VIDEO POKER Posts and Advice

Video poker

Playing Video Poker is not only a hobby of mine, it is a serious part of my casino play.  I vacillate between playing for fun and playing the best play tables for serious play. The personal play between person vs. machine is exciting. I also love the private and independent side of gambling with video poker. It’s not usually a social game – just you and the machine. so here is VIDEO POKER Posts and Advice.

Practice is very important to me.  Sharing what I have learned in the last twenty years playing Video Poker is a pleasurable part of NETimeGambling. Single line, multi-hands, novelty games, and hybrids all peak my interest.

If you are interested in video poker like I am, or are a recreational player that loves the fun of it all, you have an offer from NETG. Click on and get two free weeks at the Gold level free. Contests, learning correct strategy, playing the newest video poker games, challenges and even video keno is available. It is a fun video poker resource that is worth a try and eventually a membership!

So, this special page is designed with the Video Poker player in mind. The following posts have been kept for your enjoyment and maybe to help you play that much more efficient. Better strategy helps in lengthening that bankroll. Enjoy.

VIDEO POKER Posts and Advice

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