Or the not-so-entertaining value.)

The Casino Answer Man to the Rescue

So I asked one of the leading gambling experts what he thought of my analysis, John Grochowski – gambling columnist and author. His well-known book The Casino Answer Book explained has explained the basics of casino gambling to beginners and pros since 1998.
He contributes articles to magazines and internet publications to the Casino City Times website, as well as many other websites and magazines. He agreed with me!

(I pat myself on back!)

John also added the following in his email reply:
“You are correct (I LOVE THAT PART!) — the promo programming is basically a low-paying slot, with results determined by an RNG. There’s an extra wrinkle at most casinos. Your players club tier level can make a difference in the odds, whether in more frequent pays (1 in 10 for Tier A, 1 in 20 for Tier B, 1 in 50 for Tier C, for example), or by size of reward, such as most frequent prize being $25 in free play at Tier A, $15 at Tier B, $5 at Tier C.

Mohegan Sun's Momentum Players Club

Mohegan Sun’s Momentum Players Club

Such differential programming would be illegal on a slot machine. You can’t give a player a better chance at winning just because he’s a more frequent customer. But in player rewards, it’s not only legal but expected that the best customers are going to get more comps and perks.”

There a Catch

Every time you participate in a swipe, it is recorded as a visit.  If you visit, swipe, and leave, it is considered a “non-gambling day.”  This means you took a chance on their promo and didn’t give them any play. “So what?” you might ask.  Well, it lowers your ADT – Average Daily Theoretical. For more on that, read “Casino Comps & Your “Average Daily Theoretical”

Once, I asked a host to tell me why my free slot play diminished, since I had given good play two times the previous month for over four hours each time.  His answer included a reference to the  number of times I stopped in for a promotion and didn’t gamble – giving me little credit for the big plays. I only swipe for anything when I’m going for that big play day, otherwise, I just pass by that kiosk without looking.


So, there you have it.  That’s how it works.  Fascinating!  Please check out John’s many gambling articles at, Facebook, and Twitter. You won’t be disappointed.  John has a knack of getting to the truth about gambling.

Thar’s all for now.