Vue24 at Foxwoods Dining Review – A Disappointment

When we brought our family to Vue24 at Foxwoods for a Mother’s Day Brunch, our expectations we very high for an outstanding dining experience might have been too lofty. This “Vue24 at Foxwoods Dining Review – a Disappointment will show the inconsistencies throughout the day. The price was $40 per person.


The elevator takes you up to the 24th floor.  There is a small lobby where you can wait, and coffee was brought to us while we waited. An odd assortment of chairs and sitting cushions on the wheel were a curious choice for a high-end experience. Our party of 7 was seated, and the journey began.

We were seated in the corner, where the “view” wasn’t so extraordinary.  About 50% of the room has sight of the surrounding countryside. Our table was so cold next to an outside door that we had to pull the drapes to keep the cold air from blowing in.  It was also frigid in the restaurant – not just your usual chill, but an “I’ll eat with my coat on” cold. After asking for the temperature to be raised, it took over a half-hour to feel the difference – I still ate with my winter coat on.


After greeted by our waitress, coffees and an oranger juice were ordered – a $1.75 orange juice we later found out with the bill – coffees were $4 each. Cocktails were expensive: usual alcoholic drinks started around $12, with their special Mother’s Day Bloody Mary coming in at $20. (All you could drink Bloody Marys were $150). At no point were we alerted that juice and coffee were not included. That special $1.75 (procured from the bar) glass of orange juice took over 20 minutes to appear, as well as the coffees. We hadn’t even ordered yet.  As you will see further in the review, the staff preparation and serving organization was hit or miss throughout the afternoon.

Entrees – Vue24 at Foxwoods Dining

Most of the entrees were delicious culinary delights. They were served on small plates and were AYCE (All-you-could-eat), even if you didn’t finish your entree of the moment.

We found the highlights of the menu to include the Hash (in a skillet with eggs on top of 2 thin potato slices), the bacon steak (slightly sweetened smokey, thick and outstandingly delicious), chicken and waffles (great portion size), and the steak fries (very tender steak tips).

However, this is where the inconsistencies come in.  While supposed to be soft, one of the poached eggs on the hash wasn’t cooked and overly runny. When we received our first round of plates, two were missing, and one was wrong, so two of us watched the others in our party dine. We could have gone up to the salad table, which was very good, but we had all already been up there waiting for our entrees 20 minutes after the orange juice arrived.

Let’s talk about the lobster omelet.  You’d expect pieces of lobster in an omelet. Instead, it was an omelet (eggs, nothing in it) and a piece of lobster stuck on top – less than an ounce on most plates—nothing special here – more like a lazy attempt. One of the omelets wasn’t even cooked, with inside very runny – health hazard?  Luckily my daughter survived.

Salad Table – Vue24 at Foxwoods Dining

This was all you can eat.  It had wonderful offerings – duck with cabbage salad, salmon pate, large and meaty shrimp with the perfect texture. The usual salad, cheeses, etc., filled out the table.

Desert Table – Vue24 at Foxwoods Dining

This was a mixed revue by our party. The sugary treats’ labeling seemed a little off – a chocolate cookie that was either gluten-free or sugar-free ended up not finished by all three teens at the table.

I enjoyed the Chocolate ganache filled cake and seemed to be the only one. The cake pops were one bite and done. The lemon-poppy seed pound cake was hard enough to pound nails, as well as some of the other pastries. The desert highlight was the peanut-butter forest cake parfait. If lactose intolerant, you need to supply your own Lactaid.  But presentation and taste of the peanut butter creme with large bits of chocolate cake inside proved to be an exquisite dessert.


We wanted to try it as a family for Mother’s day, so we did. At $40 per person, poor service, wait times, and the menu snafus, I would say it was a disappointment.  Very little lived up to the hype. Would we do it again – no. As a dining value, this did not meet expectations. For special days like Mother’s Day, the food should be great, the service exceptional, and the price should be equal to the expectations. Sorry Foxwoods, Vue24 brunch is not all it’s said to be.

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  1. Binbin, thank you *so much* for this review. I had visited the bar at Vue 24 in the past, and dreamed of going to a real event like the buffet you reviewed, but I was worried that the “vue” might actually not be very good where I was seated, and I was worried it would be too cold. I guess I was right about both of those, sadly, but I have to say I was unpleasantly surprised that the service and food quality was so uneven as you described. I thought Foxwoods would have that part perfected. I will look elsewhere for my luxury dining experience. Thanks for the great pics, too!

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