Tao at Mohegan Sun – A Tale of Two Visits

When Tao opened at Mohegan Sun, waiting a month for available reservations was not unusual. Since then, Tao has been extremely popular. But this dining review is a “two-fer,” with our visits a year apart and our experiences a world apart. Tao at Mohegan Sun – A Tale of Two Visits

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Round OneFirst Visit

It was a Saturday night in 2021, and it was packed. The food was excellent and expensive. I don’t even remember our choices because I vowed never to return. Maybe the club-like atmosphere just wasn’t for me. Conversations were impossible over the loud EDM music. Staff members told us sometimes people dance at the tables later in the night. Bert and I decided it wasn’t for us. End of chapter one, but not the end of the story. Let’s continue with Tao at Mohegan Sun – A Tale of Two Visits.

Round Two – A Second Chance

It was a Monday night in 2022 and not full of guests. Our experience couldn’t have been more different than a year ago.

Atmosphere – A Tale of Two Visits

No reservation was needed for a Monday night, although it filled up quickly by 8:00. Everything about the service, the background music, and the food were terrific, but the night star was the Asian-fusion cuisine.

We each ordered an appetizer and shared an entree. It all came together as requested, but let’s start with the appetizers.

Tao ‘Tizers

Bert ordered the Imperial Vegetable Egg Roll stuffed with wild mushrooms, cabbage, and snap peas. The wrapper was thin and crispy, substantial enough to hold the delicious filling. It came with two sauces, a sweet dipping sauce, and mustard with some serious heat. This is a terrific appetizer and even better as an entree.

The Binster (me) ordered Chicken Wing Lollipops served with peanuts, Thai basil, and a sweet and sour glaze. Chicken Lollipops? Yes, the meatiest part of the chicken wing. It is delicious. The sweet glaze is slightly overpowering, but this is the most popular Tao appetizer for a reason – it’s outstanding!

Not Your Ordinary Fried Rice

We shared the Triple Pork fried rice. This dish is a large portion of delicious fried rice with copious amounts of pork belly, BBQ roast pork, and Chinese sausage. Yum.

Our Just Desserts

The finale to our culinary experience was a dessert that was as pleasing to the eye as much as pleasing to the pallet. The Potted Carrot Cake looked so true to its name I didn’t know if I should bring it home to plant it. It is a work of art served with vanilla cream, miso caramel, and candied micro carrots. The orange pot you see in the picture is made of thin, delectable white chocolate.

Summary – Tao at Mohegan Sun – A Tale of Two Visits

What a difference a day makes. I think it’s simple. Want that exciting, pounding-bass party atmosphere? Visit on the weekend. But, if you’re looking for a casual night, visit early in the week. Either way, you’ll enjoy outstanding Asian fusion cuisine.


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