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Skip Hughes was inducted into the Video Poker Hall of Fame in 2006. He was incredibly important to recreational and advantage VP players alike – actually more important to the latter. As an expert video poker player. Skip’s writings are more oriented toward the recreational rather than professional player. Here are a few things we are grateful for that had a direct connection to Skip’s work:

  • He was the founder of the VPMail Video Poker Mailing List which pioneered internet communication among members of the video poker community.
  • He producing strategy cards for players in 1997.
  • He later released “Frugal Strategy Cards” in cooperation with Jean Scott and Jim Wolf designed for recreational players who aim to win. They were the easiest to read, learn and to use at that time.
  • Hughes coined the phrase “Not-So-Ugly” deuces video deuces to differentiate it from full pay deuces. Full-pay deuces pays back 100.76 percent with perfect play strategy, while the ugly versions only pay back 98.91 percent and less.
  • He published a monthly magazine, named “Video Poker Player,” together with John Kelly, which was delivered via e-mail as a subscription. VPP included information on where the best machines were found, and dedicated sections to Las Vegas and Atlantic City.
  • He developed the early video poker forums and communities.

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Skip Hughes passed away in March, 2010 and many of his innovations have influenced video poker players for over twenty years. As a follower of many VP Hall-of-Famers, I am grateful for the legacy of Skip Hughes. Our beginning of a Video Poker week is dedicated to Skip Hughes  I hope you enjoy our Monday Link from :

Tribute to the original founder of – Skip Hughes


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