When Video Poker Machines Hesitate

When Video Poker Machines Hesitate
Royal Flush – almost!

You’re playing along on your video poker or slot machine, and things are going well, And then it happens – the machine pauses for a moment. What Does that pause mean? Was I winning too much? Did someone in the “Office Upstairs” turn on that switch that changes winning into losing? Conspiracy thoughts abound. So, what does it mean When Video Poker Machines Hesitate?

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Just Catching Up to Itself

Well, you know what it means NOTHING. At least it isn’t a reaction to any success you’ve had previously.

Yes, we think it might have stopped our winning momentum or the rhythmic luck we had our mojo in, but nope – it doesn’t have a clue how much you were winning or how your mojo was – it’s a machine, and it doesn’t have the consciousness or emotion to care!

When Video Poker Machines Hesitate
An early 1980 IGT Video Poker machine.

So, what DOES IT MEAN? When Video Poker Machines Hesitate – particular generations of Video Poker machines manufactured by IGT – they do so often to do its accounting. In other words, counting hands played, coin in & coin out, for example, are kept in short-term memory. On the IGT VP machines, for example, every 100 hands, it is downloaded into long-term memory, much like your computer does at times. The more games and denominations on a single terminal, the longer it may take – a single game with a single denomination would be barely noticed.

You will find fewer and fewer machines with that hesitation these days due to better software upgrades, But when Video Poker Machines Hesitate, admittedly, it’s frustrating.

Of course, as human beings, we may notice it happen when we win, and shortly after, we start losing. “They must have known I was winning!!!!” you might think, But, seriously, nothing could be farther from the truth.

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