Playing New Casino Games Can Be Intimidating

Inside Twin River Casino's cavernous first floor casino.

A casino can be very intimidating.

Playing New Casino Games can be Intimidating when you visit the casino. Taking this leap is tough, whether you are an experienced veteran or a newbie. Being new at anything brings with a certain uneasiness – everybody knows the stuff you don’t know. It comes with a new job, social media, a new circle of friends, and especially at the casino.

Playing new Video Poker and Table Games needs some prep work to help your bankroll last longer. If you have a better mathematical chance to win, and you can earn more rewards with a longer play.

Let Technology Help you

In the olden days, we had to walk through 5 miles of snow, wind, and cold to get to my local casino (uphill). We didn’t have internet, or phones, or books or electricity (am I laying it on too thick?). We had to learn the old fashioned way by playing, making mistakes and getting funny looks from everyone.

OK, may I exaggerated a bit. That isn’t  true – at least the snow, etc., part. But the internet, wireless devices, apps, and even the casinos themselves, have made it easier to learn how to play AWAY from the games and BEFORE you use your own money.  Online sites such as The Wizard of Odds, and software such as Bob Dancer’s Video Poker for Winners are fabulous resources.

In the next few days I will re-posting our gambling resources. This is part of my cleaning, purging old material and updating our website. These resources will help you learn tables games outside the usual Blackjack, Roulette & Craps, as well as Slots & Video Poker.

Playing New Casino Games – Video Poker Preview

Today, however, I would like to start the considerations for Video Poker players.

Volatility is a word VP players should know. Besides the payback, which refers to the pay table and how much you win per bet, volatility, or variance, can cause a big difference in the size of your bankroll swings in the long run. For the recreational gambler, it can mean a quick loss of bankroll the bankroll, a quick (and not suggested) return to the ATM, or a quick ride back home.

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Video Poker seems to be coming out with new games every day. If you’re not careful, you could lose your bankroll in an instant.

Video poker games are no way near the same in payback, volatility and needed bankroll.  Strategy for different games, such as Jacks or Better (JOB) and Double Double Bonus (DDB) can be very different. JOB alone needs changes in strategy depending on what pay table is offered.

In the old days, I was pleased to know the strategy to play the usual offerings – JOB and Deuces wild. But now, here are some of the video poker games in casinos. When I first started NETimeGambling, the list included some favorites still offered. ($ = Still popular today).

List of Video Poker Games in 2013

  • Ace Invaders
    Anything’s Wild
    Black Jack Bonus Poker (VP with a BJ bonus)
    Build a Wheel Poker
    Chase the Royal
    Crazy Times Pay Poker
    Deal Draw Poker
    Double Down Stud Poker
    Double Super Times Pay Poker ($)
    Dream Card Poker ($)
    Extra Action Poker
    Extra Draw Frenzy Poker
    Fifty Play (Fill in the blank) ($)
    Five Aces Poker
    Five Play (Fill in the blank) ($)
    Good Times Pay Poker ($)
    Hundred Play (Fill in the blank) ($)
    Hyper Bonus Poker ($)
    Multi-Streak Poker
    Multi-Strike Poker ($)
    Quick Quads Poker ($)
    Random Rewards Poker
    Spin Fever Poker
    Spin Poker (VP in the form of a slot machine) ($)
    Super Times Pay Poker (random multiplier) ($)
    Ten Play (Fill in the blank) ($)
    Trade Up Poker
    Triple Play (fill in the blank) ($)
  • Twenty Five Play Draw Poker ($)
    Triple Play Keno Draw Poker (yes, keno plus VP?)
    Ultimate 4 of a Kind Bonus
  • Triple Play with Match Card
    Triple Spin Poker
    Ultimate X Poker ($)
    Wheel Poker Deluxe
    Wheel Poker with Quick Quads

New Casino Games –

That’s a lot of possibilities. In 2019, the list of new video poker games is astounding.  However, the same strategy for the base game (JOB, DDB, DW) is usually the way to play.  Some games need different strategies such as Quick Quads and Ultimate X. The newest video poker games can be played for free – right here.  Just click on the banner ad of our new affiliate  Just click on it and play hundreds of video poker games.  Or. click right here:

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Tomorrow I will take the quest for Video Poker Knowledge further with resource suggestions.  But for now, stick with what you enjoy.

Remember to “Embrace the Math, not the Myth.”



16 Casino Do’s and Don’ts For the New Recreational Gambler

Casino Entrance sign

So, your friend or family member offers to take you to a casino for your very first time.  But, never having been before, you haven’t a clue about what to do when you get there.  So, here are 16 Casino Do’s and Don’ts to enjoy your recreational visit to the casino.

Bankroll, Game Rules and Rewards Club

1) Know how much money you can wager and lose.  Yes, that’s right, lose.  Know your Bankroll. Approach it as entertainment first. Remember, if you’re not an Advantage Player looking to make a living, it’s (33)

2) Know the rules of the games you might play.  If you can, get a free app on your smart phone or tablet and play a little before you go.

3) Decide if your trip is for gambling only, or it’s to enjoy all that the casino experience can  offer. You can spend sometime dining, shopping or watching live entertainment. These are good activities too. Just don’t gamble in casinos to make your trip productive.

4) Sign up for a rewards card.  You may get a free slot play bonus, or get freebies for eats later on. You could get free tickets to a concert, and if you play enough to raise your level of card, you could get additional things from a special parking area for your card level, to entrance into a VIP lounge.  th (26)

5) Be contented with small casino wins. First timers usually lose more in casinos. Breaking even in casinos is generally considered a win.

Casino Do’s and Don’ts – Online Resources

6) Check the local newspaper for advertisements, or check the web on the best deals in casinos.  netime-logo NECANETimeGambling often lists promotions and New England casino news on Twitter and Facebook.  Sign-up bonuses, double points, giveaways, dining deals – they’re all for the taking.  Go where the whole experience will be great, not just the gambling.

7) Don’t believe in superstitions like “hot machines” or “it must be time my luck changed’ or, “surely it can’t be red again” because each bet is an event of it’s own, with no connection to the previous event.  As soon as you realize this, the easier it will be for you to understand the gambling experience.  Repeat after me – “The House has the advantage.”  Good! Now go out there and enjoy it, win or lose. Be prepared ahead of time and be knowledgeable.

8) Do drink alcohol responsibly when gambling.  Excessive alcohol will inevitably cause you to accept losing beyond a “healthy situation.”

9) Do Bring a watch and your cell phone.  Casinos show no clocks, and don’t provide windows Wrist devices like FitBit or Apple Watches can signal you with incoming messages by vibrations or sounds that you can feel or hear above the cacophony of  noise in the casino and prove invaluable.

Be Aware Of the Little  Little Things

10) Casinos convert your cash into chips at the tables. Simply said, this is so you lose the sense that this is really money. Remember chips ARE money.

11) Don’t be afraid to ask staff for help.  Remember, the casino is built on getting you there (or should be) and so there are many people who are there simply to help you as a hospitality (1)  Don’t be shy.  If you are new (or not) to the game, please ask the dealer for advice. They want you to win! The more you win, the more likely you are to tip, however tip for their helpfullness and entertaining personality – they have nothing to do with your winning.  Don’t worry about taking a little longer. Everyone starts as a beginner, and most will appreciate your attempt to make the correct play.
12) Don’t hand dealers chips or cash – they are not allowed to handle it directly.  The “Eye in the Sky” is watching your play and their work. Put the chips or cash on the table. They will not accept it any other way.

Non-smoking, Tipping, and pictures

13) If you smoke, be aware of those around you. If you are a non-smoker in a smoking part of the casino, be flexible.  Reach a common ground that you both can be comfortable (16)
14) Take a walk around when you arrive.  In this day and age, make sure you know your nearest exits if new to that property. Get acquainted with your surroundings. Casinos can be difficult to navigate through.  That’s the way they want it.
th (2)

Tip your waitstaff, especially if you request specific items.

15) Carry dollar bills for tips. In most casinos, complimentary beverages are served, but the wait staff is usually expecting a small tip.

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16) Be aware of the casino’s rules concerning using your phone for taking pics.  Each casino has different rules and it is important for player to be aware of them.  Hey, SELFIE-ADDICTS – Taking pictures in a casino or talking on a cell phone can get you into big trouble if it breaks the rules.  Some casinos allow some picture taking, like when a jackpot is hit. But don’t be surprised when you asked to put your phone away. SELFIE STICKS aren’t tolerated by both the casino staff and the patrons.  Remember, many visitors would prefer not to be in anyone’s picture – especially those Advantage Players that make a living in anonymity.
Finally, have fun.  It’s social, it’s entertainment.  Let’s just leave it as that.
That’s all for now.

Questions About Casino Chips

This post is all about casino chips. Someone once said, “The guy who invented poker was bright, but the guy who invented the poker chip was a genius.”   Ever wonder about that little round wonder, the casino chip? …..I have. If you think about it, casino chips are the universal symbol of money. Gambling made it possible. Here are a few questions that led to some interesting facts about the evolution of casino chip.

1) Why were chips ever used in casinos?

When gambling became widespread in the 18th century, one difficulty was that people who gambled had different types of coins or valuables for wagering. To solve this problem some gambling venues offered gamblers substitutes like pieces of ivory, bones or clay. In the USA, the humble origins of the modern day familiar casino chips were born out of necessity. The game of poker first developed in the mid 1800’s along the Mississippi and other saloons and bars throughout the West.

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2) Were fake or forged casino chips found in the early days? 

Yes. Gamblers began to forge substitutes. As a result, gambling establishments began to brand their own chips. The only surviving relic of casino plates is the large plate (check) with a printed value. The problem continued, so casinos responded in the same old way – each casino created specially designed, hard-to-replicate chips that were unique to their venue. Chips became standardized in size, but the materials used for them, such as clay or expensive ivory, still varied widely.

3) What are today’s chips made of?

Manufacturers now use high-pressure techniques combined with a mix of composite to produce chips. To hinder forgery the casinos even include a microchip in their chips

4) Can I use one Casino’s chips in another casino? 

Hardly ever, so it’s always best to cash out before you leave. In Las Vegas, it’s common to see casino chips with the name of two different casinos printed on them – one on either side is the standard. Check with the pit boss or poker chip cashier first to make sure they are usable.

5) What do the different colors mean?

In most casinos, the color of the chip represents the denomination of the chip:

  • white – $1
  • red – $5
  • yellow – $20 (sometimes used at tables for commission wins tables such as Pai Gow Poker)
  • green – $25
  • black – $100

after $100, colors can vary, but here are the most usual

  • purple – $500
  • orange – $1000

6) Do casino chips ever change or are taken out of distribution?

Casino chips are occasionally cancelled (taken out of circulation) by casinos. Reasons this is done are (1) the casino goes out of business (2) the casino changes its name (3) the casino changes its chip design. Advanced notice is required by law when casinos change their chip design to allow people a chance to cash in chips. Genuine casino chips are usually cancelled in one of three ways:

  1. a drill hole
  2. notching or clipping the edges off
  3. overstamping

7) Why do casinos use chips? 

The primary reason casinos prefer chips over cash is because chips add a little mental separation between the gambler and his valuable money. It’s a little easier for you, the gambler, to place a big bet because it’s just chips….basic psychology. The other two reasons are:

  • It is easier for surveillance to tell what is going on with chips. On camera from a distance a $20 bill and a $5 bill look very similar, but a red chip and a green chip look nothing alike. In a game like roulette where many many people are betting on a single layout, the different colors allow the dealer, surveillance and security to know who each bet belongs to.
  • Since chips equal cash for many people, sometimes people will take home the casino chips and just never cash them in. Less money paid out by the casino = more money for the casino.

Casino Chips Collecting

Casino chip collecting became increasingly popular during the 1980s, as evidenced by the sale of chips through several casino and collecting newsletters. Bill Borland’s Worldwide Casino Exchange (early 1980s) had a casino story each issue and dozens of old chips for sale. There are many different ways to collect casino chips. Because of the amount of chips available and the increasing price of some, collectors have begun to specialize. A collector might choose to collect every chip from a certain casino or one from every Las Vegas casino.

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As for me, I like to collect pens – yes, casino pens.

That’s all for now.