Video Poker Players – Practice Before Your Visit

It was a dark, cold and dreary night in New England.  Over 400 Video poker players were present for a Tournament that would go on, on, …into the night.  It was intense, it was stressful, it was……

Who am I kidding, it was just a video poker tournament……

Video Poker Machines at Mohegan Sun
Video Poker Machines at Mohegan Sun

Ok, so actually, it was a nice peaceful event, with good food that lasted from 8 – 11:00 pm.  But, while this was not my first VP tournament, it was different in one very important aspect – I won money!  Tenth place out of the ten paying spots, with over 400 people invited!  Ya-hoo!

While the payout was small, the badge of honor of winning after years of practicing paid off.  Yes, you read correctly – I practice.  I prepare three video poker games constantly – Jacks or Better, Bonus Poker, and Double Double Bonus Poker.  I have been practicing for years because as we all know, Video Poker does involve skill and luck.  Correct strategy goes beyond basic strategy. Knowledge of penalty cards, strategy changes according to games but different pay table (just ask any deuces wild player about that), and other nuances that might buy a few extra hands to try for that illusive Royal Flush is essential for keeping your bankroll intact.

(Did I tell you I won?)

Strategy cards are available and legal.

Anyway, this post is to suggest resources to practice video poker.  Someone I have been in contact with and is one of the leading gambling strategy gurus, John Grochowski.  In one of the many publications he writes for, John suggested these software programs to help improve your strategy and speed. ” As for software, at different times on different computers, I use Bob Dancer’s Video Poker for Winners, Jean Scott’s Frugal Video Poker and Dean Zamzow’s WinPoker. All can be set for different games and pay tables and will alert you when you are making mistakes. Video Poker for Winners and Frugal Video Poker will generate strategy tables. WinPoker doesn’t do that, but I find it the easiest to use when I need to adjust to a pay table that’s not one of the basics already included on the software.”

I would like to also add the website,  which allows you to play the newest video poker games free and for a paid upgrade you can learn best strategy, and get other perks such as no advertising.  An app I use on my devices is called “Video Poker and Perfect Play Trainer” by Robert Suh.  I love it because you can change the paytables and it’s easy to use.

So, practice, practice, practice.  It has helped me become an accurate and fast player.  By the way, the staple to any VP beginner’s book library would be John Grochowski’s “The Video Poker Answer Book.”  It’s a great place to start.

Remember, a good gambler isn’t someone reckless about betting, it’s a person who tries to get the best chance to win, be most prepared and lower the house edge in any legal way.

That’s all for now