Foxwoods Hosts This Year’s World Series of Poker as the first stop

wsop-logoThe 2015 World Series of Poker Main Event is in full swing, but not every poker player can afford the $10,000 buy-in and transportation costs to Las Vegas plus the time off of work, no matter how much they love to play. Enter theWorld Series of Poker Circuit. Last week, the World Series of Poker released the schedule for the 2015-2016 WSOP Circuit season, which gives poker players around the country the opportunity to compete in WSOP-sanctioned tournaments at relatively affordable prices.

Largest Poker Room in New England at Foxwoods

Largest Poker Room in New England at Foxwoods

The new WSOP Circuit season will kick off August 6th at the Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut with the Main Event taking place August 15th through August 17th. All told, there will be 25 stops on the WSOP Circuit in the coming season, 19 in the United States and six in other countries.

According to Dan Katz, of Poker News Daily, “Like last season, the WSOP Circuit season will end with the WSOP National Championship, but since there are now international events, that final tourney has had its name changed to the WSOP Global Casino Championship. A total of 100 players will qualify for a free seat into the $1 million guaranteed event. 25 of those will be the Main Event winners at each WSOP Circuit stop. At each stop, there will be a dozen “ring events” which award points based on order of finish. The player at each venue who earns the most points will be dubbed the “casino champion” and will earn a free seat in the WSOP Global Casino Championship – there’s another 25 players. The other 50 free seats will go to the 50 players who earned the most points during the entire WSOP Circuit season who did not win a Main Event or claim a casino championship. If more Circuit stops are added to the schedule, an additional $10,000 will be added to the WSOP Global Casino Championship prize pool for each additional free seat.”

th (75)After going to the WSOP website, I decided that I will include it below and under Resources in my sidebar.  Not only can you see the results of the 2015-2016, but on their website you can follow the players, watch live coverage and even practice and raise your skills with tips & strategy help.

You can also play for fun with their app, available on for Ios and Android devices.

May I also suggest for beginners, enthusiasts or pros, to check out two on the links on the side:

“You Can Bet On That” – lists many poker games for home poker get-togethers, and

“Wizard of Odds” – the best resource for all poker players alike, concerning odds, strategy, and correct play.

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Resources for the Smart Blackjack Player

This weekend,  I saw an old friend and found out she loved to play blackjack – and was quite good at it.  No, I’m not a pro, nor beginner, but I enjoy playing basic strategy on low limit tables

It got me thinking in two different directions – the Do’s & Dont’s of Gambling in general, and then specifically Blackjack.  Today, I’ll look at specifically Blackjack.

Show me a non-professional blackjack player in a team, and I’ll show you 100 players with opinions and myths concerning blackjack play that vary from slight variation of advantage play to the insanely ridiculous.  As I looked for authors and articles to base the following post, I was amazed at how many so-called blackjack experts could be so wrong.  I mean, if you’re going to write about Blackjack, check with the pros.

Before I continue, I want to refer to two web sites that you should check out.

1)  The first is “The Wizard of Odds” by Michael Shakleford. It is the most all-encompassing players website you’ll find.  Matter of fact, it’s very intense and includes many articles with the mathematical facts to prove what Michael, the Wizard himself, stands by.  He includes things such as:

  • Odds and strategies for all sorts of games,
  • Gaming strategy calculators so that you can choose the rules at your casino and get the best strategy specific for that game variation
  • Gambling Info, such as casino etiquette, money management, loss probabilities, and the ten commandment of gambling
  • Free games to practice on and
  • Online gaming topics

You can find the link in the right hand column of this website.

2) “Casino City Times” ( includes strategies from the “Gambling Gurus,”  Gaming News, and a week newsletter you can sign up for.  Informative and real life articles from people associated with the gaming industry – players with years of real life experienced that  give great perspective and truth in gambling strategies, including blackjack.

3) Finally, check out “Blackjack Forum,” a community to interact with others on blackjack questions.  You must register, but it includes a free game for practice, resources, blogs, and a news sign-up.

There are many great books out there, and many apps for your devices to practice that are available – another topic for another time.

If you haven’t checked out the links to the right, check out Las Vegas Advisor.  While it does cover mostly Vegas, it includes game strategy and for those paying members forums to blackjack and the east coast casinos to ask or answer any questions you or others may have.

That’s all for now.