Video Poker Resources Improve Your Game

Video Poker Resources Improve Your Game in many ways. I constantly practice two video poker games – Jacks or Better and Double Double Bonus Poker. Video Poker does involve skill. The correct strategy goes beyond basic strategy. According to different paytables, knowledge of penalty cards, strategy changes, and other nuances might buy a few extra hands. More hands give a better chance to keep your bankroll intact and the hopes for that elusive Royal Flush.

Video Poker Resources Improve Your Game
Strategy cards are available and legal.

Video Poker Resources – Let’s Get Started

So, practice, practice, practice. But, of course, the staple to any VP beginner’s book library would be John Grochowski’s “The Video Poker Answer Book.” It’s a great place to start.

Video Poker Resources Improve Your Game



The Wizard of Odds – “if you’re going to gamble, you should have the best information possible so you can have the best chances of winning and minimize your losses if you do lose.” Such is the philosophy of Michael Shackelford, The Wizard of Odds. In addition, you’ll find essential topics like Odds and strategies, Video Poker game simulators, and more.

VideoPoker.Com –   is one of the top Video Poker Resources to Improve Your Game. It is a legal, non-wagering Website featuring every video poker game imaginable. No gambling takes place on Instead, people practice improving their chances of winning in casinos – or play for fun! There are free contests where people can win cash and prizes, but it isn’t online gambling because the contests are free to enter.

  • In addition to practicing and playing their favorite video poker games, other member benefits keep people coming back to the site, including:
  • Participating in Free Contests to win cash prizes and merchandise
  • Learning more about the games they play and optimal play strategy
  • Participating in an active Forum
  • Tracking their play over time using Tracking Mode (GOLD members only)
  • Real-time training using Training Mode (GOLD only)
  • Challenging fellow members to individual or group contests (GOLD only)
  • Real-time chat with fellow GOLD members (GOLD only)
  • Playing brand new games before the games hit the casino floors (GOLD only)
  • A Players Club that keeps track of their game activity on the site

Find Best Pay Tables Around the Country

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Their goal is to provide a complete inventory of the best video poker games available and make that free information. They currently cover 448 casinos in the US and Canada and are maintained by volunteer casino monitors and an active community of video poker players. Again, this is a free site.

Best Books

I suggest two:

Bob Dancer’s “Video Poker for the Intelligent Beginner” or “Million Dollar Video Poker.” Both books give insight, strategy, and more into playing like a VP pro.

Video Poker Resources Improve Your Game

Also, Frugal Video Poker was written by Jean Scott and Viktor Nacht and was published in 2006. This book is intended for any audience, whether you want to prolong your time in the casinos. The authors introduce the basics of the game and paytables, identify good and bad paytables, and use strategies based on the machines. They also cover tournaments, progressives,  and promotions.

Best Computer Software

Video Poker Resources Improve Your Game

Bob Dancer’s “Video Poker for Winners” 
With this software on your home computer, you can learn at home by playing the most popular casino games right from your desktop. It includes Master winning strategies, bankroll and comp calculators, and much more! If you go to the Video Poker for Winners Website, you can sign up for a free trial.

Best Strategy Cards

When you are ready to head for the casino to play, you can take your strategy chart. When you are dealt a hand you are unsure of; you can look up the proper play on your strategy chart. A strategy card will show you the correct way to play each hand. Following the card’s advice will keep the hand that offers the highest possible return. Zamzow’s BDPWinpoker software and strategy cards generated from Tomski’s VPSM Video Poker Strategy Master are two of the best. You can buy excellent cards at Bob Dancer’s site as well. These cards are acceptable to use in the casino, so take them with you!

As Bob Dancer says, “go get lots of Royal Flushes, everybody.”


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