Ultimate X Video Poker

Ultimate X Video pokerNew video poker come and go, and real advantage VP players are always searching for an edge.  Many of the old favorites such as Jack or Better, Deuces Wild, or Bonus (and Double Bonus, and Triple Bonus…) will always be mainstays on the casino floor, even thought the pay tables continue to worsen.

Video Poker Ultimate X - Triple Play

Video Poker Ultimate X – Triple Play

One game that has stood the test of time is Ultimate “X” poker.  Ultimate X is available as a multi-hand and single-hand video poker game, but mostly played as Triple Play, Five-Play, or Ten-play – which means after your first five cards are dealt, you play more hands with the remaining cards after the draw. If you wager 10 coins per line instead of five coins, you will earn a multiplier, not on the current hand, but on the following hand (i.e., betting 10 coins per line puts you in the Ultimate X mode).  Essentially, you are doubling your initial bet in the hopes that you will get a greater payout on the following hand.

ultimate-x-poker-igtcomIts popularity in New England Casinos has increased over the last few years.  Even Plainridge Park added some to its inventory of late.

This is, however, a very volatile game – which means that you need a bigger bankroll and some luck, or you won’t last long.

The amount of the multiplier that you receive for any winning hand depends on which game you are playing (e.g., bonus poker, double double bonus, etc.), what the winning hand was (see below), and how many lines you played (e.g., Triple Play, Five Play, or Ten Play.).

The games provided with Ultimate X of course have their own perfect strategy without the Ultimate X multipliers.  The perfect play strategies for JOB, Bonus, DDB, TDB, Educes & Jokers Wild should be learned first.  But with the added Ultimate X multipliers, the perfect strategies need some tweaking, since you are also considering the multipliers on the previous winning hands.


Multiplier Pay Table for Bonus Poker

For each type of game played on Ultimate X, there will be a different optimum strategy. In general, “always keep the winners” will apply, especially because there is a bonus multiplier earned for the next hand. In the case of Jacks or Better, for example, the only time a hand of two pair or better should be broken up is when holding four cards to a possible Royal flush. Even then, a straight flush of K-Q-J-10-9 should never be broken up. A pair of Jacks or better should not be broken up unless holding four to a straight flush or four to a flush with three high cards.

Keeping low pairs is generally the right choice, except when four to a flush or three to a Royal flush can be kept, or else four to an open-ended straight draw is available. Inside straight draws and three flushes without straight flush potential are less desirable than keeping a single high card.

For the best strategy on a specific game with Ultimate X Poker, my first suggestion is always the Wizard – The Wizard of Odds.

To find the best paytables at casinos for Ultimate X Poker, check out vpFree2.

To practice Ultimate X Poker FREE, go to VideoPoker.com.  You can play Ultimate X, and many other new Video poker games along with other multi-line VP, such as Super Times Pay, SpinPoker, Dream Poker, and QuickQuads, to name a few.

May your life be filled with Quads & Royal Flushes!



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