Try N.E.TimeGambling’s “Betting & Bonus” Match’em Quiz

th (65)How much do you know about all of the casino games?  Many of us play certain games, but not all of them.

yoga maleMatch the game to the bet or bonus. See how many of these you can match.  The teacher in me made this match ’em quiz with more questions than answers, so some of these answers will be repeated.  Answers will be provided tomorrow.  Good luck!

Quick hit_____________                 A. Blackjack

Fire bet ______________                B. Craps

Three card straight______                  C. Sports Betting

Double up____________                  D. Poker

Surrender ____________                  E. Horse Betting

Big blind_____________                   F. Video Poker

Pick six ______________                  G. Bingo

Over / under ___________                 H. Slot Machine

Flop________________                     I. Pai Gow Poker

Quick quad____________                   J.Roulette

Picnic table ____________                 K. 3 Card Poker

Fortune bonus__________

Perfect pairs___________

Street bet_____________

Super times pay_________


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