Two Morons Justify Casino Masks and Stuff

In my humble opinion, the pandemic has made people treat each other in a kinder, more considerate way. Of all the possible sources to articulate this, I was inspired by the podcast “Two Morons Talking About Casinos and Stuff.” Yup, Two Morons Justify Casino Masks and Stuff.


The most interesting thing about casinos during COVID is how players have taken protocols seriously. Sure, there are the few who think it’s their personal right to do whatever they want on private property. In the gambling industry, from CEOs to casino staff, to the players, there has been a small change of acceptance of “it is what it is.” I truly believe casinos and all those involved are doing the best they can,

The Podcast

I have been finally catching up listening to my many casino podcasts. Two guys I missed listening to are Two Morons Talking About Casinos and Stuff. Yes, it’s real, and it’s fun—fun like adult fun. If you are sensitive or easily offended, then I suggest you find another gambling podcast. The “E” next to their title stands for explicit.

But Spike and TeeBag work on the Strip in Las Vegas. These two casino morons share their own perspectives of gamblers, dealing on the Strip, and other non-casino topics. To say they are entertaining is an understatement.

“Two Morons Talking About Casinos and Stuff.”

Episode #79, Two Morons Return From The Pandemic, was exceedingly timely.

Hello strangers…..How’ve you been?? The Morons are back from the pandemic again!! Our first show since we’ve returned to work(finally). Get to listening if you wanna know what shape Vegas is in right now. We’re excited to be back, should be weekly once again! Great to be back Morons!!! Find us on Twitter @2CasinoMorons . Subscribe for new episodes weekly(sort of…haha). No, but seriously, we’re back!!!

TeeBag and Spike, Two Morons Talking About Casinos and Stuff

Listen to the first 30 minutes, if any, part of the podcast (but I don’t know why you wouldn’t listen to the whole thing). I found their comments about masks in the casino a perfect reflection of the casino staff’s perspective. While they understand how the non-maskers feel, T. and Spike explain the big picture.

Two Morons Justify Casino Masks and Stuff

Considerations mentioned include:

  • Staff health and the ramifications of closing again.
  • Perspectives and policing non-players watching table games
  • Being the “mask-nazi” (their reference, not mine) is every staff member’s job, no matter how they feel about it.
  • The big picture of job security and property fines.

About “Two Morons Talking About Casinos and Stuff.”

Two Morons Justify Casino Masks and Stuff
Spike & TeeBag (Justin and Terence)

From their Facebook page, “A podcast first and foremost, we make no claims to be experts in ANYTHING. Between myself (Teebag) and Spike, we have almost 40 years in and around casinos.”

As a matter of fact, TeeBag worked as a dealer at Foxwoods for many years before moving out west. He sometimes refers to his New England past as a comparison.


Whether you enjoy their podcast or not, considering the big picture of casino protocols during Covid-19 is important for every casino visitor. When it comes from the actual casino employees, it is critical to understand what they are up against. Thanks to Two Morons, we do.




  1. Terence isn’t a golfer. I think he spells his nickname T-Bag not TeeBag.

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