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We are back and refreshed with a clear vision of casino gambling in New England. (well, kinda) It’s Super Bowl Weekend!  Why not start NETimeGambling 2.0 with some culture, some class, and some…..poetry? It’s time for another poetry parody – ‘Twas The Night of Super Bowl LIV.

But first about NETG 2.0. There is a lot of gambling news brewing in New England. This coming week you can expect two posts. First I will review the new Bar Top Aristocrat machine with Slots, Video Keno and Video Poker. Second, with Valentine’s Day approaching, a review of New England Casinos and their Valentine’s Day Promotion.  We will also be preparing monthly promotion lists, our site menu updates and much more. Our goal is two quality posts per week.

So, let’s make our return easy.  We’ll refresh our own version of the famous Christmas Poem ” ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas” for 2020. Apologies to Clement Clarke Moore, author, and of course, Santa Clause.

‘Twas The Night of Super Bowl LIV

(The Anticipation)

‘Twas the night of the game, when all thru the country,

Everyone was stirring, except for the poultry;

The wings were all sought with culinary care,

In hopes that B-Dub take-out would soon be there;


With Chiefs Fans & Niner Fans all nestled in their chairs,

Visions of Touchdowns is all that they shared

Mama in her T-shirt, and I in my Hat,

We just settled into our recliners – how about that.


Here come the Chiefs!
Here come the Chiefs!

When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,

Out of the tunnel ran the Chiefs in full gear! 

With Andy Reid bringing up the rear,

After 50 years, Chiefs fans knew this was the year.


More rapidly out of that tunnel they came,

As the announcers shouted, and call’d them by name:

“There’s Hill, there’s Kelce, and Watkins behind 

There’s Mahomes leading them, he’s one of a kind.


Then cheers for the Forty-Niners, their defense so mean, 

Could be their best since Super Bowl 16 

On Sherman, On Kittle, On Samuel, and Jimmy “G”

Jimmy G
Yup, the one that got away.

San Fran’s success depends, we agree


(Is He the G.O.A.T.?)

As I drew in my head, and was turning around,

Out on the field came Montana with a bound.

He was in great shape, he had played for both teams, 
His Team of the 80’s was his Niner regime!


Two great teams with the biggest of names.

Two great teams, the biggest of games

As the teams assemble for the coin toss below

I thought “Half-time features Shakira and J-Lo!


I stood from my recliner, my hand over my heart

Super Bowl 54 was now about to start.

The moon on the breast of the lush field of green,

Gave the luster of excellence the league had already seen


You see, this was new – it was usually Patriots before

Now, two new teams assured not to bore!

When out from Hard Rock, in the heart of Miami

It was our National Anthem, sung by Demi

Demi Lovato
Demi Lovato


Now, this variation of that poem was made by a Fan,

who loves his Patriots as much as he can.

But I agree, it’s time for a change

After all, two new powerhouse teams is a great exchange.


Sit back and enjoy the festivities of the game

Food, Drink and Football is about to become insane

May all of your parties be pleasant and all your emotions be light

“Happy Super Bowl 54 to all, and to all a good night.”


Happy Big Game from NETG.  We’re Back!

New England Casino Coverage!
New England Casino Coverage!


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