Connecticut Casino Specs and History

very BRIEF Connecticut Gambling History

Mohegan Sun Hotel

Foxwoods Grand Pequot Hotel

According to, Connecticut does not have a long history of gambling. This was a conservative State right from the get-go. In fact, without the tribal land developments there would be very little gambling at all in this State. As a result, “The introduction of a State lottery was in 1983. Besides that only limited Pari-Mutuel betting on horses and dogs were available. Incidentally, charity gambling included Duck and Frog racing in addition to the usual bingo and raffles.” Due to tribal sovereignty, Foxwoods started with a bingo-hall in 1986.

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Current Legal Types Of Gambling

Casino Games: Two of the largest casinos in the country reside in CT.  Furthermore. both are located only ten minutes away from each other. They offer everything Las Vegas resorts offer on the Strip, only with better odds on most games.

Live Poker: Both casinos have poker rooms that are some of the largest in the country.

Sports Betting: On-track and simulcast venues are legal. However, legal Sports-Betting does not look to be offered anytime soon. The tribes and the state have a compact that requires 25% of all slot revenue to be paid to the state. Conversely, the agreement does not include table games.  In return, they have control of gaming activities outside the lottery. Unfortunately, this complicates the advent of legal sports-betting for some time to come.

Lottery Betting: Yes, there is a State lottery and residents have access to national games like the Powerball.

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Connecticut Casino Specs

CT Casino Specs

Video Keno Is A Gambling Alternative

I never thought serious gamblers played Video Keno, but they do!  Video Keno is a gambling alternative for many reasons. We all can be a little snobby when it comes to gambling, like this fellow below:

“The odds in video keno are about as bad as slot machines – or worse. I have often wondered why anyone would ever play it – live or video. Generally, people who play keno are willing to buck long odds to have a chance for a big payout – like the lottery. To me, it’s about as exciting as watching paint dry.”

Guess who said that – yes, it was me, Binbin at!  I’ve changed my mind a little since I posted that over two years ago.  And I’ve played a lot more Video Keno.

One day, I was playing next to someone who ALWAYS plays keno.  I looked over and he had just hit for $16,000!  I was happy for him – who knew I would be playing more Keno when my video poker went south later that day.

Now, a brief advertisement

Before I get too far into this post, I would like to remind you that if you click on the banner to your right for our affiliate, you can play all the Keno you want for free!  Over here—> Especially if you are a resident of Massachusetts, try it out.  Massachusetts casinos are not allowed to offer Video Keno like CT, RI, or ME casinos. So go ahead, click on that link and have the Video Keno time of your life.

Back to the Previously scheduled program

My wife and I have played Keno War.  Basically, Keno War is taking turn on single card Video Keno with $20 until one person loses it all. Meanwhile, it’s time consuming, we get free drinks and we have fun together. Her favorite game is Caveman Keno, mine is Cleopatra Keno.

I now enjoy playing Four-Card Cleopatra Keno at $.25. I strategically layer my numbers so that it is possible to get more than one card in the bonus. Sometimes I play 5 spots per card, sometimes 7, or sometimes I mix them up. Here’s a recent win with a 7 spot covered – $125.

For a website thoroughly devoted to Video Keno, try the Mystic Gambler.

Video Keno Is A Gambling Alternative

Keno is believed to date back to China in the 1st century AD when characters from one of Confucius` poems were used, rather than numbers, in the matrix. The object of the game to choose from one (1) to ten (10) numbers between one and eighty, in hope that some or all will be randomly selected by the centralized computer.

Old Chinese Keno Ticket

Old Chinese Keno Ticket

Keno is a simple game of luck, much like most lottery games, where the player chooses numbers and hope as many as possible match those randomly drawn by a hopper or machine. According to The Wizard of Odds, Michael Shackelford, the odds are much better in video keno than live keno, keep in mind that the rate of play on a machine is about 50 times faster. Assuming the same bet size per game, you can expect to lose more per hour playing video keno.

Related Post – Mr. Shackelford goes on to say on his site “….If you must play keno, the only skill is choosing where to play to play and then how many numbers to choose. It makes no difference which numbers who actually choose. Contrary to popular myth, legitimate keno games, like those in Las Vegas, are fair and every ball has a 1 in 80 chance of being drawn each game”

other reasons to play Video Keno.

  1. Video Keno can be slowed by the speed button.
  2. You don’t have to interact with others.
  3. While the odds are poor, the game can be a slower alternative if your casino visit gets off to a horrible start.
  4. Playing video keno at a bar can be an easy way of getting free drinks at a lower rate of betting.
  5. Finally – it’s not brain surgery.  No need to practice the strategy – there is none.  Some will have a different opinion, but it’s basically “bet, pick the numbers, and let the balls be randomly chosen.”

Popular Video Keno Games

One popular Video Keno game is Caveman Keno by offering a bonus payoff.  After choosing your numbers, three of your non-chosen numbers will be marked with a big spotted dinosaur egg. If you have eggs that match any of the 20 numbers the machine chooses, the payoff is multiplied.

Caveman Keno

Caveman Keno

One matching egg pays the standard payoff, two matching eggs (they hatch as they go) pays 4 to 1, and if all three eggs match the payoff is 8 to 1 (some older machines are actually 10 to 1).  Al states that with the 8x multiplier the overall payoff is close to 96-percent, a very good game, which is actually better than most penny through dollar slots!

Another is Cleopatra Keno, a variation of the tried-and-true Cleopatra slot machine. In this game, when the scarab beetle lands on a winning combo, you get a bonus. The bonus consists of 15 free games with all wins doubled.

Something else to consider

Live Keno can be found in every New England state (yes, even in Vermont). Connecticut is the latest to add live Keno to restaurants and stores. Each state’s Lottery system runs these games. Foxwoods seems to be the only casino still offering live keno.

So, give it a try. Video Keno Is A Gambling Alternative you may enjoy and you might just make you a few unexpected bucks.

That’s all for now.


Casino Gambling Losing Streaks – Try Playing “Opposites” Strategy

Casino Gambling Losing Streaks are inevitable. We all love that gambling winning streak when it seems everything is hitting.  But we all loathe those dreaded losing streaks that are looming around the corner.


When I find nothing is working to stop a Casino Gambling Losing streak, I  will “play opposites” and see what happens. What is “play opposites?’ you ask? ……..Read on………

In the middle of a losing steak? Maybe you need a time out! Or try an “opposite approach!”

An Unscientific Answer to Casino Gambling Losing Streaks

Do you believe in karma & luck or do you believe in math & the House Edge?  I tend to believe in the math, but even the best game strategy can fall prey to the house edge.  At any time may I end up flipping from the mathematical to the mythical, superstitious, or just plain opposite strategy, depending on the game.

Is there a scientific method to my madness?  Not in the least, except it helps me feel less helpless in the casino and leads me away to new experiences. Here is my disclaimer – this is not foolproof and does not insure a change of karma, luck, success or even beating the house edge.  It doesn’t prove anything – but I will “play opposites” just because…….

For example, let’s take craps. If my “3-point Molly” strategy on the pass line isn’t working, I may switch to the no-pass. The no-pass is still a valid way to play craps, but doesn’t make any extra friends at the table.  But, it’s the opposite of what wasn’t working, so I’ll flip to see what does happen.

Maybe Lucky Donuts can help stop a losing streak.

Here are some other “opposites” that I play.  Remember, this is my own personal thing and I am not advocating it as a valid play for the recreational player, let alone the advantage player. It’s just sometimes “whimsy’ takes a hold of me in a losing streak.

SLOTS – Many slot players have favorite slots, or favorite slot makers. So do I.  But when they don’t bring me joy – especially financially – I will go out of my way to play slots I would never be attracted to.  I like Aristocrat slots, but don’t like the kind that needs three bonus symbols in a row. On “opposites day,” I will seek them out.

Remember – no logic, full of whimsy.

3-CARD POKER – Basic strategy is pretty easy.  But when it doesn’t work well, I may just bet the 6-card bonus only.  Higher house edge, but it’s a different way to play the same game.

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MINI-BAC – My opposite play when it’s not working? I’ll switch to Casino War.  It’s even less to think about.

VIDEO POKER – I prefer to play DDB andJOB.  But “opposites” day means Deuces Wild, or even carnival VP like Magic Deal, Multi-Streak Poker or even Barnyard Poker.  One never knows where a Royal Flush may lurk.  To learn other games, click on our affiliate banner above to play video poker for free at

VIDEO POKER – Another opposite when I can’t even get a three-of-a-kind it seems, is switch to Four-Card Keno. There is some strategy involved and if I play Cleopatra keno, I can look forward to bonus play as well.

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So, is there something you do during a losing streak?  Follow us on Twitter today and tell us. Or, just let me know how ridiculous my “opposites” strategy is…… and we can laugh, and laugh…….