New England Casino Coverage!
New England Casino Coverage!

NETime Gambling has offered the most comprehensive coverage of New England casinos and recreational gambling for eight years. The goal is to provide a resource for anyone visiting New England’s casinos. In addition, we have tried to provide a resource for recreational gamblers in New England’s expanding casino market. We cover events, gambling promotions, casino news, dining, hotels, and casino entertainment. We cover it all.

Remember, the “NE” in our name stands for New England!

Our Mission Statement

We aim to give you the truth about gambling and casinos. NETG wants to help you know the difference between fact and “hearsay. Our mantra is simple:

“Embrace the math, not the myth.”

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We cover recreational gambling topics & news, trends, promotions, and events in New England’s nine casinos. And, it only takes 10 minutes to listen to an entire episode!

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It’s A Family Affair

While I accomplish most of the posting on NETimeGambling, I get help from the rest of the family. There are three of us – Binbin (me), Miguel & Bert. We are NETimeGambling.

Miguel, Bert & Binbin

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Founder’s Biography

Robin T. Aubin (aka Binbin) – the creator of NETimeGambling.

  • Has been a guest on Cousin Vito’s Casino Podcast, The Bettor Life Podcast, The Art in the Game Podcast, and TravelZork’s ZorkCast with Michael Trager.
  • Has contributed posts to TravelZork.
  • Retired Music Educator for 41 years
    • Middle School Choral Director
    • Drama Director
  • Professional musician for over 50 years
  • Has had the pleasure of performing at many New England Casino venues including:
    • Mohegan Sun’s Wolf Den,
    • Foxwoods’ Atrium Lounge,
    • Bally’s Twin River’s Lighthouse Bar & Lounge.
  • Main interest is
    • Business and history of gambling
    • The continued expansion of legalized gambling in New England
    • Nerw Englands landscape of 9 casinos


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