3 True Stories About Slot Machine Vultures

Casino Vultures are evil humans who prey on the innocent player. They watch for casino guests who aren’t careful with their bankroll or their belongings. Half the time, these thieves aren’t even gamblers. They are looking to take any financial advantage made available to them. Every casino has them. Here are 3 True Stories About Slot Machine Vultures that we can all learn from.

3 True Stories About Slot Machine Vultures
The Slot Vulture

Story #1It Can Happen To The Best Of Us

Like anyone else who had been away for months, I was excited to return to Twin River last week. So, maybe I was a little too excited at first.

Please note that you can download all or some of your slot play at Twin River Casino’s machine, as in many casinos. However, if you download all of your free slot play to a single machine, you must play it all on that machine.

That said, I first played my free slot play when I arrived inside the casino. I sat down and only played $35 of my $75. Not very lucky, so I cashed out.

I took my ticket and started walking when I realized I had left around $20 on that machine. So I ran back to that slot machine to find some shmuck already playing my Freeplay. After a heated argument and calling for security, the man gave me my $20 and left before they arrived.

Moral Of Story #1

Before you play your free slot play, know how the casino dishes it out. The problem above was mine. I assumed the free play left would come out on a different TITO (Ticket In Ticket Out) voucher, or I used all my freebies. So, before you leave that slot machine, take your ticket, and THEN check if any more credits are STILL THERE!

Story #2 – The Stupid Poker Thief

One year, we stayed at Red Rock Resort during a Las Vegas vacation. I love this place in Summerlin, NV. Great video poker, newest machines, face-up Pai Gow Poker, and great food choices. It also has an outstanding pool…..but I digress.

That morning, I played full-pay Bonus Poker for almost three hours. I usually get floor staff to watch my machine while I answer nature’s call if you know what I mean. But, at this moment, I couldn’t find a staff member to help. Only one solution – cash out and run, then come back. So, I did.

3 True Stories About Slot Machine Vultures
Red Rock Resort Casino Hotel, the Gem of Stations Casinos

I passed eight machines and realized I had left the ticket hanging out of the machine when I cashed out. But, of course, those incessant beeps were telling everyone in earshot, “Hey, here’s a free TITO – anyone interested.”

This also shows that intermittent breaks are essential to keep your focus. For example, I was getting tired after a three-hour session.

My $400 ticket was gone. To Red Rock Resort’s credit, their security staff went into hyper mode. And, in one hour, they had him tracked, guilty, and allowed him to give the money back. But, unfortunately, he had gone back to the Poker Room to play what he just stole.

Moral Of Story #2

Be in the moment before your next play. Always ensure the TITO ticket is IN YOUR HAND before leaving the machine. After this incident, I habitually pushed “cash out” with my right hand while holding my left hand at the ticket dispenser. I don’t move until that TITO is in IN MY HAND!

Story #3 – Can’t Count On Proximity

This story starts at South Point Casino Resort, a couple of miles on the Strip, south of the airport. This was a prominent local place and a family resort known for its equestrian events.

3 True Stories About Slot Machine Vultures
South Point Casino Resort, Las Vegas

This time, my wife and I played slots next to each other – here on end and myself the next slot around the corner. We were so close that I could have played her slot without leaving mine.

Luckily, my wife got a bonus. I leaned to my left to watch her. Within seconds, a local had put $20 in my machine and was playing it. He claimed he had been playing it all this time. My right foot was still in front of MY machine! Security quickly arrived and took care of the situation. The Securit Staff told me this happens a lot. The less fortunate bring their family to the casino, and mom-and-pop work together to snatch tourists’ money.

Moral Of Story #3

Never think you are secure at your machine. Slot vultures are watching, waiting to make their move. And they are faster than you could ever imagine. But, for some, this IS their job.

Summary3 True Stories About Slot Machine Vultures

  • Form habits to keep your TITO tickets secure.
  • Know how the casino dispenses free slot play.
  • Stay in the moment, and be mindful when cashing out.
  • Take short breaks to keep your mind from getting drowsy.
  • Be aware of those who sit, not playing and watching many machines.
  • Don’t be “nonchalant” while playing. Be aware of those around you.
  • This covers both slot machines and video poker.

Be careful out there. This post was intended to remind everyone to take care of their money at the casino. But remember, most casino patrons are fun-loving and friendly players like you.


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  1. steve jenney

    dropped a ticket on the floor in New Orleans Harrahs while walking to another machine. I turned around and watched a guy pick it up. I asked him to give it back to me . He of course said he didn’t know what i was talking about as he handed the ticket to his female friend. I called for security . They come and he tells them he doesn’t know anything about it. I said to security that he gave the ticket to his female friend. They believed HIM….I walked securiity back to the machine i was playing and told them it should be in the computor the cash out amount of the ticket. They let the guy go with my ticket. I made a complaint and security said they would get back to me during my stay there. They did NOT. I got home and dashed off a nasty letter to the head of security at Harrahs. A week later I got a call…they refunded all fees, room charges and comped the entire room for the 4 days i was there. I guess I hit a jackpot then!

  2. Michael Tyburski

    That ‘hand over ticket dispenser’ Has been my standard move since TITO started. Just seems to make sense!

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