New England Casino Awards – Editors Choices


Editors Choice

We are going to follow the VegasTripping model of supplying the Popular Vote and our own Editor’s Choice.  We win only include the winners, however.

If you don’t agree with the editors, send us a comment, sign-up to get daily posts, or follow us on Twitter & Facebook – we welcome your opinions concerning the seven New England Casinos and especially WHY you feel that way. 


Foxwoods Hotels. Missing in picture is Two Trees Inn.

Foxwoods Hotels. Missing in picture is Two Trees Inn.

BEST HOTEL – Foxwoods.  With four hotel options of various decor and price, Foxwoods is our choice.

BEST BARS – Mohegan Sun.  Not only great bars of various themes, but the Sun has many video poker/slot/keno at their bars.  While Foxwoods has the best cocktails, Mohegan Sun has the best draft beer collection.

shrine_logoBEST NIGHT CLUB/LOUNGE – Shrine (Foxwoods). As far as clubs go, this one has the best “Vegas Club Vibe.”

BEST DINING OPTIONS & VALUE – Foxwoods & Mohegan Sun, just by sheer volume of options, cuisines, chefs and prices.  This will change with the addition of the Massachusetts casinos. Let the culinary competition begin!              

BEST LARGE ENTERTAINMENT VENUE – Mohegan Sun Arena.  It’s the one thing that no one has, including the additional casinos.  Who else is home to sporting events AND 2 professional teams?


Best Live & Free Entertainment – includes headliners on weekends.

BEST SMALL ENTERTAINMENT VENUE – Wolf Den at Mohegan Sun.  Best free entertainment anywhere.  On the weekends, if you’re willing to wait in line, you can see headliners that move on to AC or other venues you have to pay to see. Honorable Mentions – Lighthouse Bar at Twin River; Atrium Lounge at Foxwoods

BEST CASINO SLOTS – Twin River Casino.  I don’t know why, but people I know win there more consistently.  Foxwoods & Mohegan Sun usually have the latest & greatest, but if they take your money faster, it doesn’t matter.

BEST VIDEO POKER – TIED – Mohegan Sun & Foxwoods.  The Sun has the best game paytables, like full pay JOB, even though Foxwoods has added more of value recently.  Foxwoods does have more Progressive offerings, though – some at the nickle level.

BEST TABLE GAMES – Foxwoods wins with higher Craps Odds (10X) and $1 Blackjack. Low Limits at Twin River continue to be higher than the CT casinos.

Foxwoods Poker Room

Largest Poker Room in N.E. at Foxwoods

BEST POKER ROOM – Foxwoods.  Hands Down.  Better tournaments and national Professional connections.

BEST PLAYERS CLUB – Foxwoods.  Point accumulation and cashback put Foxwoods ahead of the rest. However, the connection to Las Vegas properties, and many other casinos throughout the country does give Plainridge Park & Hollywood Bangor an advantage for travel outside of New England.


FAVORITE PLACE TO EAT- Hash House A Go Go at Mohegan Sun      Honorable Mentions (in no particular order) – Oxford Bar & Grill at Oxford Casino; Cedars Steakhouse & Red Lantern(Sushi) at Foxwoods; Fred & Steve’s Steakhouse at Twin River; Tuscany at Mohegan Sun.

(Please notice “fast food” chain restaurants were not considered)

Shipyard Brewpub, Twin River Casino

Shipyard Brewpub, Twin River Casino

FAVORITE PLACE TO DRINK – Shipyard Pub at Twin River.  Two things are considered for drinking  – atmosphere & libation choices.  While other bars are bigger, fancier, or offer bigger TV’s, nothing says New England better than the Shipyard Pub.  Honorable Mentions (in no particular order) Hooker Brewery & Bow & Arrow at Mohegan Sun; Scorpion Bar & Centrale at Foxwoods; SoundStage at Hollywood Bangor

The New England Casino Awards – Official Results


All I can say is – Very Interesting!

We are going to follow the VegasTripping model of supplying the Popular Vote and our own Editor’s Choice.  We win only include the winners, however.

Tomorrow’s post will include the Editor’s choice, and you may be surprised to see how we feel here at NETime Gambling, after visiting all seven casinos and having stayed at all casino hotels.  Analsis on our decision will also be provided.

If you don’t agree with this year’s awards, then participate next year.  The biggest surprises below are in RED. Here is the final tally:

Mohegan Sun

Mohegan Sun Is the Big NECA Winner for 2016.


BEST HOTEL——-1. Mohegan Sun, 2. Foxwoods, 3. Hollywood Bangor

BEST BARS——–1. Mohegan Sun, 2. Foxwoods, 3. Hollywood Bangor

BEST NIGHT CLUB/LOUNGE———- 1. Shrine (Foxwoods);                                   2. (tied) SoundStage-Hollywood, Avalon-Mohegan Sun, Bow & Arrow-Mohegan Sun, Lounge at NewportGrand, Shipyard Pub-Twin River

BEST DINING OPTIONS——–1. Mohegan Sun, 2. Foxwoods,                                 3.(tied) Hollywood Bangor & Twin River

BEST DINING VALUE——–1. Mohegan Sun,                                                               2. (tied) Twin River & Hollywood Bangor

BEST BUFFET——–1. Mohegan Sun, 2. Newport Grand,                                             3. (tied) Foxwoods & Hollywood Bangor

BEST LARGE ENTERTAINMENT VENUE——– 1. Mohegan Sun Arena,           2. Grand Theater at Foxwoods

BEST SMALL ENTERTAINMENT VENUE——- 1. Wolf Den at Mohegan Sun,  2. Sound Stage at Hollywood Bangor

BEST CASINO SLOTS———1. Foxwoods, 2. (tied) Mohegan Sun & Twin River

BEST VIDEO POKER——— 1. Mohegan Sun, 2. Foxwoods

BEST TABLE GAMES-——– DEAD HEAT (tied) —–Foxwoods & Mohegan Sun

BEST POKER ROOM——— 1. Mohegan Sun, 2. Foxwoods (No Twin River?)

BEST PLAYERS CLUB——- 1. Mohegan Sun, 2. Plainridge Park, 3. Foxwoods

WHERE YOU FEEL THE LUCKIEST?——– 1. Twin River,                                      2. Mohegan Sun, 3.(Tied) Oxford Casino, Maine & Foxwoods

FAVORITE SLOT MACHINE ——— Wheel of Fortune

FAVORITE TABLE GAMES ——-DEAD HEAT (tied)—-Poker, Blackjack, Craps

FAVORITE PLACE TO EAT———- 1. Hash House A Go Go at Mohegan Sun, 2.Wicked Good Bar & Grill at Twin River, 3. Tuscany at Mohegan Sun

FAVORITE PLACE TO DRINK ——— 1. Hooker Brewery, Racebook at Mohegan Sun, 2. Shipyard Pub at Twin River, 3. Wicked Good Bar at Twin River

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