Playing Video Poker is not only a hobby of mine; it is a passion. I vacillate between playing for fun and the best pay tables for serious play. I enjoy the private, independent side of video poker. It’s not usually a social game – just you and the machine. Video Poker Passion for The Recreational Gambler reflects what I have learned in the last twenty years. Playing Video Poker is an enjoyable part of NETimeGambling. Single line, multi-hands, novelty games, and hybrids piqued my interest.

Multi-Line Video PokerVariance, Posts, and Advice.

Multi-line, I find, offers the most fun. Whether it’s Ultimate X, Powerhouse Poker, or just regular Triple Play poker, the chance of big payouts on four-of-a-kinds is exciting. So many new games have appeared in casinos over the past five years; trying them is fun.

Same Strategy

Video Poker Passion - Variance Posts and Advice
A recent hit at Foxwoods playing Ultimate X

Do you play the same strategy on a multi-line game compared to a single line? Yes, the game strategy remains the same. A few games, such as Quick Quads and Ultimate X, need modifications for advanced players, but the answer stays the same for the vast majority.

Is the Expected Value (EV) the same if the paytables match?

This, too, is a simple answer. The EV (expected value) doesn’t change, no matter how many hands you play simultaneously.

Is the Variance of Multi-line Video poker different from Single Line?

Without going all mathematical on you, let’s agree that a higher variance game is more ‘unpredictable’ than a game with lower variance. A game with higher variance can produce a wild swing in a shorter time. High variance games include paytables that pay 1:1 for a pair of face cards. Low variance games include JOB or Bonus video poker.

Video Poker Passion - Variance Posts and Advice
Jacks or Better has the best paytable and is a low variance game.

This is tricky about multi-hand games–the more hands, the more wild swings in profit and loss. Or in other words, the more hands you’re playing, the higher degree of variance.

Over the long term, the expected value of a specific paytable is the same regardless of how many hands you’re playing at a time. However, the variance increases with the number of hands in the short term. Is it worth it? That’s up to you. Is it for fun or profit?

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Video Poker Passion – Variance Posts and Advice

The following posts have been kept for your enjoyment and maybe help you play that much more efficiently. A better strategy helps in lengthening that bankroll. Enjoy.

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