The New England Casino Awards – Official Results


All I can say is – Very Interesting!

We are going to follow the VegasTripping model of supplying the Popular Vote and our own Editor’s Choice.  We win only include the winners, however.

Tomorrow’s post will include the Editor’s choice, and you may be surprised to see how we feel here at NETime Gambling, after visiting all seven casinos and having stayed at all casino hotels.  Analsis on our decision will also be provided.

If you don’t agree with this year’s awards, then participate next year.  The biggest surprises below are in RED. Here is the final tally:

Mohegan Sun

Mohegan Sun Is the Big NECA Winner for 2016.


BEST HOTEL——-1. Mohegan Sun, 2. Foxwoods, 3. Hollywood Bangor

BEST BARS——–1. Mohegan Sun, 2. Foxwoods, 3. Hollywood Bangor

BEST NIGHT CLUB/LOUNGE———- 1. Shrine (Foxwoods);                                   2. (tied) SoundStage-Hollywood, Avalon-Mohegan Sun, Bow & Arrow-Mohegan Sun, Lounge at NewportGrand, Shipyard Pub-Twin River

BEST DINING OPTIONS——–1. Mohegan Sun, 2. Foxwoods,                                 3.(tied) Hollywood Bangor & Twin River

BEST DINING VALUE——–1. Mohegan Sun,                                                               2. (tied) Twin River & Hollywood Bangor

BEST BUFFET——–1. Mohegan Sun, 2. Newport Grand,                                             3. (tied) Foxwoods & Hollywood Bangor

BEST LARGE ENTERTAINMENT VENUE——– 1. Mohegan Sun Arena,           2. Grand Theater at Foxwoods

BEST SMALL ENTERTAINMENT VENUE——- 1. Wolf Den at Mohegan Sun,  2. Sound Stage at Hollywood Bangor

BEST CASINO SLOTS———1. Foxwoods, 2. (tied) Mohegan Sun & Twin River

BEST VIDEO POKER——— 1. Mohegan Sun, 2. Foxwoods

BEST TABLE GAMES-——– DEAD HEAT (tied) —–Foxwoods & Mohegan Sun

BEST POKER ROOM——— 1. Mohegan Sun, 2. Foxwoods (No Twin River?)

BEST PLAYERS CLUB——- 1. Mohegan Sun, 2. Plainridge Park, 3. Foxwoods

WHERE YOU FEEL THE LUCKIEST?——– 1. Twin River,                                      2. Mohegan Sun, 3.(Tied) Oxford Casino, Maine & Foxwoods

FAVORITE SLOT MACHINE ——— Wheel of Fortune

FAVORITE TABLE GAMES ——-DEAD HEAT (tied)—-Poker, Blackjack, Craps

FAVORITE PLACE TO EAT———- 1. Hash House A Go Go at Mohegan Sun, 2.Wicked Good Bar & Grill at Twin River, 3. Tuscany at Mohegan Sun

FAVORITE PLACE TO DRINK ——— 1. Hooker Brewery, Racebook at Mohegan Sun, 2. Shipyard Pub at Twin River, 3. Wicked Good Bar at Twin River


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