Video Poker Strategy Cards? Part 1

Video Poker Strategy Cards – the Player’s Little Helpers.

Video Poker Strategy Cards

Wouldn’t it be nice if you never again had to guess the correct way to play video poker or ask some stranger for advice?

Remember when we had maps to tell us exactly how to get to our destination, instead of asking a stranger, hoping they were correct, and then remembering what they said?

Video Poker Strategy Cards are the maps for successfully playing video poker. A simple glance at these cards gives you the best chance to get to your destination – more extended play, a higher expected value (EV), and a lower house edge.

Many players have never used the old-school cards that fit in their pockets. And in today’s world, your phone would make them readily available.

Why Don’t Players Use Video Poker Strategy Cards?

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There seem to be four reasons why you seldom find players in the casino using these pocket-size helpers:

  1. Players are too lazy, it’s too much like work, or it “interrupts their fun.”
  2. They didn’t know video poker strategy cards existed.
  3. Players thought that strategy cards were illegal.
  4. They didn’t know how to use a strategy card.

Let’s look at the first three quickly.

Too Much Like Work, or It “Interrupts the Fun.”

“Interrupts Fun?” Do you know what’s fun when playing video poker? – having to worry less about bankroll. But, if you want to enjoy this casino game, you want longevity which drastically improves with the correct strategy. And the correct strategy increases the expected value and decreases the house edge.

But, if you prefer to defy the correct strategy, spending more money on a shorter session that’s anyone’s personal choice. Whatever your reasoning is, that’s your choice as a recreational gambler. No judgment here! And I wish you great luck.

Want a longer stretch playing Video Poker at the casino? – Here’s the formula:

  • VP Correct Game Strategy +
  • Practice Aids (Strategy Cards, Phone Apps, Computer Programs) +
  • Higher Expected Value (thus, lower House Edge) =
  • Increased probability for longer sessions, better payouts, and more “FUN.”

I Didn’t Know They Existed

Pocket-size strategy cards for video poker players are commercially available for players. They are also included as images when searching for the game you’re playing on your computer.

I Thought Strategy Cards Were Illegal

Nope, strategy cards are legal to use in all gambling jurisdictions. So using your phone is a great way to bring those charts to the casino without messing with individual cards. Our NETG friend Vito, of “Cousin Vito’s Casino Podcast” and “Big Lou Loves Food,” suggested an excellent app for your smartphone. It’s called Best Hold, available for iPhone & iPad only.

Video Poker Strategy Cards

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Ok, How Do I Use A Strategy Card?

Henry Tamburin, a video poker expert, describes it like this:

“A video poker strategy card will show you the correct way to play every hand dealt to you. Consider it a “cheat sheet,” an aid you can legally use when playing video poker to help you play correctly (meaning you will keep the cards with the highest expected value).

Strategy cards contain a table of hand rankings, with the hands at the top having a higher rank than those below. By way of example, the table below shows the top five lines of strategy from a commercially available 9/6 Jacks-or-Better strategy card (by Bob Dancer and Liam Daily). All you do is look at your hand and determine whether you have any of the hands listed on the strategy card, and if you do, hold the hand closest to the top of the table.”


Part 2 will explore how to read and use Video Poker Strategy Cards. These cards can be a little intimidating, so I’ll try to make them a little simpler. We won’t be considering penalty cards yet and will use Jacks-or-Better strategy cards. Part 3 will compare two different payables of Jacks or Better, 9/6 and 8/5. Onwards to a closer look.

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