Super Hand Video Poker – Try It, You May Like the Excitement

Super Hand Poker

Courtesy of The Wizard of Odds website.

In the original Triple Play (or 5-, 10-, or any other multiple of hands played), the bottom hand is played like any video poker machine.  You are dealt five cards, and after you decide what to hold, you are dealt cards to finish your five-card hand.  But in Triple-Play, there is only one step to follow. After choosing your held cards, they are held in all three hands and then you draw to each hand as separate

Super Hand Poker is a new twist on Triple Play Poker where you are dealt 3 independent hands. Super Hand Poker was first introduced at the 2015 Global Gaming Expo. The only New England casino to include it at this time is Mohegan Sun.


  1. Super Hand Poker can usually be found in nickel, dime and quarter denomination.
  2. Don’t expect great paytables. Mohegan Sun had 6/5 JOB and 8/5 DDB.
  3. Without max bet, it acts like a usual Triple Play format.  Max play doubles your bet, with the extra 15 credits adding the best possible hand swap.
  4. Volatile? – yes.  Fun? I thought so. If you are dealt a Flush, FH, or 4-of-a-kind (or even a Royal), it is swapped to the bottom giving you three hands of that payout.  You could then change the hold, if, for example, you were looking for a kicker with quad aces.
  5. Any winning dealt hands are paid, and then the hand with the highest expected value is selected for the next round of play in traditional Triple Play fashion.


Mike Shackelford of The Wizard of Odds

Mike Shackelford of The Wizard of Odds

According to Michael Shackelford of the Wizard of Odds website, EV percentage is as follows:

  • 6/5 Bonus Poker – 97.8%
  • 6/5 Bonus Poker Deluxe – 95.8%
  • 10/8 Deuces, with both Full house and 4OAK = 4  – 97.48%
  • 6/5 DDB – 95.00
  • 8/5 DDB ( at Mohegan Sun) 97.00%

According to the Wizard, “You can never go wrong with accepting the game’s determination of the best hand to put on the bottom. Sometimes it will be a tie, in which case you can switch with an equal hand, but it will neither help nor hurt you. For which cards to keep and discard, you may use conventional video poker strategy.”


Here’s how it works:

Three independent hands are initially dealt. Notice when all three hands are dealt the best possible hand was at the top.

With max bet, the game picks the best of the three hands and swaps it to the bottom.  Now, the best hand is the beginning hand for the draw an hold, with the option of swapping another hand.  Much like Dream Card Poker, the best hand choice is consistently correct, as far as I noticed with strategy for JOB and Double Double Bonus.  The game will automatically put the best starting hand, as measured by expected value, on the bottom.

Notice above, you get paid for any made hand on the draw before holding for the Triple Play draw.  Below you see the Kings were held, followed by the draw and the final payoff of hands, ending the game.



I had a blast playing this game.  It is slow due to the additional steps to complete play.  If game you are looking for a full-pay, grind it out type of video poker, don’t bother.  But sometimes gambling is about the fun and the expectation of a big payout. Should it replace $1 Full Pay JOB for serious play at Mohegan Sun? No.

But like I said, it was fun. Try it – and if it drains your bankroll quickly but you still want high volatility, play Powerhouse Poker or Super Draw 6 Card Poker in the same row, Earth casino.

That’s all for now.  Tomorrow we take a look at some upcoming promotions for the Kentucky Derby!




Video Poker Players – Practice Before Your Visit

It was a dark, cold and dreary night in New England.  Over 400 Video poker players were present for a Tournament that would go on, on, …into the night.  It was intense, it was stressful, it was……

Who am I kidding, it was just a video poker tournament……

Video Poker Machines at Mohegan Sun

Video Poker Machines at Mohegan Sun

Ok, so actually, it was a nice peaceful event, with good food that lasted from 8 – 11:00 pm.  But, while this was not my first VP tournament, it was different in one very important aspect – I won money!  Tenth place out of the ten paying spots, with over 400 people invited!  Ya-hoo!

While the payout was small, the badge of honor of winning after years of practicing paid off.  Yes, you read correctly – I practice.  I prepare three video poker games constantly – Jacks or Better, Bonus Poker, and Double Double Bonus Poker.  I have been practicing for years because as we all know, Video Poker does involve skill and luck.  Correct strategy goes beyond basic strategy. Knowledge of penalty cards, strategy changes according to games but different pay table (just ask any deuces wild player about that), and other nuances that might buy a few extra hands to try for that illusive Royal Flush is essential for keeping your bankroll intact.

(Did I tell you I won?)

Strategy cards are available and legal.

Anyway, this post is to suggest resources to practice video poker.  Someone I have been in contact with and is one of the leading gambling strategy gurus, John Grochowski.  In one of the many publications he writes for, John suggested these software programs to help improve your strategy and speed. ” As for software, at different times on different computers, I use Bob Dancer’s Video Poker for Winners, Jean Scott’s Frugal Video Poker and Dean Zamzow’s WinPoker. All can be set for different games and pay tables and will alert you when you are making mistakes. Video Poker for Winners and Frugal Video Poker will generate strategy tables. WinPoker doesn’t do that, but I find it the easiest to use when I need to adjust to a pay table that’s not one of the basics already included on the software.”

I would like to also add the website,  which allows you to play the newest video poker games free and for a paid upgrade you can learn best strategy, and get other perks such as no advertising.  An app I use on my devices is called “Video Poker and Perfect Play Trainer” by Robert Suh.  I love it because you can change the paytables and it’s easy to use.

So, practice, practice, practice.  It has helped me become an accurate and fast player.  By the way, the staple to any VP beginner’s book library would be John Grochowski’s “The Video Poker Answer Book.”  It’s a great place to start.

Remember, a good gambler isn’t someone reckless about betting, it’s a person who tries to get the best chance to win, be most prepared and lower the house edge in any legal way.

That’s all for now


Coach Kitty and My Gambling Confession

I’m writing a gambling confession today, but first a disclaimer.

While a make up a small part of the TravelZork team, this is not intended to be an advertisement.  I just need to share the help I’ve received over the last year from the many experts at this website.  Check it out because you deserve it – ‘nuff said.


Over the last twenty-five years, I have gone from a beginner who didn’t know basic JOB Video Poker Strategy (and played one quarter at a time) to someone who runs a gambling blog. The journey has been fun and the knowledge I’ve gained has been amazing. But there is one thing that I couldn’t admit – until recently.

I refused to follow the best way to receive casino comps. Even my local casinos provided good entertainment and hotel comps, but very little free slot play. I never understood, or refused to accept the real truth behind how casino comps work. ADT (Average Daily Theoretical) I knew, but I loved playing VP.  So, I played a small amount 2-6 times a month.

I always thought the casinos were shooting themselves in the foot with local clientele. “It should all add up to one gambling day, should it not?.” But I was wrong, sadly.

All along, I knew the truth.  Only recently, I realize I needed to change my sessions to larger but fewer.


I get it now.  It’s time to change.  I want you to, no, I implore you to go to TravelZork. The suggestions provided by Michael Tragar and Eric Rosenthal will change your gambling world positively for good. But, there is one person and one particular article by her that is one of the best explanations about the world of comps I have ever read.

It’s Casino Comps – The Big Play Casino Gambling Day, Part 1 by Coach Kitty.

Go ahead, click and read it, I’ll wait.  (elevator music plays) ………… ok, now let’s continue.

Catherine has become a self-made expert in working the system.  Her optimal approach to casino gambling and travel deals on a budget gives her the credibility behind her posts. Meeting her in person last year made me realize she knows what she writes about.  Kitty is also an expert Video Poker player, with basic strategies on many games in her back pocket.

Now, if you haven’t read that article yet, go read it!


If you care about improving you gambling success, taking advantage of casino comps, and learning how to maximize credit cards use and rewards clubs of all kinds, you must check out TravelZork.

Thank you Catherine.  Thank you Michael and Eric, and the rest of the team. I can’t wait for part 2.  Don’t leave us hanging, Coach Kitty!