7 Characteristics of the Best Casino Dealers

Dealer 1So, you sit down at a table game, and you get an immediate vibe of the table. Just look at the people there – are they happy? Is it a table you’d be better off not sitting at?

How much of the table game’s ambiance is attributed to the dealer(s)? While some people are happy or miserable no matter what the circumstances, the abilities of the dealer can sway that vibe to a positive.

So, what makes an exceptional dealer – for both the players and the casino?  Here are characteristics of a great dealer.

Oxford Casino Chip

Oxford Casino Chip

One important point – remember these are fellow humans, not robots.  They are also casino staff with a service for the casino patrons.  As in all service areas, tips are given for good service, and not if the service is not to your liking. Keep in mind it takes it takes all of the following to be an exceptional dealer.  When they show these characteristics – Tip ’em!


Rules vary even within the same games offered. Check the rules before you buy-in.

1. Knowledge of the Rules:

Dealers must know the rules and odds of the game as if it were second nature. Nothing is more annoying than a pause for getting a pit boss’s say on basic misses by the dealer, and can ruin the integrity of the game.

2. Being Consistent: a dealer’s style is something players can get used to if consistent.

3. Communication Skills (Probably the Most Important):

  • The dealer should maintain a high activity level at your table
  • The dealer should engage all of the players
  • The dealer should be entertaining. With the odds always in the house’s favor, it’s the casino dealer’s responsibility to ensure that the gambler — win or lose — has a great time.
  • The dealer should be welcoming. They should learn the players name, ask them where they’re from and have a conversation with them if that’s what the player is looking for.

    Dealer 2

    An entertaining dealer even helps that “losing feeling.”

4. The Ability to Keep the Game Moving:

It’s crucial for everyone that a dealer keeps the game controlled, moving the game along with no unnecessary stoppages in play. However, some dealers are lightning quick. The faster the dealer, the faster the table advantage. (Which is why I never play at a table alone – time can be an asset for the player!). A superb dealer finds the right balance.

5. Mechanical Skills:

  1. Shuffle the cards tight and smooth without raising the cards too high giving astute player an unfair advantage. (Good for the Casino)
  2. Dealing the cards as an art form, with their own kind of body language and personality added. It’s what makes each dealer unique and can make for a fun play. (Good for everyone)download
  3. Handling payouts – The dealer is responsible for knowing who won the pot and/or how much the winner should be paid and \hey need to know how to award the winner and when it’s necessary to split a pot. Cashing someone out or cashing someone into the game also needs to be done in a timely fashion. (Good for Everyone) 
  4. Physical Endurance including strong hand-and-eye coordination, as well as the ability to stand for long periods. In addition, a strong dealer must endure working conditions that may require exposure to smoke and loud noises. (Good for the Dealer!)

6. Mental Skills:

  1. Restraint – Sometimes the player doesn’t always act appropriately and for the sake of the other players and the casino itself, the dealer needs to know how to handle that kind of player almost like a referee. They are there to facilitate the game, but they don’t want to be part of the action.  
  2. Conflict-Resolution Skills – Casino dealers often must resolve conflicts with patrons who are displeased with the outcome of a play or simply distressed because they’re losing money. In either case, you may be the first person to encounter the customer’s wrath. You must have sharp customer service and conflict-resolution skills, especially when gamblers become boisterous and argumentative. The ability to defuse potential rage is one of the most important qualifications you will need, because it enables you to explain the game so that customers trust that you’re making accurate calls. In addition, your conflict-resolution skills are useful in calming an irate gambler who is doubly frustrated over losing money in a relatively short period of time

    It takes all kinds of players to make a casino, and the dealers see them all.

    It takes all kinds of players to make a casino, and the dealers see them all.

  3. Analytical Thinking Skills – Analytical thinking enables you to accurately calculate winning or losing hands in a matter of seconds. Casino table games are fast-paced, and the speed and accuracy with which you determine who wins and who loses affects the confidence that players have in you and the game that you’re dealing.

7. Helping Players While Keeping the Flow of the Game Intact:

dealer 4Let’s face it, the people playing don’t always keep their full attention on what’s going on at the table so this is a good way to keep them informed.

I hope this was helpful.

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