The Ultimate Truth About Casino Players Cards

players-clubIt amazes me to see people sinking their money into a machine with out having a card inserted in the card reader. I sometimes ask people why they don’t use a card and have received several different answers.  The other day, someone was spouting off every slot myth in the book – “teaching” everyone around him, whether they cared or not.  However, the biggest sin of this whole escapade was that he had taken out his card to “get a bonus” for nearly 10 minutes.  His bet was over $8.00 a whack!  Just think of the comps he missed out on due to his “Casino Paranoia.”  That was the most foolish thing he could’ve done.

Anyway, all of the following I was told at one time or another and are completely false, with an explanation why:

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“I don’t play enough to earn anything.” You would be surprised to see how quickly points can add up.  Take advantage of multiplier days to increase your points and tier status.

“When I use my card the machine knows and doesn’t pay off.”  There is no connection between the card reader and the slot machine. There is NO WAY that using a card will affect the way a machine pays. They are two separate systems.

download (4)“I don’t want to give out my address to the casino.”  The casino cannot send you any promotions if they don’t have your address.  Some high rollers without their players club card at tables so they stay anonymous.  But as face recognition software gets better, even that may become difficult.

“I take my card out and I get a bonus – explain that!” Again, there is no connection between the card reader and the slot machine. There is NO WAY that using a card will affect the way a machine pays.

lasjw_casino_playersClub“Playing with your slots club card decreases your chances of winning.” The theory is that the casinos want you to win less in order to recoup the perks and rebates that you receive from playing with the slot machine club. The reality is that the amount of money returned is negligible, and the casinos don’t mind paying it.  Your perks depends on your theoretical value.  Click on the following link to see a previous post explaining Average Daily Theoretical.

“When I use my card, I never win. The machine knows and it doesn’t pay off.” Although a very interesting and popular myth, this is absolutely false. The notion that using a casino club card lowers the odds of winning is a big misconception, and quite frankly illegal.  Remember, the players club software is a different system and does not have a connection to the Random Number Generator working in the machine.

download (5)“The slot machine can tell the difference between playing maximum and minimum.” That’s why I take out my card when I change my bet.”  The number of coins played has no effect on whether or not the winning symbols will line up. It only determines how much you will win or lose. Many players will vary the number of coins they play per spin because they believe there is a pattern that can make them winners. Some players will even cash out during their playing sessions so the machine will “Think” a new player has started playing. Slot machines are computers and there is no way they “know” when a new player starts playing. The RNG is continuously running and is used to select the next win or loss. It is not linked to the to the coin receptor so varying your coins or cashing out and starting again will not help you win.  However….know the machine you’re playing.  Some extra bonus symbols are added, or some winning combinations are not available at certain denominations.  Still, not connected to the players card.


“Using a player card enables the casino to report my winnings to the IRS.” The fact is, it makes no difference. If you win $1,200 or more they will report it either way. If you have a net losing year, which you probably will, at least the casino will have evidence of it. Such annual win/loss statements may be used as evidence to declare offsetting loses to jackpot wins.

Play sensible, play with knowledge, and play with your Players Card in the card reader.



4 thoughts on “The Ultimate Truth About Casino Players Cards

  1. binbin415 says:

    Thank you for your opinion and congratulations on all your wins. Tell me more. What denominations do you play? What games are you getting so many handpays? What evidence other than your personal experience (which is a small scientific sample) can you give us? Which casino do you visit?

  2. Michelle l Visconte says:

    It is definitely a rigged system! What person in the casinos to win 22-50 handpays in one Night? Only me! They use me for entertainment because of the excitement I put off! They know I’m going to give it back my machine goes off like crazy! No doubt in my mind that it is great to be like that the one Casino around the US this happened how much link together

  3. binbin415 says:

    Thank you for your input. Let me understand why you think so. Give us more details. I’m always happy to learn something from “someone.”

  4. Anonymous says:

    You are so wrong!!! It’s a rigged system. You can bet on that.

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