Twin River Hotel Casino Expanding – an update

Twin River Casino continues to be busy during the pandemic. Officials from Twin River Casino UTGR Inc. discussed plans to expand its Lincoln facility with the Lincoln Planning Board’s Technical Review Committee. Is Twin River Hotel Casino expanding a timely project?

Twin River Hotel Casino Expanding
Architectural drawings show Twin River Casino’s planned additions.

What Does the Twin River Hotel Casino Expanding Include?

Two additions are being proposed. The first is to add to the gaming floor. The second is to expand the space put aside for a spa. Finally, the new hotel will offer a spa. Also, a small food court would be added to the new gaming area.

In January, Twin River and IGT announced these plans for expanding the Lincoln campus. The project includes investments by both IGT and Twin River Casino.

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Smoking Or Non-Smoking? – That Is the Question

Twin River CEO Marc Crisafulli said they plan to “dramatically change the smoking/nonsmoking profile” of the casino with a hardline divider. The current gaming space on the second floor will be moved down to the first-floor expansion. This could mean a much nicer poker room downstairs.

A bowling alley, mini golf course or other amenities are in the plan for the non-gaming 2nd floor.

Hotel Entrance Getting Major Upgrade

Twin River Hotel Casino Expanding
Closet Hotel Entrance. Hotel is far right.

Getting to the hotel lobby from self-parking is quite an adventure. It’s like the old Maine expression, “Can’t get there from here!” The addition of a new direct entrance into the hotel area is now part of the architectural plans (see above). Twin River Hotel and Casino will include a valet parking area and a dedicated entrance for hotel guests. A 10,000-square-foot addition built onto the hotel’s exiting 4,000-square-foot spa space will add a needed “resort” amenity.

Tiverton Rumors

Local opinion for an event center attached to Tiverton Hotel Casino has begun. The “little casino that could” might need an upgrade to be considered more as a destination. Including entertainment might help attract potential guests.

The Hotel Lobby, an afterthought?

Rhode Island state legislators recently recanted on the promise to reimburse the town of Tiverton. Twin River Casino failed to pay at least $3.1 million in local taxes due to the pandemic. The town of Tiverton lost out on taxes due to them from Tiverton Casino because of it. But would an event center bring in more guests to stay, play and enjoy its entertainment? More guests = more town tax revenue. Casino taxes represent the third-highest revenue source for Rhode Island.

Twin River Expanding Again – Is This The Best Time?

The expansion is moving on to a public informational hearing in September. The Town of Lincoln is pleased with its relationship with Twin River Casino. While visitation is down and no COVID-19 vaccine shortly, this might be the perfect time to build and redesign.

Space has been seen to be an advantage during the pandemic for the Connecticut Tribal casinos. Maybe time and space are what Twin River Hotel and Casino need. It might just raise the property to the flagship resort that management, Twin River Worldwide Holdings, now known as Bally’s, is looking for.


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  1. Joan & Monika, Just a few more things to consider. 1) The city of Newport “big wigs” never wanted the Jai Alai fronton there, let alone a casino. They voted against tables games. Twin River bought and actually had to move it. 2) The hotel is very nice for being attached to a small casino. 3) The iPourit Wall is something that no one else has in New England, which i found very cool.
    However, you’re right about the gambling. Whatever is at Twin River is at Tiverton. Poor video poker, higher minimum table limits, and those old VLT’s from Newport Grand, moved.

  2. Joan and Binbin: I agree – Tiverton is a joke currently, and Newport was beautiful. But it was hard to get to Newport from Boston – really far away. Hopefully, they will really do something good with Tiverton now that it’s there and the reality is Newport is gone. I agree, the machines were horrible at Tiverton when I went, but hopefully they will throw themselves into improving it.

  3. Thanks for your comment Joan. I hope you realize NETimeGambling has no affiliation with Tiverton. That said, I wish Newport Grand would have been allowed to have table games. But when only Twin River was, that was the beginning of the end. Thanks again, Joan.

  4. Tiverton is a joke. Should of left the casino in Newport. Tiverton is much closer for me but the new machines you put in are really bad. You did away with a lot of the Top Prize Keno and have one little area. Newport was loaded with them. Big mistake.

  5. Well, hopefully, SOMEDAY, we can actually meet there after this pandemic is over and check it out for ourselves! Thanks for keeping up the postings and keeping us all apprised!

  6. You know, if you told me they were going to buy Bally’s AC, I would have thought you were kidding. Maybe the demand will be there in 2021? The demand isn’t there now, but your guess is as good as mine. Thank you so much for following us. You are definitely our super fan. 🙏🏻 👸

  7. I think it’s bigger than just Rhode Island. Twin River Worldwide Holdings, their owner, has been expanding across the country. They know TR’s reputation as a so-so property. But after buying Bally’s in AC, I think they want to clean up their flagship in Lincoln. That’s just my opinion.

  8. Thank you for this update! But Binbin – they should be reading your blog! I don’t think there is enough demand for this, do you? The area is beautiful, but with Encore in Everett and Foxwoods and Mohegan in CT, what’s left for something that probably can’t rise to that level ever in RI?

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