Casino Projects – Wynn Boston Harbor, Mashpee First Light and Brockton Fairgrounds, oh my! – Part #3

Part #3 – Our final look at Massachusetts’s Casino “Explosion in the East.” is Wynn Everett, or now called “Wynn Boston Harbor.”

“I could care less about Taunton,” Steve Wynn said, speaking at his company’s offices in Medford. “We thrive when there’s lots of activity. I’m happy to compete with any tribe and wish them all the best. ”

Wynn Boston Harbor

Wynn Boston Harbor

Bragging? Arrogance?   Not really, he’s right.  I’ve said it once and will say it again, Wynn’s complex will be the jewel of New England. That’s why Massachusetts would be much better off letting him build the casino project, now renamed Wynn Boston Harbor.  Even the name exudes the class and all encompassing excellence that we will be Mr. Wynn will present us with.

Concerning changing the name, Wynn said the name change – the casino had been referred to as Wynn Everett – works because the Mystic River feeds into Boston Harbor.

rendering of entranc at Wynn Boston Harbor

rendering of entranc at Wynn Boston Harbor

Wynn said he expected a challenge from the next door city of Somerville, which is concerned about the impact of traffic from the casino, to be dismissed relatively quickly, and said he is looking to break ground on July 1. “I’m sure that this will pass,” Wynn said.

The complex will be as amazing as Bellagio was when first introduced to Las Vegas. The following is from Seth Daniel’s article for Everett Independant:

That stuff that Steve is planning for this lavish resort includes:

Grand Foyer at Wynn Boston Harbor

Grand Foyer at Wynn Boston Harbor

  • a grand foyer that features an all-flower sculpture as one enters – a sculpture that would feature a carousel, a Ferris Wheel or a Faberge egg. Under it would be a flower design with the inspiration coming from a sea anemone.
  • two opposing crescent-shaped escaltors is the $23 million ‘Popeye the sailor man’ sculpture – purchased by Wynn specifically for the Everett property even before he had the gaming license. The curving escalators – which Wynn said cost 10 times as much as a traditional, straight escalator, curve inward and deposit one on the Mezzanine level of the resort.popeye
  • The retail portion and restaurants would branch off in both directions, but a mall type of structure would stretch out towards the Mystic River. The shops, he said, will be the same as other Wynn resorts, including Gucci, Louis Vuitton and others. One focal point within all of those grandiose pieces was the fact that there was no casino within sight.
  • The casino floor is huge, with two elevated gaming areas – one of which is likely to be the new sports bar concept that will be first unveiled at the Everett casino. The floor contains hundreds of slot stations, with gaming tables interspersed. The layout of the gaming will have segregated games, so that blackjack isn’t right next to roulette. Instead, similar games will be next to one another.

But there is still the problem of Somerville  Mayor Joe Curtatone stopping the progress with mitigation.  Is it that traffic problems will cost Somerville millions, or is it that Somerville has their hand our for a little extra cash.?

Sullivan Square Rotary

View of the Sullivan Square Rotary. (photo by Stuart Cahill) Somerville

Whatever the reason, Wynn dismissed it as just a momentary bump. Steve Wynn said he intends to break ground on his newly dubbed Wynn Boston Harbor casino in Everett by July 1, labeling the appeal of a key environmental permit that’s forced him to stall construction an “irritation” but not a significant roadblock.

Steve Wynn

Steve Wynn

In the same week, Steve Wynn also brushed off questions concerning the huge resort/casino by the Mashpee Wampanoags that will compete.  Wynn said he’s only operated in competitive markets, such as Las Vegas and Macau, and welcomes it. “I could care less about Taunton.”

While all the chaos continues in New England’s Gaming Industry, there’s one thing we can depend on – Steve Wynn will make a huge impact on New England’s gambling, retail, dining and entertainment community. Love him or hate him, Steve Wynn is success personified.


Steve Wynn’s Everett Casino Will Happen

Wynn Everett

Wynn Everett, MA

There is no doubt, Steve Wynn’s Everett Casino will happen. When it comes to making things happen in the Casino Industry, a Steve Wynn commitment is really never in doubt.  That’s why Wynn Everett is not an “IF” but a “WHEN.” Steve Wynn’s Everett Casino will happen.

Proposed Site of Wynn Everett

Proposed Site of Wynn Everett

Let’s face it, like him or not, he gets the job done.  So, when I read Erick Trickey’s article in Boston Magazine “Don’t Bet on It,” I knew he couldn’t be talking about Wynn.  It’s Steve Wynn! C’mon, man!  The fact he hasn’t gone anywhere yet means Steve-O  sees $$$. It will happen in Everett and I predict will be the Jewel of New England’s casinos. And so does Mr. Trickey, saying it’s a 1-3 bet to become a reality – even with all the cleanup involved.  A HUGE clean-up will take place – chemical waste before Wynn Everett is built and then $$$ after it’s built.

Contractors working on the area where the proposed Wynn Casino in Everett will exist. (Jesse Costa/WBUR)

Contractors working on the area where the proposed Wynn Casino in Everett will exist. (Jesse Costa/WBUR)

Barrow Believes in Project

Trickey quotes David Barrow, who has seemingly become the gaming industry Nostradamus in these here parts, saying, “Wynn has the Massachusetts Gaming Commission’s approval in hand, notes Clyde Barrow, project manager for the Northeastern Casino Gaming Research Project, so the only potential roadblock is the environmental cleanup of the site. “I think it will be built,” Barrow says. As for Boston’s opposition, Barrow asks, “To what extent is it really just an effort to negotiate a better deal?”

Wynn has already started fulfilling his obligations to state – the clean up has already begun.  This week, Wynn announced that Suffolk Construction Co., a Massachusetts company, will be the general contractor for the gambling facility being built on the site of a former chemical plant, calling the project the 3-million-square-foot project the “largest private single-phase construction project” in state history. Wynn and Suffolk say construction will create 4,000 jobs, while an additional 4,000 permanent jobs will be created when the casino opens.

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Wynn Everett, no matter how it was “given” the license, will be exciting to see and experience.  Many concerns still remain – community agreements, law suits, traffic concerns, etc.  But in five years it will be all forgotten.  Steve Wynn has a way of making the finished product speak for itself – loudly drowning out the concerns of previous years.  It’s time to embrace it – Wynn Everett is here to stay.




The New England Casino Picture Paints Many Possibilities

A picture paints a thousand words – so the saying above goes. A recent picture from the Boston Globe Staff creates the unfolding story of the New England Gambling Industry, with multiple endings. Study the picture below before reading on.


Besides the placement of working & proposed casinos in New England, this picture shows where the battle lines are drawn, or where loyalty lines may be crossed.

Geographically, potential winners and losers can be expected. Here are some random thoughts concerning the possibilities:

  1. Is it not a wonder that the Massachusetts Gaming Commission is hesitating on issuing the Region C license to Brockton?
  2. The Mashpee Wampanoag building a resort casino so close to Brockton outs Brockton between two big casino projects – Wynn Everett & Taunton.
  3. Penn National’s Plainridge Park could carve its own niche because of the lack of table games.
  4. Moving the Newport Grand to Tiverton with a hotel attached fortifies the Eastern Front for Rhode Island, and bad news for the Massachusetts casino group.
  5. The Addition of a third Connecticut Casino in the Hartford area makes the CT River battle a two horse race – however, the loyalty programs of Foxwoods & Mohegan Sun might keep CT gamblers in-state for the most part.  MGM, however, has a national MLife Rewards program that couls have value east to west.
  6. Entertainment venues are far enough apart not to compete.  Twin River, Foxwoods, Mohegan Sun, MGM Springfield and Wynn Everett probably won’t get in the way of each other concerning concert & club venues.
  7. If Maine can’t stabilize it’s two casinos so far away from southern New England, they definitely don’t need a third.

Finally, and the most important part, is the number of possible gambling option in Southern New England should cause fierce competition.  And guess who the biggest winner should be?

Well, the gambling consumer, of course.

That’s all for now.