Wynn Gets Boston License – Pros & Cons

In a three out of four vote, the The Massachusetts state gaming commission awarded the eastern Massachusetts casino license to Wynn Resorts for its plan in Everett.

Once again, NETG predicted MGM in Springfield & Wynn in Boston area (check my posts of two years ago!)  Two  out three – not bad.  Who knows whats going to happen with the Wampanoags, Foxwoods in New Bedford, Brockton ……

So, Wynn is going to be the Boston – area casino in Everett.  The rich get richer, the arrogant get snootier, and if the law isn’t repealed, the state of Massachusetts can wait a couple of years before it even gets started to be built because of the waste clean-up on that property.

So here’s a nuts and bolts comparison.


WYNN – 4,382 jobs with a $170 million payroll

MOHEGAN SUN – 4,305 employees with a $142 million payroll


WYNN – five star 365-foot glass-like hotel tower offering about 500 rooms

MOHEGAN SUN –  two lodging options — a three-star boutique hotel and a four-star casino hotel — would have offered up to 550 rooms total.


WYNN – 3,242 slot machines and 168 table games.

MOHEGAN SUN – 4,200 slot machines and 120 table games.


WYNN – 77,250 square feet of retail space, 64,593 square feet of food and beverage options, 32,942 square feet of meeting and convention space, and a 30,392-square-foot nightclub

MOHEGAN SUN – 102,000 square feet of retail space, 92,000 square feet of food and beverage options, and 44,800 square feet of meeting and convention space.

There are still things for Wynn to overcome:

  1. His hotel look was criticized by the commission.  A change was suggested.
  2. Clean up Mystic River & waste area
  3. Traffic problems galore
  4. The closing of Suffolk Downs after a 79 year history, which also means the closing and unemployment of all those employed at Suffolk Downs as well as local, New England horse-breeders
  5. Getting a patron base after MGM opens more than a year earlier.

Congratulations, Mr. Wynn.  Another feather in your cap.

Congratulations Massachusetts – but do you think Boston is going to be a high consideration in the Wynn portfolio with his China, Japan, and Las Vegas projects?  You went with the big name, instead of the local who knows New England more than glitzy old Steve-o. I hope it goes well.


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