New England Casinos – 5 Top Stories of 2017

2017 was the year that we finally started to see the future of casino gaming in the northeast. Pennsylvania is adding more casinos. New York will complete it’s 24th casino with Resorts World Catskills in 2018. Atlantic City is showing signs of recovery with the addition of Hard Rock Casino in the former Trump Taj – and just maybe Revel will be bought, renovated and opened. And, New Jersey continues to lead the fight in the world of online gaming legislature and country-wide sports betting.

In New England, things have certainly ramped up. Only one word comes to my mind when someone mentions casinos in New England – Expansion. Expansion in Massachusetts with two new casinos by 2019, expansion in Rhode Island with a new hotel and casino in Tiverton, new expansion in Connecticut, however, at this time we still don’t know exactly how much.

So, here’s a look back at 2017 in New England – casino style.


The City of Springfield, MA is preparing for a renaissance in jobs, revenue and entertainment with the opening of MGM Springfield. It’s going to be a different brick-and-mortar casino than previous MGM projects. It could be the single most important project in Springfield history, raising the Rose City up from the ashes.

MGM Springfield Casino Entrance

MGM Springfield Casino Entrance, Main Street to the left,


MGM Springfield – What City Improvements Can We Really Expect?

MGM Springfield – An “Urban” Casino

MGM Springfield Releases New Details with Local Flavor

MGMSpringfield Resort Success is Crucial For Springfield




Kathleen McWilliams, a reporter for the Hartford Courant, reported the Mohegan Tribe’s plan for the former Norwich Hospital site in Preston CT, (just across the river from the casino), would be made into a dozen amenities, including an indoor water park, a senior living center and a sports complex. This huge plan also includes include outdoor and indoor entertainment attractions, a large performing venue, time share units, retail, an RV park and marina. The plan includes restaurant space, a convenience store and gas station. A large project such as this is completely opposite from the trend in casino projects in size and dynamics. Not essentially connected to the casino part of the Tribe’s operations, it will be an overwhelming list for the town of Preston, CT.  In addition, on the casino campus, Mohegan Sun is again expending, this time in conference space.

Mohegan Expo Center, with Earth Hotel upper left.


Mohegan Sun News – Plans for Norwich Hospital Site and Mohegan Expo Center


Foxwoods celebrated it’s 25th Anniversary.  For 25 years, starting with a small bingo hall and the help of then Governor Weicker, Foxwoods has continued to be a country-wide phenomena. It is the largest casino property by square feet, it is the second largest casino area, and it includes the only covered, indoor Tanger outlet in the country. Gaming renovations have included two stadium gaming areas, offering $1 blackjack (3/2), and the continuation of one of the best poker rooms in the country. A more comprehensive move towards non-gaming amenities have included the addition of thrill rides, a zip line and race track for 2018, new restaurants, and additional night-club options. The celebration has gone on most of the year, with many giveaways and events. Here is coverage of New England’s first casino in 2017.

Foxwoods 25th Anniversary – Part 1- The Path To The Top

Foxwoods 25th Anniversary – Part 2 – The Celebration


Once again, Maine had supporters for a third casino in York County.  Once again, it was defeated. Maybe it was the fact that it seemed like a legislative scam, or that the backers could not be trusted. It started in February and continued along a sleazy path until it’s defeat in November.

Maine’s Third Casino – The Ultimate Scam Allowed by No Legislative Policy

Today’s the Day – The Vote for a Third Maine Casino


Shall we really re-kindle all of the MGM vs. MMCT news?  Well, it did monopolize much of the gaming news in both Massachusetts and Connecticut.  I guess I have to compare it to our country’s political climate – just nasty. Then there is the possibility (little to none) of a Bridgeport Casino by MGM?  or  MMCT?  or anyone else – as long as the CT agreement with the Pequots & Mohegans  is nullified. Whoo-wee, here are the top posts concerning the I-91 Battle of the Border.

The Old Showcase Cinemas, East Hartford, CT

The Old Showcase Cinemas, East Hartford, CT

East Windsor is Chosen By MMCT for CT Casino

MGM, Massachusetts, Provide Answers to Connecticut’s Casino Mess

MGM Has Mastered the Art of the Stunt – David Collins says, “Although Connecticut’s two tribal operators believe it’s part of a very elaborate bluff, an artist’s rendering of the proposed MGM Bridgeport casino, which the gaming operator says will bring 2,000 permanent jobs and a tax revenue stream of $316 million per year, has been created and presented to the state’s power brokers. (Image: MGM Resorts International)

MGM Bridgeport Casino – All The Angles

Other news included:

New Hampshire once again considered a casino, and looked into internet gaming, but nothing has yet to come of it.

Twin River Management Group finally made its plans for Rhode Island.  After Tiverton’s approval of a new TRMG Casino/Hotel in it’s town, and after they had already purchased Newport Grand, TRMG will move it’s Newport operastion to Tiverton.  They will also build a hotel at it’s flagship property in Lincoln, RI.

New England Casinos will be Increasing the number of casino Hotel Rooms By Over 30% by 2019.

Plainridge Park Casino & Raceway, a slots-only casino, continued to make progress in attracting guests and increasing revenue.

MGM Springfield is ahead of schedule for its 2018 opening. 2017 showed major progress in Springfield’s best hope for economic success.

Wynn Boston Harbor broke ground and in progressing towards a 2019 opening with great anticipation throughout the region.

Oxford Casino in Oxford Maine, finished their hotel on the premises and added another dining option – the Ox Pub.


Living in such a small part of the country with such a vibrant casino industry that is gettiing on it’s feet again after the 2007 recession certainly makes my job easy.  Next year? – more expansion, more excitement, and more bickering from the Connecticut shoreline to downeast Maine.  Happy New Year everybody.

Wynn Boston Harbor Progress – Sign Up Now For “Red Card”

Wynn Boston Harbor

Wynn Boston Harbor opening in 2019

We knew that it would take a while for the Wynn Casino Resort in Boston would take a long time to prepare even before construction started.  Steve Wynn knew better than most – he also knew the potential of this coveted Massachusetts site.

In April, after filling more than 8,800 truckloads and 4,300 rail cars over seven months, Wynn Boston Harbor finished its excavation of contaminated soil at its construction site in Everett,  “one of the largest and most complex urban construction excavations in recent New
England history.”  The resort is still expected to open in summer of 2019.

More progress was made in the legislature. As reported in the Everett Independent, “The push by Wynn Boston Harbor to include a 4 a.m. liquor license for casinos in the State Budget paid off Monday, July 17, when Gov. Charlie Baker signed off on a budget that included the special license in an “Outside Area” of the budget. The 4 a.m.-license in the budget does not yet mean Wynn is free and clear to get the extended license – which goes beyond the normal 2 a.m. closing by two hours, but requires anyone drinking in those hours to be actively playing a casino game.”

Financial analysts The Motley Fool recently reported that “Just a few quarters ago, Wynn was planning on spending $1.9 billion to $2.1 billion on building its new Wynn Boston Harbor resort, but the budget has recently expanded to $2.4 billion. Management pointed to higher-than-expected sub-contractor bidding and the addition of more convention space as reasons for the higher budget.”

Proposed Site of Wynn Everett

Site of Wynn Boston Harbor, courtesy of the Boston Globe.

At least Everett will be getting more than expected, instead of cutbacks in original plans as with another Massachusetts casino project. The site in Everett is a 10 minute ride from Logan International Airport, which along with Boston’s rich history, cuisine, shopping, and arts and entertainment options, will likely make Wynn Boston Harbor a destination for visitors from around the globe, which will also be good for all of New England.

OnlinePokerReport reports that “The Wynn Boston Harbor complex will include all the bells and whistles Wynn properties are famous for, including:

  • A five-star hotel with 671 rooms
  • 56,602 square feet of retail space
  • Ten restaurants, dining options, and bars
  • A 2,931 attached, underground parking garage on site and another 800 parking spots offsite
  • Full service spa and gym
  • A multi-use convention space
  • Outdoor space
  • An indoor garden
Wynn Everett

Wynn Everett’s Future “Greenway” connection to Mystic River – Future place to socialize outside

So, now is the time to get a step ahead of others and be on the cutting edge.  Be among the first to join the Wynn Boston Harbor Red Card program and receive the following benefits and privileges as an Inaugural Member:

Rewards Card “Red Card” for Wynn Properties, courtesy of VitalVegas

  • Members-Only Pricing and Offers to both Wynn Boston Harbor and Wynn Las Vegas
  • Exclusive Sneak Previews and Updates so you’re the first to know about what’s happening at Wynn Boston Harbor

Go to RED CARD to sign up. 2019 will be here before you know it!

Binbin – Highlights of Last Two Weeks

August has arrived, is it the end of summer?  

Well, let’s take you back a few weeks to the best received posts from the past two weeks, with a gambling riddles intertwined…… courtesy of from


July 20th – MGMSpringfield Resort Success is Crucial For Springfield

A comparison post, MGM Springfield two years ago and the present.

What did the dealer say to the deck of cards? ……..”I can’t deal with you anymore.” 

July 24th – Comped Drink Systems Is a Good Change  

Video Poker Bar

While all the other changes by corporate bean counters has me pulling out the little hair I have left, paying for drinks through play is not so bad in this blogger’s opinion.

What does a BlackJack player eat for dinner…..Whatever his comp card allows him to! 

July 25th – Wynn Boston Harbor Drinking Hours Extended With Opposition

My, My………we have seen the influence of MGM on the Massachusetts legislature and the Massachusetts Gaming Commission, now the other casino giant has gotten it’s way through the back door.

Whats the difference between online poker and live poker?…….You can cry after a bad beat online and no one will laugh at you. 



Aug 1st – Gambling Losing Streaks




Finally, a quote from Paul Newman  “If you’re playing a poker game and look around the table and can’t tell who the sucker is, it’s you”

Have a great week!


Wynn Boston Harbor Drinking Hours Extended With Opposition

Wynn Boston Harbor

Wynn Boston Harbor opening in 2019

My, My………we have seen the influence of MGM on the Massachusetts legislature and the Massachusetts Gaming Commission, now the other casino giant has gotten it’s way through the back door.

Let’s just say it, “Massachusetts looks to casino gambling as the golden goose, with MGM Springfield & Wynn Boston Harbor the two golden eggs for the states revenue woes.”

And why not?  MGM & Wynn are both giants in the casino industry and very influential.  They have been extremely successful in building some of the largest and most beautiful casino resorts in this country and around the world. What state wouldn’t want either of the two to set up house and add revenue to the state coffers?

What’s amazing is that Wynn Boston Harbor pushed to include Gov. Charlie Baker to include a 4 a.m. liquor license for casinos in the state budget.  Baker signed off on a Budget that included the special license in an “Outside Area” of the budget.  Voila!  In a state without the ability to have a “happy hour” anywhere in the state – in a state full of Puritanical “Blue Laws” in its over 250 year history – Steve Wynn has changed a long standing liquor law in one year.

Extended Drinking Until 4:00 for Casino Players

According to Seth Daniel of the Charlestown Patriot Bridge, “Local officials responded with some concerns, including Charlestown State Rep. Dan Ryan – who said this should be the beginning of a discussion with the communities around the casino, and not a “final verdict…….The 4 a.m. license in the budget does not yet mean Wynn is free and clear to get the extended license – which goes beyond the normal 2 a.m. closing by two hours, but requires anyone drinking in those hours to be actively playing a casino game. The budget item only allows the Massachusetts Gaming Commission (MGC) to grant such a casino license if it deems such a move appropriate.”

So, Wynn’s influence on Gov. Baker made it possible to drink until 4:00 a.m. as long as they are playing gambling.

Vegas is a 24 hour drinking town.

This change is expected to help Wynn & MGM compete with the other mega resorts in New England.  But Las Vegas, where you can walk to and fro at 4:00 (actually 24 hours) and not get in your car to leave is a totally different matter.

“Wynn Boston Harbor will attract tourists from across the country and around the world who are expecting a late-night resort experience,” said Bob DeSalvio, president of Wynn Boston Harbor. “This legislation allows us to deliver an enjoyable stay for guests while maximizing job creation and tax revenue to the Commonwealth. It’s important to note that the extended two-hour service is limited only to patrons who are actively playing on the casino floor and will not apply to any other restaurants and lounges located in our resort, in the City of Everett or in any of our surrounding communities.”

Opposition to this extension seems large.

  • Senator Stan Rosenberg was adamant about the unfair advantage for the casinos. “…when you talk about entertainment venues and bars and restaurants, there is some impact of it being pulled from those main street venues to the casinos.”
  • Steve Clark, the Director of Government Affairs for the Massachusetts Restaurant Association, said restaurants should also have the option of serving alcohol until 4 a.m. He said he fears that restaurants and bars could lose business to casinos, which will be able to serve alcohol (free of charge) for up to two hours after last call at most bars under the new law.
  • Boston anti-casino activist Celeste Myers said, “You now have all these people drinking all but four hours a day, filtering into the neighborhood.”

    Brian Kyes

  • Brian Kyes, the police chief in neighboring Chelsea and president of the Massachusetts Major City Chiefs of Police Association said he understands the push for more casino tax revenue, but “at what expense?” “My concern is people drinking late leaving the casino floor and getting into a motor vehicle. My concern is for public safety.”
  • Karen Locascio of Dorchester said the lack of public transportation is another drawback. “If you’re drinking at that time and you want to get home, we know the T’s not operating past two,” she said.

Future Questions Raised

How invested is Massachusetts to pleasing MGM & Wynn – and at what cost?

Will restaurants in Massachusetts be allowed the same extension of hours?

Will police departments now be forced in more expenditures for more officers, or be stretched thin to cover the added concern for drunk driving?

Will this be further discussed in legislation and by the MGC to 1) give individual towns control over implementation, 2) examine the effects of such a change?


Crazy Alcohol Laws in Massachusetts

In a state where: (according to “Weird Laws in Massachusetts” )  It is illegal in The Commonwealth of Massachusetts to scare a pigeon” and “Tomatoes may not be used in the production of clam chowder,” where does Massachusetts stand on alcohol sales.  Here are some crazy Mass. laws concerning drinking:

  1. Stores still can’t sell booze before 10am on Sundays. Even Champagne!
  2. Boston bartenders will frown at you if you try to order group refills. One person can’t get more than two drinks at once.
  3. As recently as 2000, there were a full twenty dry towns where drinking was not able to be bought.
  4. Massachusetts forbids businesses from promoting booze with happy hour promotions.

Which brings us full circle to the 4:00 a.m. extension.  Let’s see how much influence Wynn & MGM actually have.


Wynn Boston Harbor – The Jewel of New England Casino Resorts

Wynn EWynn Boston Harbor Everett, Massverett Resort Everett, Mass

Wynn Boston Harbor Everett, Mass

I have stayed at Steve Wynn’s Resorts in Las Vegas. Both Wynn and Encore (WynCore) are extravagant.  The detail in a Wynn Resort far outshines other industry giants.  The amenities are second to none.  The gambling? – well, unless you’re a high roller, it’s not that great.  But that’s for another post when it opens in 2019!

PopyeChris Gordon, president of Wynn Design & Development in Massachusetts, said the project is on track for its planned opening date of June 3, 2019.  Joe Delaney, the Gaming Commission’s construction project oversight manager, said is “aggressive” though “achievable.”  If it can be done, Steve-o will get it done. Popeye (to he left) will be a centerpiece in the lavish main lobby of the Wynn Boston Harbor

Steve Wynn

Steve Wynn

Did you know Mr. Wynn has his roots in Connecticut? Steve Wynn was born on January 27, 1942, in New Haven, Connecticut. In 1967, he then moved to Las Vegas, where he renovated and expanded the Golden Nugget. After acquiring interests in several other casinos, he built the high-end casinos The Mirage on the Strip and The Bellagio. The 3-pronged hotel style became famous due to Steve Wynn, along with elegance, art collections in the casino, and an emphasis on the resort, not just the gambling.  In 2005, he opened the Wynn Las Vegas. A year later, he opened Wynn Macau. Wynn recently opened Encore Las Vegas and Encore Macau.

An image showed the planned interior of the casino.

An image showed the planned interior of the casino.

Now we look forward to Wynn Boston Harbor.  Located on the banks of the Mystic River on a former chemical plant site in Everett, the $2.1 billion casino development is the third largest privately financed construction project in the United States. According to Wynn, it is the largest single-phase private development in the history of Massachusetts. Wynn has cleaned up the site and built foundation walls with plans to start steel work on the 29-story tower later this year or in January, according to the company.

Wynn Las Vegas Casino

Wynn Las Vegas Casino

The plans approved by the MGC call for:

  • 671 hotel rooms
  • more than 200,000 square feet of space for retail, dining, a spa, a night club and meeting rooms.
  • a large gaming floor with high stakes rooms and a poker room overlooking it
  • a total of 4,250 gaming positions, a reduction from prior plans for 4,580 gaming positions.
  • 2,931 parking spaces on-site and 800 off-site.
  • a “small indoor pool”.  However, in the latest approval the company ditched these earlier plans to, instead, encourage guests to visit area beaches and other attractions.  (A pool should be included – beach season is only 4-5 months in New England)

In all accounts, this will become the casino that all others in New England radiate out from.  The jewel, framed, centered, in a case of various other gems, small and large.  It will be something to make gamblers across the country take notice.




Wynn Boston Harbor – Green Light Means Go!

Waste Site for the expected Wynn Casino

Waste Site for the expected Wynn Casino

Somerville & Everett Massachusetts sit side by side north of Boston, with only a river in between.  It can take 30 minutes to go up I93 from Logan to either city on a good day – about 5 – 10 miles! Last Wednesday I went to see the Red Sox beat the SF Giants, and all I can say is “Thank God for the “T” (subway.)

I can understand Somerville’s traffic concerns, but that’s where Mayor Curatone and I go our separate ways.  NETG has been pleading to get Wynn’s casino project going.  After the preliminary report earlier this week, Martin Suuberg, commissioner of the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, issued a decision Friday upholding the award of a public waterways license to the Las Vegas-based company in January.  Finally, Steve Wynn can start construction on its nearly $2 billion Boston-area casino called Wynn Boston Harbor.

Oh, did I mention that the city of Somerville already has four other legal actions pending, including a challenge to the company’s gambling license, awarded in 2014?

Instead of rehashing what has been in the paper or on the inter-web concerning the problems, let’s turn to what Wynn Boston Harbor will be in 2019. Continue reading

Wynn Everett

Wynn Boston Harbor – It’s Time Has Come

Contractors working on the area where the proposed Wynn Casino in Everett will exist. (Jesse Costa/WBUR)

Contractors working on the area where the proposed Wynn Casino in Everett will exist. (Jesse Costa/WBUR)

Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone has been a thorn in the side of Steve Wynn long enough.  And with the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) receommendation that Wynn Boston Harbor be granted a much-needed environmental permit to proceed with construction, that festering litigation may finally go away.

On Friday, Jane Rothchild, a DEP hearing official, said in a 50-page decision that the gambling operator should be given the controversial waterfront permit, only if it follows certain conditions related to the better use of the future resort’s harbor area and the provision of wider open space around the complex., for example:

  • the addition of a fishing pier
  • ferry service
  • a canoe and kayak launch
  • open space around the complex be increased to 6.5 acres, instead of the initially projected 4.5 acres
  • DEP permit’s term should be 50 years and not the 85 years proposed in the original permit from earlier this year.
Wynn Boston Harbor

Wynn Boston Harbor

But let’s remember, this waste dump of land is going to be cleaned and reformed into a gem on a peninsula that will bring Massachusetts revenue for years to come.

While Somerville Mayor Curatone may appeal his suit to the Supreme court, it seems that this DEP document could be Wynn’s final hurdle, and the late summer ground-breaking would finally occur. Although DEP Commissioner Martin Suuberg is the one to ultimately determine whether the gambling operator should be granted the waterfront development permit,  Ms. Rothchild’s recommendation bodes well for the project.

Wynn Everett

Wynn Boston Harbor Resort’s Future home

Previously, Wynn reached out to local contractors and  Chambers of Commerce and other groups, particularly to attract local businesses, minority-owned businesses, women-owned businesses and veteran-owned businesses to the upcoming bids to keep as much spending as possible close to home during their nearly three-year construction phase, particularly with minority, women and veteran-owned vendors.

Recently, on Sunday night, Wynn offered a public meeting to mark the third anniversary of the successful casino referendum vote in Everett, which happened on June 22, 2013.  Details about the slurry walls, which were used extensively in the Big Dig tunnels and are hailed as an engineering marvel, were presented, as well as:

pictures of the site, along with an explanation of what will go where.

A rough timeline was released, explaining construction steps including when the slab will be laid down, the tower completion, the weatherization of the project, the installation of the boiler, when traffic improvements will commence.

NETG will provide more information as the details of the meeting are released.



2019 Casino Landscape for New England – A Slideshow

Sit back, and enjoy pictures of our 10 New England casinos.

New England

New England

Seven exist today:

CT – Foxwoods & Mohegan Sun

RI – Twin River & Newport Grand (or Tiverton?)

MA – Plainridge Park

ME – Oxford Casino & Hollywood, Bangor

and three will be added in Massachusetts, all by late 2019.

Wynn Boston Harbor, MGM Springfield & the Wampanoag First Light

Enjoy – Binbin

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Casino Projects – Wynn Boston Harbor, Mashpee First Light and Brockton Fairgrounds, oh my! – Part #3

Part #3 – Our final look at Massachusetts’s Casino “Explosion in the East.” is Wynn Everett, or now called “Wynn Boston Harbor.”

“I could care less about Taunton,” Steve Wynn said, speaking at his company’s offices in Medford. “We thrive when there’s lots of activity. I’m happy to compete with any tribe and wish them all the best. ”

Wynn Boston Harbor

Wynn Boston Harbor

Bragging? Arrogance?   Not really, he’s right.  I’ve said it once and will say it again, Wynn’s complex will be the jewel of New England. That’s why Massachusetts would be much better off letting him build the casino project, now renamed Wynn Boston Harbor.  Even the name exudes the class and all encompassing excellence that we will be Mr. Wynn will present us with.

Concerning changing the name, Wynn said the name change – the casino had been referred to as Wynn Everett – works because the Mystic River feeds into Boston Harbor.

rendering of entranc at Wynn Boston Harbor

rendering of entranc at Wynn Boston Harbor

Wynn said he expected a challenge from the next door city of Somerville, which is concerned about the impact of traffic from the casino, to be dismissed relatively quickly, and said he is looking to break ground on July 1. “I’m sure that this will pass,” Wynn said.

The complex will be as amazing as Bellagio was when first introduced to Las Vegas. The following is from Seth Daniel’s article for Everett Independant:

That stuff that Steve is planning for this lavish resort includes:

Grand Foyer at Wynn Boston Harbor

Grand Foyer at Wynn Boston Harbor

  • a grand foyer that features an all-flower sculpture as one enters – a sculpture that would feature a carousel, a Ferris Wheel or a Faberge egg. Under it would be a flower design with the inspiration coming from a sea anemone.
  • two opposing crescent-shaped escaltors is the $23 million ‘Popeye the sailor man’ sculpture – purchased by Wynn specifically for the Everett property even before he had the gaming license. The curving escalators – which Wynn said cost 10 times as much as a traditional, straight escalator, curve inward and deposit one on the Mezzanine level of the resort.popeye
  • The retail portion and restaurants would branch off in both directions, but a mall type of structure would stretch out towards the Mystic River. The shops, he said, will be the same as other Wynn resorts, including Gucci, Louis Vuitton and others. One focal point within all of those grandiose pieces was the fact that there was no casino within sight.
  • The casino floor is huge, with two elevated gaming areas – one of which is likely to be the new sports bar concept that will be first unveiled at the Everett casino. The floor contains hundreds of slot stations, with gaming tables interspersed. The layout of the gaming will have segregated games, so that blackjack isn’t right next to roulette. Instead, similar games will be next to one another.

But there is still the problem of Somerville  Mayor Joe Curtatone stopping the progress with mitigation.  Is it that traffic problems will cost Somerville millions, or is it that Somerville has their hand our for a little extra cash.?

Sullivan Square Rotary

View of the Sullivan Square Rotary. (photo by Stuart Cahill) Somerville

Whatever the reason, Wynn dismissed it as just a momentary bump. Steve Wynn said he intends to break ground on his newly dubbed Wynn Boston Harbor casino in Everett by July 1, labeling the appeal of a key environmental permit that’s forced him to stall construction an “irritation” but not a significant roadblock.

Steve Wynn

Steve Wynn

In the same week, Steve Wynn also brushed off questions concerning the huge resort/casino by the Mashpee Wampanoags that will compete.  Wynn said he’s only operated in competitive markets, such as Las Vegas and Macau, and welcomes it. “I could care less about Taunton.”

While all the chaos continues in New England’s Gaming Industry, there’s one thing we can depend on – Steve Wynn will make a huge impact on New England’s gambling, retail, dining and entertainment community. Love him or hate him, Steve Wynn is success personified.