Why Do the Craps Players Always Seem to have the Most Fun?

The Craps table can be a very confusing place to the beginner!

The Craps table can be a very confusing place to the beginner!

Ever play slots next to the craps tables?  How distracting…..all that noise…..and smiles…..and comraderie……hmmmmmm?

It always seems like it’s a band of warriors, or a team winning against the champs (unlike the hushed sound of Gillette Stadium this weekend!) Why does it sound like they are having so much fun?
1) Maybe it’s the friends – the kind you bring or the kind you make.  And it’s ok to vocally yell for their success.  Even the dealers at the table seem to get into the fun – it’s encouragement personified, a battle together against the casino.
2) They have a “stick man” –Craps Table

a dealer that actually announces what’s happening.  It’s like having your own commentator and color commentator all in one.  Wouldn’t that be cool to have behind you at a VP machine……hmmm, maybe not…..

3) It looks so complicated – but really, it’s simple!  Pass/No Pass line – that’s all a craps newbie needs to join the fun.  All that other stuff on the table?  There’s Plenty of time to learn about that.  K-I-S!
Craps Dice
4) I got it!  While you watch the dealers at all other table games, you’re the one that actually starts and controls the event – YOU’RE THE ONE TO THROW THE DICE!  The roulette dealer never let’s me turn the wheel, and the BJ dealer doesn’t even let me touch the cards, never mind deal!  (Yes,  know you hold the cards in single deck BJ, but besides Vegas, try finding it.)
In New England, both CT casinos & both Maine casinos have craps tables.  Twin River in Rhode Island, has virtual craps until July when they will add real table games.

Many casinos give free lessons.  Want to practice, or learn on your computer / iphone – there are programs and apps galore.  Here are some places to start:
Websites: Gambling Teachers – http://www.gamblingteachers.com/craps.html
Software: WinCraps (Online Casinos also offer free craps play)
Books: “Craps: Take the Money and Run” by Henry Tamburin &
             “Craps Made Simple” by Tomas B. Gallagher
Apps: “Aw Craps!”
That’s all for now!

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