The Ultimate Truth About Casino Players Cards & Slot Machines

It disappoints me when I see people not using a Rewards Card. I sometimes ask people why they don’t use a card. The answers boggle my mind. So here are the truths and myths about these little plastic cards. Here is The Ultimate Truth About Casino Players’ Cards & Slot Machines.

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Myths About Players’ Cards & Slot Machines

I hope you don’t believe in any of the following:

  • “I don’t play enough to earn anything.” Rewards points can add up quickly. Take advantage of multiplier days and other promotions to increase your points and tier status.
  • “When I use my card, the machine knows and doesn’t pay off.” There is no connection between the card reader and the slot machine. They are two separate systems.
  • “I don’t want to give out my address to the casino.” But unfortunately, the casino needs your address to mail your promotions.  
  • “I take my card out and get a bonus – explain that!” But, again, there is no connection between the card reader and the slot machine. So the Random Number Generator takes care of the winning – and losing.
  • “Playing with your slots club card decreases your chances of winning.” The myth is that the casinos want you to win less, so insert your card, and they can change your winning percentage. But, again, the RNG (Random Number Generator ) takes care of the machine’s payout. The notion that using a casino club card lowers your odds of winning is a big misconception and, quite frankly, illegal.
  • “Using Your Player’s Card Shows can change my comps!” – Well, yes – but not as you may think. Your perks depend on your theoretical value. Without using the card, comps are nearly impossible for recreational gamblers. “Discretionary Comps” – complementaries handed out by management staff – rarely exist.


More Crazy Talk -The Ultimate Truth About Casino Players Cards & Slot Machines

The Ultimate Truth About Casino Players Cards & Slot Machines
  • “The slot machine can tell the difference between playing a maximum and a minimum.” I take out my card when I change my bet.” The number of coins played does not affect whether or not the winning symbols will line up. It only determines how much you will win or lose. Many players will vary the number of coins they play per spin because they believe a pattern can make them winners. Some players will even cash out during their sessions, so the machine will “think” a new player has started playing. Slot machines are computers; there is no way they “know” when a new player starts playing. The RNG continuously runs and is used only to select the successive win or loss.
  • “Using a player card enables the casino to report my winnings to the IRS.” The fact is, it makes no difference. If you win $1,200 or more on a slot machine, they will report it anyway because of your signature paperwork. So check tax rules and use your annual win/loss statements to offset losses to jackpot wins when possible. But, of course, you declare your winnings, don’t you?

When Should I Not Use My Rewards Card?

Some high rollers play without their rewards cards at tables, staying anonymous. They are called “refusal” players.

You might stop in and play substantially less than your ‘typical’ session for the rest of us. On those days, don’t play with your card. On these short plays, you want no record of small play. Otherwise, use your card all the time.

Ticket In, Ticket Out! TITO
Ticket In, Ticket Out! TITO

You are staying at a casino hotel, rated at $300/day. On the last day before you catch your flight, don’t play small with your card on the last. It hurts your Average Daily Theoretical (see above). Changes in your ADT will diminish your comps.

Beware of small plays or “no-gambling” days at the casino. Playing your free slot play and walking away with whatever you made will have terrible consequences on your ADT. That includes walking in, swiping your card, and walking out. It’s still considered a “no-gambling” day.

Ultimate Truth About Casino Players Cards & Slot Machines.
Casinos expect you to stay and play after you swipe!

Beware of Chasing Comps

Please Note – One of the most common mistakes in gambling involves chasing comps. Far too many players think they should continue gambling to earn a specific reward or tier status. The critical thing to realize here is that the rewards are never worth the theoretical losses you’ll spend to reach them. So don’t do anything that encourages you to gamble beyond your means. That $100 “free” buffet will never really feel worth it.

Play sensibly, play knowledgeably, and play responsibly with your Players Card.