Three Reality Checks For Recreational Gamblers

“Three Reality Checks For Recreational Gamblers” will change your casino experience for good. It’s is inspired by a self-help book that applies to recreational gambling. “Why Your Life Sucks” by Alan H. Cohen enquires about life’s “wake-up calls” to enjoy life. It’s a funny, informative book and helps you re-evaluate the choices you have made.

Another losing gambling session?

After reading it, (not that life sucks during the pandemic or anything), I felt that Alan H. Cohen’s outlook might help recreational gamblers. I asked myself, “how many people leave the casino grumpy as if losing at the casino is a huge surprise.”  Subsequently, here are Three Reality Checks For Recreational Gamblers.

Does Your Gambling Experience Ever Suck?

If you answered “yes,” maybe it’s because you don’t embrace the gambling industry’s realities. Take a look at your casino trips differently with these three suggestions.

Three Reality Checks For Recreational Gamblers

1) “Fortune isn’t something that happens to you, it is something you create”

“You can’t win if you don’t play.” Many recreational gamblers think each visit entitles them to a winning session. As a result, players leave the casino disappointed, unhappy, or even angry at the casino. But some things will enhance your visits.

As a rule, know your games and the best strategy for them. Taking advantage of free play and multiplier days. These advantages increase the “fun” value with potential longer & more profitable sessions. However, the most important advice to limit your session’s “suckiness” is don’t overplay your bankroll to gain higher status. Keep to your bankroll.

Thanks, Vito.

Cousin Vito’s Podcast always ends with a quote from Vito’s cousin and personal “friend” Roman Statesman Seneca. Believe it!

2) Don’t Chase Your Losses, Be Prepared and Accept The House Edge

Don’t get involved in the dark side of gaming. The gambling industry is a business, and businesses must make money.  As a result, you’re not entitled to win.  The house edge is a reality to ensure the industry’s success. Don’t expect perks that you don’t earn, and don’t expect the casino to insure your winning because you’re a good customer. Expect losses and accept the cyclic patterns of winning and losing.

Stop thinking conspiracy. The house advantage is built-in due to math and probability. Believing myths and superstitions to make yourself the poor victim only takes away from a positive experience.

Don’t Get caught in Gambler’s fallacy. It’s the gambler’s variation of the law of averages. Don’t make the false assumption that if a certain event/effect occurs repeatedly, the opposite is bound to occur soon. Don’t chase losses because you are “due” to hit something. It’s not true.

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3) Your Viewpoint of Your Session Is What Counts

“Yes, your thoughts betray you.”

Darth Vadar, Return Of The Jedi

“Search your feelings; you know it to be true.” That may be true with your feelings at the end of your casino visit. You can choose to enjoy and learn from the experience or complain. Complaining makes you the victim of the big bad casino again. Making yourself miserable with those around you make you that “no-fun” guy.

Want to be asked back with your family and friends? Be as positive as possible. Enjoy the wins. Laugh at the losses and chalk it up to “maybe next time.”

By the way, enjoy the excitement of breaking even – yes even. By breaking even, you’ve beaten the house advantage. If you play for a few hours and break-even, you’d had free entertainment, accumulated rewards points, and probably had a free beverage or more. Thus, you win.

Embrace the Math, Not the Myth.

Now, back to the casino. But this time, don’t let your feelings betray you. Go with the flow.