NETimeGambling Is Taking a Break

If Santa can rest before the New Year, so can we at NETG!

NETimeGambling Is Taking a Break. It’s well-deserved, don’t you think?  Besides, taking a break isn’t so bad.  Even Santa takes a nap every now and then.

A little rest before starting anything up again is a good thing, right?

Right.   So, after seven years of building a blog dedicated to New England Casinos and Recreational Gambling, Bert, Miguel & Binbin continue to our hibernation for the winter. Thank you, subscribers for following us daily, your loyalty has always been a boost.

What the h&%# have we been doing all this time?

To date, we have:

  • purged our archives from over 1700 to 250
  • improved SEO
  • continue updating and improving our posts so Google will stop taking away 85% of our traffic
  • updated our look.  Check it out.
  • traveled to visit casinos we never checked out, such as
    1. Del Lago Hotel Casino in Waterloo, NY
    2. Seneca Hotel Casino in Niagara Falls, NY
    3. FallsView Hotel Casino in Niagara Falls, Ont. Canada
    4. Rivers Hotel Casino in Schenectady, NY
  • And we have taken this time to meet with other gamblers and podcasters, enjoying the gambling life without reporting about it five times each week.

    Rotunda in FallsView retail area.
Entrance & Port Cosher at FallsView









Yes, We’re Gonna Be Back

We hope to be back sometime in 2020 to once again cover gambling in New England. Until then, please enjoy the remaining posts from the past few years.

Miguel and I will continue to be be active on Facebook and especially Twitter. Say hello and send us line about New England’s Casinos or recreational gambling in general.

Join and be a part of the New England Casino Facebook Community.  Meet others with like interests and contribute to the conversation.

Follow us at TravelZork as we continue to post New England Articles, such as “MGM Springfield Casino VIP Lounge – A Competitive Inconsistency”

In the meantime, enjoy one of my favorite posts – The 12 Days of a Casino Christmas.

See you when we return. Happy Holidays.  Look out for New England casino coverage for New Year’s Eve soon.