Two Days in Las Vegas – Idle Thoughts

Welcome to Las Vegas SignTwo days in Las Vegas for ZorkFest. Yesterday I shared the highlights.  Today I share my observations – some obvious to those of you who visit Sin City, and some that I just need to share. The following is for your consideration and MY therapeutic relief.

More women under 25 carry their shoes instead of wearing them after 11:00pm.

The parade of “tuggers” (young women who wear a long, tight shirt they call a dress, constantly tugging them down because their too short) begins around 7:00pm and continues until the the sun comes up.  The walk of shame is alive and well in Sin City.

Concerning Treasure Island:

VP at bar tops – pay tables are awful, must average $1 bet and must spend $20 first, why? Isn’t 7/5 DDB bad enough?

However, TI has the best Best VP on Strip – a few Full pay, JOB 9/6, DDB 9/6, NSUD at $1 no variable on speed, fast – even 8/5 DDB at Ultimate X.

Buffet – not worth the price even for breakfast. Not much variety, all self service beverages, (the new trend in strip buffets) usual food offers were mediocre and breakfast pastry not desirable. Anyone who knows me is aware I love sweets – says a lot when I don’t go back for seconds

Room was ok, old but clean. Great water pressure, good amenities.

Resort fees include mediocre coupons, but parking is free.

Pai Gow offered at TI includes with and without commission (without includes $1 Tiger bet, 9 and below Pai Gow in dealer hand).  Only luck I had – broke even.  $10 limits until late at night

Mirage Casino Floor

At the Mirage:

Same comments on the “Cravings” buffet, only more mediocre variety, quality is worse and it’s more expensive.  I’ve eaten there two separate times, both were the same.  Not recommended.

Gambling was terrible.  $15 Pai Gow limits until night. More on Mirage Pai Gow later.

Typical poor MGM VP, and the speed on many machines, especially bar tops, were set at the fastest speed which could not be changed.


News flash – It’s a long walk from Luxor to TI

Mosiers (slow walkers) and Bellagio fountain show = dead stop to walking from Luxor to TI

Paying to park still pisses me off.  Thank you TI for bucking the system.

De-theming of the Strip Casinos makes all of MGM casinos look the same inside.

Jay from NJ had a great idea to stay at Paris and walk to a Ellis Island is awesome. I love Ellis Island.

Not playing side bets on table games is usually good advice, until the guy at Pai Gow table hits for 5 Aces and $2000. Guess who was the only guy not playing the side bet? Yes I had no envy and lost out on a free $250 because I played the smart way – $%^%#%&%#$

Finally, every once in a while you have the worst gambling trip EVER – and this was mine.  What’s wrong with this picture, follow the math.

Four of a kinds occur approximately 1 even 420 hands. I play about 500 hands per hour. and played for over six hours. And yet, whether it was full pay JOB, DDB, Ultimate X ten play I was dealt one quad in over 6 hours of VP full pay at TI and some at Mirage…….

Like I said, worst gambling trip ever.

It happens.  Oh, well…….

Now that I have all that off my chest, it’s back to the blogosphere.

That’s all I got today.



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