Video Poker & Max Bet

When playing video poker, the same two questions seem to pop up –  “When should I play Max Bet?”  and “Why should I play Max Bet?”

Max Bet or Maximum Bet is the highest amount of coins or credits you can play in a single spin on slot machines and video poker. Let’s look at that Max Bet button for video poker.

If you don’t play max bet on a Video poker machine, you are cheating yourself 2% of the possible winning percentage due to the fact you are not playing for the Royal. Let’s be clear that with VP, I’m talking that Max Bet is 5 coins. If you bet 1,2,3 or 4 coins, the payoff for a Royal Flush is the bet multiplier times 250. (4 quarters per bet would give you a payoff of 250 x 4 or 1000 quarters – $250) Not too shabby, but why not play one more coin, a 5-coins-in, and play for the Royal Flush that pays a bonus jackpot of $1000 (in quarters.)

Jacks or Better best paytable (called 9/6 because of the full house and flush pay out). Notice the jump in pay out from 4 to 5 coins.

Jacks or Better best paytable (called 9/6 because of the full house and flush pay out). Notice the jump in pay out from 4 to 5 coins.
A word of caution – many of the same type of slot machine – can include payoffs of all the kinds listed below. I have seen VP without the Typical 4000 coin payoff for a Royal Flush. Your job is to check the machine for what the payoffs are. READ THE MACHINE. KNOW YOUR PAY OFFS.

When playing video poker, play Max bet for the full Jackpot or one coin understanding that you will spend less but you’re are cheating yourself from the REAL jackpot.

I always see people not playing Max Bet with Video Poker. I do understand some prefer the very low roller move of one coin in.  And, yes, I know that getting a Royal Flush is difficult – the odds of getting a Royal Flush is 1 out of every 40,390 hands. But let me tell you from experience, if you end up with a Royal and you didn’t play Max, you will never forget it. I should know – I did it twice when I first started, and I can still remember the screen, at the Monte Carlo in Las Vegas, mocking me, with a payout of of 250 coins – $62.50 on one coin!!!!!

NETG ADVICE: Play max bet. If your bankroll is small, drop down in denomination (from quarters to nickels, for example), then you can still play Max. And if it has a progressive Jackpot for the Royal, definitely play MAX!

Look at the top of the pay table and notice Max Bet is 20 coins!

Be forewarned that some video poker machines have max bets of 10 or 20 coins. The Royal Flush Jackpot does follow what you’d expect – 10 coin Royal at $.25 = $2000, and so on. But, check the machine before playing to be sure what Max Bet equals.

Here’s a tip: To be sure to play 5 coins (if that is your intention) every machine has a “bet one” button. For your first play, hit that “bet one” button five times. Some machines also have a separate “bet five” button on the screen, usually the machines that have the option of betting 10 or 20 coins.

Know the machine you’re playing – know the payoffs – know if Max Bet is 5 coins or 20. And try to find the best pay tables available.  Remember, every decrease for any payout – full house, flush, etc. – increases the house edge another 2%.  9/6 JOB pays over 99% over time, but 8/5 JOB pays 95% over time.  Make your choices based on the math available – give yourself the best chance to play longer and win more.