Casino players have their quirks. But some are downright annoying. These habits can easily distract your play. So what do casino guests do that annoy YOU at the casino? Here are more of my pet peeves, THE TOP 10 ANNOYING GAMBLERS. Let’s see if you agree:

Annoying Gambler Habits in the Land of Slot Machines

#1 Rewards Card Controllers

Guess what? It doesn’t do anything but take time. The rewards card reader is not connected to the RNG.

In and out, in and out…

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#2 Slot Button Trickster

Ever play next to a slot player who has to hit all the buttons before they play? It’s like they think it’s a musical instrument, or maybe they are trying to fake out the machine.

#3 Machine Touching Influencer

People who rub, punch, and all but lick the slot screen to force their luck upon the outcome. Why do they do it? Their crystal ball must have told them to!

I don’t have pet peeves like some people. I have whole kennels of irritation.

Whoopi Goldberg


#4 Machine Slappers

Guests slap the buttons so hard that everyone hears it. Slot players are no exception to this, either. These gamblers will break the machine before they break their hand. Exasperated about your play – take a chill pill in the lounge.

#5 Video Poker “Ploppies”

Players who sit at the Video poker bar and don’t play. Leave these seats for the players.

Pet Peeves at Casino Tables

#6 Blackjack Bullies

Some blackjack players get upset when someone else doesn’t play the perfect strategy. Due to the pandemic, it’s hard enough to find a $10 – $25 table these days. Hey, big shot bully, play with the serious players at the $50+ table if you’re so good.

Another annoying player you are almost definitely guaranteed to come across in a land-based casino. They know it all. There will always be one player who thinks they know everything about every game and only their advice is the right advice. 

Sharon Davies, Ask Gamblers

#7 The Time-Wasting Dice Controller

Craps players who have a 5-minute ritual before rolling the dice. Hey, “expert dice controller,”  move it along, please. (Unless you’re making us money, take all the time you want.)

So, roll them already!

Finally, the last TOP 10 ANNOYING GAMBLERS

#8, The Roulette Streaker

Roulette players tell others what to play because the previous roll sign shows streaks or patterns. Listen carefully. Every roulette roll of the die these days is one solitary bet, not connected to previous or future plays. Patterns are made imprecise for the human need to predict the casino’s future events.

#9 The Entitled Guest

Players who ask pit bosses for discretionary comps after a short play. Handing out a free buffet voucher these days is as rare as the Cleveland Browns winning the Super Bowl. You get one through the points on your rewards card if you’ve earned one.

#10 The Loud Winner

Top 10 LIST of Annoying Gambler Habits
Yeah, I won $5!

People scream, shout, and jump up and down when they hit almost any win. Often, it’s a small win on a slot machine that doesn’t even return their bet. They’re excited, and it’s ok – but still annoying.

Come on, we all love to brag. Who doesn’t want to when they’ve just won a jackpot. But there’s bragging and then there’s bragging. There’ll always be the one who is shouting across the casino what they’ve just won and telling everyone their business.

Sharon Davies, Ask Gamblers


Of course, some of the previous annoyances are positive experiences for the player, like winning and celebrating it loudly.

I’d love to hear from you. What bothers you while you play? I’m sure we could make this list into 20 or even thirty. So comment and add to the list!

That’s all for now.