Does Friday the 13th Matter to Your Gambling?

Stevie Wonder's composition said it best: "When you believe in things that you don't understand Then you suffer Superstition ain't the way" But superstition is a part of the gambler's creed for many. Take the following popular examples: Rub and talk to that slot machine to "warm it up," Don't use $50 - they're unlucky … Continue reading Does Friday the 13th Matter to Your Gambling?

Gambling & Selective Memory

Heading out of the casino after another bad night of losses, a gambler tells his friend: "My wife has got the worst memory I've ever seen," to which the friend responds: "Forgets your winnings, does she?" It's true, patrons either forget the winnings and concentrate on another loosing session, or they selectively remember "I won … Continue reading Gambling & Selective Memory