Why Aren’t You Following TravelZork

The gaming and travel community demands concise, informative advice that provides a better casino and travel experience. Truly knowledgeable gamblers always have an edge to get the best deal possible. So, if you gamble, travel, or both, Why Aren’t You Following TravelZork.

This is an update of a previous post that accompanies our latest episode on The New England Casino and Gambling Podcast, Ep #68 – TravelZork Founder Michael Trager and I discuss Travel, Las Vegas, & ZorkFest 2021


One-Stop Shopping for Gambling and Travel

TravelZork offers articles that any traveler or gambler would find exciting and useable. TravelZork has more available than just casino deals.

Gambling Material and Advice

What inspired me to post today was an article by owner Michael Trager. In his article What Is A Casino Offer? (Casino Marketing Offer), Michael defines what a Casino Offer is from your standpoint and the casino’s perspective. Most importantly, he includes insights and strategies on best use casino offers, ADT (Average Daily Theoretical), and your relationship with the rewards program.

It’s For The Comprehensive Travel, Hotel, and Gaming Experience

So, let me show you why you should be following TravelZork. Here is a list of the available tools at your disposal.

TravelZork Travel?


TZTravel is a full-service agency that will provide you with VIP service and additional hotel perks at the same price as if you go through an online travel agency or book directly. And they continue the service even after you’ve booked. Personal confirmation of your VIP treatment includes a follow-up 1-5 days before you arrive.

We are obsessive about responding to [our] clients.

Michael Trager, Founder of TravelZork

Here are some of the VIP Properties TravelZork works with:

Shopping for the Best Credit Card Deal?

Want to know the best Travel Credit Cards to help further those Travel Points for Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and worldwide Hotel chains? g.

Casinos want to offer you “just enough” to visit, but not too much. Once they know you want to visit, they will adjust the offers to a level that rewards players “just enough” to visit, but not too much.

Michael Trager, TravelZork

What Else Does TravelZork Offer?


It all starts with the website, with many articles covering gambling and travel. Marc Meltzer, a New York transfer to Sin City, keeps everyone in the know with his weekly posts about Las Vegas.

Then there’s the TravelZork Facebook Community, keeping you up-to-date with everything ZorkCast (and ZorkFest too!) – Casinos, Vegas, Miles & Points.


TravelZork’s podcast cast is called ZorkCast. Michael Trager along with co-host, Steve White from the UK cover many of the topics that interest leisure travellers and recreational gamblers about the casino lifestyle and casino loyalty. Incidentally, I have represented NETimeGambling a few times on the podcast. Check out episodes #58, & #59.


Zorkfest is, without a doubt, the quintessential event for smart travelers. Whether it’s maximizing your loyalty points or your gambling dollar, the presentations offer insight for newbies and pros, alike! Thanks to the knowledgeable speakers at Zorkfest, I learned that paying full price to travel, stay or gamble is for suckers!”

Tony S. from Vice Lounge Online
Why Aren't You Following TravelZork
Binbin, NETimeGambling, at ZorkFest in Atlantic City

ZorkFest has presented three extraordinary meetings in Atlantic City and Las Vegas. Sessions presented included

  • Maximizing Miles & Points
  • Optimizing Your Casino Rating, and
  • Airfare, Hotel, Rental Car Shopping

The recent ZorkFest III at the Plaza in Las Vegas was a huge success. Anyone can attend. Listen to the recent New England Casino and Gambling Podcast for more info about the next possible ZorkFest.

NETimeGambling Posts at TravelZork


If you want a comprehensive resource that provides the information you want from numerous other websites and more, look no longer. Instead, visit TravelZork today and often.