The “War For The Soar” with Mohegan Lock It In Challenge


The “War For The Soar” with the Mohegan Lock It In Challenge is a particular post by a long-time friend of NETimeGambling, Joe Freda. The offer designates a specific four-day period in which your current Momentum player status tier can remain achieved without further visits. Before the pandemic, it hadn’t been offered but was a favorite among Mohegan Sun players. 

In my case, it would have taken earning 500 points over the four days to lock in Soar status, the highest published level of Mohegan Sun’s five tiers. However, Joe is a little more significant player than I am and is in Soar Status. His report is as follows.

The “War For The Soar” with Mohegan Lock It In Challenge
Mohegan Sun’s Momentum Players Club

Setting the Stage

The Soar status usually takes 4000 status points over six months to achieve for the next six months. This is still quite an undertaking, even with scattered double or triple-status promotional days. Recall only reaching it once a few years ago. Since then, I have had the second-highest level, Ascend.

The same four-day period also featured several overlapping comps. T further enhance the visit,  Mohegan Sun offered me a $500 free bet, $300 of Players Perks, and a coveted Sky Suite stay. W le gambling is not on the minds of many as the holiday season approaches; it can be an excellent time to strike with casino offers!

The challenge of obtaining 500 points over this span would be hefty. I needed proper planning and bankroll management. I only had two free days, so I faced lengthy action without going bust.

Early struggles in my “War For The Soar.”

I opted to start with some commission-free Pai Gow Poker to conserve for the long haul. Commission-free Pai Gow Poker has a low variance. Pushes happen at over a 40% rate, which makes it your best chance for your money to last. You can also set your hands more conservatively, playing for a push instead of a total win.

My $500 free bet won early and provided some breathing room. But the rest of my first night was a downward spiral of losses every hour. I even missed a Royal Flush progressive payout of $2900 by not paying the game’s $5 side bet. While t at may sound disappointing, playing an extra $5 a hand through a more extended trip like this would have lost back almost all of that.

I lasted until 5 am in that session for 188 status points. I was s ill, down 75% of what I came with to Uncasville’s mothership. It was back to the Sky Suite for some rest, room service, and planning the strategy for the rest of the visit.

“Soar-ing” back and enjoying the ride.

As the next day of action approached, I opted to tighten the risk further. I split my wager into two hands of Pai Gow. This would allow my average bet to be still high enough to get the points needed but lessen the chance of sharper drops money-wise.

I knew it would take a lot of time, but my luck was holding serve well out of the gate. I played two hands. Typically, it’s tougher to surge upward. I was playing two hands at a time. But, I managed to double my stake after the first couple of hours. Even with more chips, I remained conservative in the betting style, so I could still last long.

I reached a good stopping mark as the clock struck at 2 am. I had won back 70% of what was lost the night before. I checked status points, knowing there was only a four-hour window left in the “Lock It In” period. Thankfully, I reached a total of 495 points and just needed a few more!

The “War For The Soar” with Mohegan Lock It In Challenge

Finishing It Off

I finished the night with video poker in the “Hall Of Lost Tribes” and curled up to a “9/6 Jacks Or Better” machine. In this mini-session worth seven status points, the gods of “quads” came through with four of a kind twice. It felt nice to end with some extra winnings after all I had been through.

The next day, Mohegan Sun sent me a mailer. Mohegan Sun had extended my Soar status thanks to achieving 502 points. I also enjoyed using the rest of my “Players Perks” in picking up an Under Armor hoodie from Denali. I also picked up a couple of hats at the soon-closing Margaritaville restaurant.

I ended up losing about 10% of my bankroll over the trip. But, the overall experience and comps achieved made this a memorable one. I felt five-star service the whole time and looking forward to another six months of Soar benefits. That’s the Mohegan Sun way!

Today’s guest post is from NETG gambling friend Joe “Reload” Freda. Joe has supported NETimeGambling from the very beginning. He brings tried and true tips on maintaining a high level of gambling. For the past two decades, Joe has been a vid gambling writer covering casino and sports wagering. Freda can be rea ed at or through Twitter (@ReloadSports). While this post w released last year, Joe’s approach is sound. After reading this, you might want to approach it next time it comes around.