The Zipline “HighFlyer” at Foxwoods

It was time to try the Zipline “HighFlyer” at Foxwoods. It was way overdue but well worth the wait. First, you must know the staff is excellent. Special thanks to my HighFlyer friend Shelby. She makes the experience terrific. With a clear and specific explanation, she welcomes you, calms you (if you need it), and gives you all the info you need for the next thrilling half-hour of your life. Thanks, Shelby!

Zipline staff at Foxwoods
Shelby from HighFlyer

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The Journey Begins

After making your appointment online or in person, you meet more of the staff at the Fox Tower casino entrance, where the Zipline desk is situated. Then, you follow the staff to the Fox Hotel to take the elevator to the 30th floor. This is when you notice some getting restless, second-guessing if they should have planned to take the plunge.

Relaxing before the ride

On the 30th floor, you get fitted with your harness. Then, for your safety and entertainment, a two-minute video of what to expect and how to prepare for stopping at the end.

Now, the harness apparatus is quite bulky. It makes the smallest of humans walk like the Hulk. But, they add the heavy connection to the Zipline itself before going up two more floors.

Now, it’s time to walk up two more floors with all your gear. When I reached the top, I was ready to sit in my harness and catch my breath!

Was It Worth It?  

Absolutely. The only thing that would have made it perfect would have been the fabulous New England foliage, but I didn’t want to wait any longer in the season.

It’s a relaxing ride… up to 50MPH. Surrounded by the woods of Mashantucket, you slow down and land abruptly but safely near the Pequot Museum. The staff helps you down, takes pictures, and directs you back to the shuttle to take you back. Comments on the shuttle ranged from “That was awesome” to “I’m going to do that again someday.”  I concur.

NETimeGambling is represented. An excellent experience, indeed!

Important InfoThe Zipline “ HighFlyer” at Foxwoods.

Hours of Operation are Weather Permitting350 Feet High Almost One Mile Long

CALL: 860-312-3597 for dates and times.
LOCATION: The Fox Tower

A complimentary shuttle service for riders and spectators will run between The Fox Tower and the Pequot Museum.

For all the information and some videos to watch, go to the website HighFlyerZipline.


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