New Slot Machines, Part 1 – 5 Latest Licensed/Themed

While casino owners try to figure out how to get younger players gambling in their properties, a lot of attention is still turning to the current evolution of non-skill slot machines. Older machines are remade into different versions, like all those Buffalo slots, new models are still being produced, even with the casino industry’s lament over slot revenue decrease.

One thing they tend to forget – playing slots that don’t suck the bankroll’s life out of you quicker and quicker won’t bring more players!  And all the other fees introduced with less connection to the players expectations won’t bring players knocking down the casino’s doors either – but that’s another topic for another day.

Today we take a brief look at the Licensed / Theme Slot Machines newest slot machines you can find now in casinos across the country. These games feature licenses from famous movies, video games, television shows and comics, allowing you to enjoy your favorite franchises while playing.

Is it big business? – you bet!  Players tend to gravitate to licensed slots that incorporate the theme of a favorite TV show or movie. Eriq Gardner from the Hollywood Insider explains. “Ever since a Wheel of Fortune slot machine took the industry by storm two decades ago, manufacturers have been gravitating to licensed properties. That’s meant bonus income for Hollywood studios (and the stars, who get a piece of the action if their faces are used) that can range from $1 million to $20 million, says gaming analyst Todd Eilers. In all, casino gaming manufacturers spend up to $200 million annually to land rights to popular brands like The Big Bang Theory and The Simpsons because a recognizable image can make all the difference on a casino floor.”  He continues “…..Beyond royalty payments (even a contract that grants a few dollars per machine per day can translate to six figures annually for popular games), stars also benefit from a promotional boost. The licensing agent calls it “revenue-generating brand awareness,” particularly for personalities that have a presence in Las Vegas, like Britney Spears, Celine Dion and Cirque du Soleil (who all have branded games on the Strip): “Anyone with a Vegas residency needs to get into the space because there’s a natural association. How many people walk by a game and are reminded, ‘Oh yeah, I do want to see a Cirque show’? It’s not just free advertising — it’s advertising that someone’s paying you for.”

The Latest Licensed Slots

The Mariah Carey video slot is a five-reel casino slot machine with one of the brightest cabinet displays on the gaming floor. The whole machine is decked out in a purple and neon blue color scheme designed to attract attention. You’ll also get to enjoy plenty of her songs during play, with various videos of her performances appearing during special features. Carey fans will probably enjoy, but if she turns your stomach, this probably isn’t for you.  For all the fanfare, this should be a quick visitor to the casino floor.

Elvira – Aristocrat helps to celebrate Elvira’s 35 years as America’s favorite sultry but spooky icon. This is a high volatility game with seven possible bonuses, including rolling reels, the “Boob Tube Pick Bonus,” “Elvira’s Big Wheels,” and Double D Vision 3 with jiggling boobs as the symbols stop. Full of innuendo, it’s fun but isn’t good for a long play – even though it has many “entertaining” features.

National Lampoon’s Vacation, made by Scientific Gaming, features the comical characters and hilarious footage from the comedy about the classic American family road trip. Included in this game are a host of comical and engaging game features such as a wheel bonus which awards credits, a 2x multiplier or sends the player on an adventure into the Walley World free spins feature or the Griswold family vacation bonus. The vacation bonus awards credit prizes or the opportunity to play one of six bonus games, such as the vibrating bed bonus, skinny dipping bonus, jump the rail bonus and the auto bonus, all based on signature funny scenes in the movie.  This slot machine seems to be a lot of fun and should be a hit on the casino floor.

Three Amigos & Three Amigos Ride Again is an entertaining new game based on the 1986 hit American comedy, The Three Amigos!, featuring the hilarious characters—Lucky Day, Dusty Bottoms and Ned Nederlander. made by Ainsworth, the latest version “Rides Again” slot includes eight free games with multipliers, reveal symbols and retriggers. At the beginning of the free games, five wheels spin to reveal a feature enhancement. The game also has 10 free games with multipliers and held wilds with bonus retriggers as well as a Progressive Piñata feature.  Max bet will access the progressive jackpots.

Sienfeld – Five HD video screens, wide-area progressive, numerous bonus features such as the Soup Nazi, and the Festivus Bonus which uses IGT’s Motion Gesture Technology, first seen in the Willy Wonka machines of the same cabinet.  Featuring the four main characters of the sitcom, it looks like a lot of fun.


AINSWORTH GAME TECHNOLOGY – King Kong, King Kong Skull Island, The Magnificent Seven Reloaded.

ARISTOCRAT TECHNOLOGIES – Tim McGraw, Game of Thrones II, The Big Lebowski, The X Files, Candy Land, My Cousin Vinny

EVERI HOLDINGS – Penn & Teller, Casablanca, Underdog, Casper the Friendly Ghost,

GAMECO – Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

IGT – The Voice, The Ellen DeGeneres Show Sharing the Love, The Goonies,  Baywatch 3D, Betty White.

SCIENTIFIC GAMES – The Bachelor, The Godfather, Johnny Cash


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So before winter settles in, let’s take you back a few weeks to the best received posts from the past two weeks. 

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Have a great week!



Slot Machines & Standalone Progressives

I hope I’m using the term “wongable” correctly. It means there’s a point in gambling, usually referring to blackjack card counting, where it is a good idea to play a game with a higher EV according to certain rules or progressions in the game.

With slot machines, no matter what someone tells you, slot machines “hit-ability” cannot not be determined due to the Random Number Generator. But, in blackjack, deep penetration of the shoe causes the EV to rise in favor of the player, especially card counters.

With slots, we play without the sure knowledge of its pay out percentage.  It would be great if we could, especially with progressive slots.

A progressive jackpot game is one in which the size of the top jackpot grows with every spin of the reels. Before choosing a progressive slot machine, players need to be aware of the fact that playing such a machine is not the same as playing other slots. A certain portion of every bet is accumulated to form the progressive jackpot. In standalone progressives, the jackpot point is reset at a certain amount once the jackpot is hit.

There are 3 kinds of progressive slots:

IGT’s Hot Shot is an example of a “Local” Progressive

  • Standalone progressives – A standalone progressive jackpot only grows when you play that individual machine.
  • Local area progressives – A local area progressive is networked with a group of other slot machines within the same casino. Play on any of those machines causes the jackpot for all those games to grow. If the jackpot is hit on any of those machines, the jackpot on all the machines resets to its starting point.
  • Wide area progressives – Wide area progressives are the games that are networked across multiple casinos. These are the games where the jackpots get high enough to compete with lottery games. The biggest example of a wide area progressive is Megabucks. The jackpot for this game starts at $10 million and grows until it’s hit. The jackpot has grown to over $30 million on at least 2 different occasions.


A standalone progressive slot machine has a jackpot ticker on the game, but only bets placed on that specific machine feed the jackpot. This was, at one time, the only kind of progressive slot machine game available, but most progressives feature multiple machines that are linked together. Still, so many standalone machines were manufactured that these games are still easily found in casinos throughout the world.

Quick Hit Slot Machine

The very popular “Quick Hit” Slot Machines can be standalone or hitched together in a group as a local progressive.

These days, standalone progressives can be found produced by all of the major slot machine makers. With any progressive slot, it’s important to understand that a percentage of all the money played into the machine is considered in the payoff. This means that the actual payback percentage will be less on the other winning symbols and in some case the payback percentage on the Progressive machines will be less than other machines in the casino.  The higher the progressive amount (as in wide area progressives), the lower the payout percentage.

For this reason, while standalone slots won’t usually pay that “life-changing” jackpot, they can also keep you in the game longer than larger progressive slots. As already explained above, a certain portion of every bet is accumulated to form the progressive jackpot.


So many people, when playing progressive slots, don’t want to be aware of that machine.  There are many differences in progressives.  For example, some (most Wide area progressives) machines need to have the maximum bet played to qualify for winning the progressive jackpot. In standalone progressives, the jackpots are possible at any wager, but there are exceptions.  You must read the machine’s info to know if you are wasting your money. It’s like playing video poker on 4 coins instead of 5.  By doing so, you take away the chance of the inflated Royal Flush payout and diminish the % by 2%.   A player is permitted to make any other bet than the maximum one, but on slots that only payout the progressive with MAX BET, this will bring them only a small part of the progressive jackpot.


The popular IGT “must hit by” feature on “Pirate Ship”

These machines reset at certain amount every time it’s hit.  It then begins to slowly build to a set point, chosen by a second RNG (thanks to John Grochowski for that info).  It may go all the way to the “must hit by” point or hit anywhere in between.  On these machines, max bet is not needed, but a larger bet will make the amount grow quicker.

But how much quicker?  Here’s my suggestion – If it’s close, to the “must hit by” amount,  jump on it.  But when I say close, I mean VERY close.  Here’s an illustration of how slowly the jackpot on these machines grow.


Ainsworth Rumble Rumble Progressive Slot Machine

Ainsworth Rumble Rumble Progressive Slot Machine

One summer, my wife and I stayed and played at Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas.  There was an Ainsworth “Rumble, Rumble” standalone progressive penny machine – lowest bet was 50 cents, highest $2.50.  It had to hit by $500 and when I sat down, it was at $491!  So I played, and I played – for two days it seemed I was the only one playing.  It reached $495, $497, still didn’t hit.  We figured out that every $5 in caused to Jackpot to move 1 PENNY!!!!  That’s right, ONE CENT!!!!  It hit after $498.  I had lots of good play at $1 & $2 a pull – I still lost money, but not much for two days of play.

Moral of the story – don’t expect it to hit, and if you are in it for the jackpot, make sure you have a large bankroll and you are already close to the Jackpot.  These Jackpots don’t grow quickly, but can hit on any wager.

As you walk around the casinos, see if you can spy these standalone progressive slots and compare the jackpots.  It not only is smart when playing these type of progressive machines, but it may dictate how smart of a wager you will bet.

That’s all for now.



16 Casino Do’s & Don’ts

Casino Entrance sign

So, your friend or family member offers to take you to a casino for your very first time.  But, never having been before, you haven’t a clue about what to do when you get there.  So, here are some quick suggestions for you newbies out there, or maybe a refresher course for the rest of you.

1) Know how much money you can wager and lose.  Yes, that’s right, lose.  Know your Bankroll. Approach it as entertainment first. Remember, if you’re not an Advantage Player looking to make a living, it’s (33)

2) Know the rules of the games you might play.  If you can, get a free app on your smart phone or tablet and play a little before you go.

3) Decide if your trip is for gambling only, or it’s to enjoy all that the casino experience can  offer. You can spend sometime dining, shopping or watching live entertainment. These are good activities too. Just don’t gamble in casinos to make your trip productive.

4) Sign up for a rewards card.  You may get a free slot play bonus, or get freebies for eats later on. You could get free tickets to a concert, and if you play enough to raise your level of card, you could get additional things from a special parking area for your card level, to entrance into a VIP lounge.  th (26)

5) Be contented with small casino wins. First timers usually lose more in casinos. Breaking even in casinos is generally considered a win.

6) Check the local newspaper for advertisements, or check the web on the best deals in casinos.  netime-logo NECANETimeGambling often lists promotions and New England casino news on Twitter and Facebook.  Sign-up bonuses, double points, giveaways, dining deals – they’re all for the taking.  Go where the whole experience will be great, not just the gambling.

Don't be a Griswold

Don’t be a Griswold

7) Don’t believe in superstitions like “hot machines” or “it must be time my luck changed’ or, “surely it can’t be red again” because each bet is an event of it’s own, with no connection to the previous event.  As soon as you realize this, the easier it will be for you to understand the gambling experience.  Repeat after me – “The House has the advantage.”  Good! Now go out there and enjoy it, win or lose. Be prepared ahead of time and be knowledgeable.

8) Don’t drink a lot of alcohol when gambling.  Excessive alcohol will inevitably cause you to accept losing beyond a “healthy situation.”

9) Bring a watch and your cell phone.  There are usually no clocks or windows in most casinos, and if you get separated from your party, you might need to contact them. Wrist devices like FitBit or Apple Watches can signal you with incoming messages by vibrations or sounds that you can feel or hear above the caucophony of  noise in the casino and prove invaluable.

10) Casinos convert your cash into chips at the tables. Simply said, this is so you lose the sense that this is really money. Remember chips ARE money.
11) Don’t be afraid to ask staff for help.  Remember, the casino is built on getting you there (or should be) and so there are many people who are there simply to help you as a hospitality (1)  Don’t be shy.  If you are new (or not) to the game, please ask the dealer for advice. They want you to win! The more you win, the more likely you are to tip, however tip for their helpfullness and entertaining personality – they have nothing to do with your winning.  Don’t worry about taking a little longer. Everyone starts as a beginner, and most will appreciate your attempt to make the correct play.
12) Don’t hand dealers chips or cash – they are not allowed to handle it directly.  The “Eye in the Sky” is watching your play and their work. Put the chips or cash on the table. They will not accept it any other way.
13) If you smoke, be aware of those around you. If you are a non-smoker in a smoking part of the casino, be flexible.  Reach a common ground that you both can be comfortable (16)
14) Take a walk around when you arrive.  In this day and age, make sure you know your nearest exits if new to that property. Get acquainted with your surroundings. Casinos can be difficult to navigate through.  That’s the way they want it. You get lost because you’re supposed to, then you grab a seat at a slot machine or blackjack, and voila! You drop some cash gambling.  If you’re new stay with your party.
th (2)

Tip your waitstaff, especially if you request specific items.

15) Carry dollar bills for tips. In most casinos, complimentary beverages are served, but the wait staff is usually expecting a small tip.

16) Be aware of the casino’s rules concerning using your phone for taking pics.  Each casino has different rules and it is important for player to be aware of them.  Hey, SELFIE-ADDICTS – Taking pictures in a casino or talking on a cell phone can get you into big trouble if it breaks the rules.  Some casinos allow some picture taking, like when a jackpot is hit. But don’t be surprised when you asked to put your phone away. SELFIE STICKS aren’t tolerated by both the casino staff and the patrons.  Remember, many visitors would prefer not to be in anyone’s picture – especially those Advantage Players that make a living in anonymity.
Finally, have fun.  It’s social, it’s entertainment.  Let’s just leave it as that.
That’s all for now.

Old Slot Machines – Where Do They Go?

The Liberty Bell was the first variation of the modern mechanical slot machine. Pictured above is creator Charles Fey

Those of us who play slots, and have been since the beginning of our recreational gambling, have had favorites that we loved to play.  I would travel to different  casinos around the country looking for them in joints that were old enough to have had them in inventory.  But, then there is the disappointment when we can’t find them anymore.  Miguel, our Rhode Island correspondent, could probably tell you where every “Hot Hot Penny” 5-reel slot is

Some slots have been on the casino floors for years, such as Bally’s “Hot Hot Jackpot.”

, or was, in New England, Atlantic City and Vegas casinos.  I am constantly on the prowl for Aristocrat’s “Betting Zoo” Cashman machine.

Of course, we all know why some slots stay for a few months, and why some machines stay in the casino floor inventory for years – money.  It it continues to make money, it stays – if not, bye-bye one-arm bandit.

We also know of those favorites that are on their last leg – the monitor is blurry or dis-colored, buttons have been replaced over and over, or the sound is non-existent.

So, as years go by, new slots take the place of older machines on the casino floor.  It begs the question, “Where Do the Old Slot Machines Go?”

Mark Pilarski of Vegas Master says, “Sadly, many of the beautiful, much-loved slot machines of yesterday are no longer with us.

Playing the Slots at the Taj Mahal, Atlantic City – early 90’s

Casinos want to squeeze as much out of a slot machine as they can, so many old slot machines which have been removed from the casino floor are sent off to the workshop to be dismantled and used for parts, or otherwise sold as scrap.”

Jawa in Star Wars.

Scrap?  Oh no, pictures of  Star Wars “R2D2” captured by Jawa come to mind, being sold with scrap in the original Star Wars in 1977.

But not all slot machines end their lives on the scrap heap, others are simply locked away in the basement of the casino.  I can see it now, as the vault opens, the whimpering of old slots can be heard  “pick me, pick me,” hoping to see the light of day in the casino one last time, only to have it opened up, or have it’s only arm ripped off for an aging slot still on the floor.  Oh, the horror…….

Double Diamond Slots, still popular today after all these years.

Casinos typically don’t get to buy as many new slots per year as they would like, so they end up hanging on to slots for many, many, years. They get taken off the floor by performance, so the worst titles are the ones that are coming off. By the time the casino gets around to getting rid of these, they are pretty much worthless to other casinos as they are very old and the title is usually unpopular.

Some older machines are sold.  Collectors buy them, or other casinos, especially on cruise ships or in North America, namely Caribbean Islands.  Some people buy them from collectors for home use. Only a few states, such as Arizona, allow for personal ownership.  And many of the newer machines with TITO technology (no coins) are not favorable for home usage.  Those with TITO have one problem for personal play – you need a gambling license to buy the paper for the tickets!

John Robinson, from Casino City Times, sums it up as follows:

“What a casino does when it’s finished with a slot machine depends on how it was acquired. If it was placed in the casino by the manufacturer on a participation basis (the casino and the manufacturer split the money won from the machine), the casino just asks the manufacturer to remove the machine. If the casino leased the machine, it asks the leasing company to take back the machine at the end of the lease. If a casino bought the machine, it sells it to a slot distributor or wholesaler.”

If you want to find a particular machine, just search for a used version of the machine on the Internet. Note that almost every state restricts private ownership of slot machines. You can find the restrictions for your state by searching on the Internet.

So, that’s where slot machines go after they have served their monetary purpose to the casino.  No slot Heaven, no Hall of Fame, just move along, you’re done Mr. Bandit.  Time is up.

Kinda sad?

NO! – They are just machines with a RNG that are played for our fun and the casino’s profit.  As Tim Dressen, of the popular Las Vegas Podcast “Five Hundy by Midnight” says, “Don’t get attached to things (in casinos, in Las Vegas) because change is bound to happen.”


That’s all for now.


Gamblers & Superstitions – If We Could Only Understand the RNG


RNG = Random Number Generator

Sometimes, I have got to share my experiences – more cathartic for me than anything.  But may we all learn something while I rant…….

Last weekend I visited Mohegan Sun, played though the morning until it got was just too busy.  Here’s a few experiences that morning that need yet another mention:

1) Lady to my left playing Buffalo Stampede next to me keeps taking rewards card out of machine, then in, then out… get the idea.  At one point she had it out for a good 5 minutes.  I asked why.  She replied, “Whenever I take it out I get the bonus.”  To which, I said, “You realize of course that the rewards card and RNG that runs the machine are two separate systems.”  She says “Yes, I guess.  But it just feels that it makes a difference.”  ok – and I just kept playing.

Unfortunately, all the time she played without the card, she was denying herself 2X points and tier points – a hefty promo for Mohegan Sun.

2) Man to my right playing Buffalo Stampede is slapping the machine buttons like it’s a wack-o-mole game.  He’s unhappy.  I get a random bonus, but not much of a return.  He barks toward me that the machine is programmed to do that – “I’ve lost $600 already on this machine.  I would know.”  The fact is, the more interesting bells and whistles on a slot machine, the more volatile it becomes.  So, since he spoke first, I just reminded him that “it’s just a random bonus separate from the randomness of the RNG, so the machine doesn’t connect the two events on purpose.”  Unhappy with my non-emotional, scientific approach, he lost the rest of his money in the slot quickly, and left in a huff.

Moral of the story – It’s a machine! There’s nothing personal about it.  The machine has no brain, no emotional attachment to who’s playing it and no spiritual karma to rub and coerce out it.


Enough said.

That’s all for now


Inside Twin River Casino's cavernous first floor casino.

Three Suggestions to Slot Machine Players

Have you wondered why it seems harder to win at your favorite casino?

We all know that table games are in a state of flux, with lower payouts and more side bets – all increasing the house edge.  We’ve seen blackjack payouts diminished quickly within the last two years with the advent of 6:5 payouts instead of the traditional 3:2.  We’ve seen lower times odds in craps. More “carnival” table games continue to be added to the casino floor like 3 & 4-card poker, Let it Ride, and BlackJack Switch – all table games with high infrequent payouts, volatile side bets, and a much higher increase to the casino’s edge as compared to traditional games like baccarat & blackjack.

Let’s face it, U.S. casinos are making it tougher for players to win at the slot machines as well.  The portion of slot wagers kept by casinos rose to 7.7 percent last year from 7.25 percent in 2007, the Association of Gaming Equipment Manufacturers reported. So, it’s no surprise that the total amount bet on the machines fell to $291 billion from a peak of $355 billion over that span. “Slots have been tightening slowly over time,” Marcus Prater, executive director of the association, said in an interview. “There is a theory out there that when people have a bad experience, they’re not as likely to come back.”


Listen, casino management still doesn’t get it.  The fact is that people will show up if they feel they have a chance, some hope, of playing a while – or even winning.

I understand that the most entertaining slots may be the ones that also don’t pay well.  If you are willing to play them with that understanding, then, go for it. But if you want a better chance to win and a better chance to play longer on video slots, here’s three tips to helping you.

DISCLAIMER: The following information is not going to tell you how to win at slots.  Nobody can tell you that. If someone tells you they are a professional slots player, or that they have a sure way to win at slot machines, RUN – RUN FAR. The Random Number Generator (RNG) is made to pay a certain percentage for the casino’s win over the long term.  No one knows what machine pays what percentage, except the company that sold it and the casino who bought or leased it. So, the following are just suggestions to consider, THAT’S ALL. 

To understand the Random Number Generator, try reading these previous posts:

RNG in the New Year with Slot Misconceptions

Understanding The Random Number Generator (RNG)

Big Bang Theory Slot Machine

Big Bang Theory Slot Machine

Suggestion #1 – Be wary of the “Celebrity” or “Themed” slot machines.  These games are referred to as “participation games.”  When a casino installs a participation game, they do not buy the machine.  The machine remains the property of the manufacturer, and the casino and manufacturer share in the revenue that the game produces. However, a fee to license that brand – for example, Ellen DeGeneres, Michael Jackson, Big Bang theory, Batman – which is all figured into the revenue share.  So, because of licensing fees, leasing fees, and revenue share, expect the payout percentage to be lower than a traditional slot.  Just enjoy it for the entertainment it is, and if you win, so much the better.

Suggestion #2 – Know your progressive.  Many slot machines include progressive wins – but not all progressives are alike.  Be knowledgeable of the differences.

  1. “Pay for Play” Progressive – these progressives usually are only eligible for the taking when playing Max Bet.
    Quick Hit Slot Machine with progressives listed.

    Quick Hit Slot Machine with progressives listed.

    A good example is Quick Hit machines.  If you don’t play max on these machines you are not eligible for the progressives, which can get hefty, thus diminishing your total payout percentage – whatever that may be.  The progressive is figured into the total payout percentage.  Play without Max Bet, and you’re throwing away more money to the house.  Always check what denomination and how much Max Bet is before playing.  “Quick Hit machines can range on a penny machine from $1.50 to to $4.00.

  2. “Pay Within” Progressive – these payout on any bet, anytime withing a certain amount accrued.
    Ainsworth Rumble Rumble Progressive Slot Machine

    Ainsworth Rumble Rumble Progressive Slot Machine

    For example, Konami slots often have 2-4 different progressives, that will pay between $25 – $50 (a mini progressive) at any given time. Keep in mind that the increase of the progressive is incredibly small. One Las Vegas trip I played a fun slot called Rumble, Rumble “SweetZone” by Ainsworth at Cosmopolitan.  At $1 a play, my wife and I figured out $5 in made the progressive meter increase one cent – $5 increased ONE CENT!  So, be careful – seeing a progressive like this close to its payout could still mean a lot of playing (and money) ahead.

  3. “Mega-Progressive” – these are those that are connected to a few others, or even regionally like MEGABUCKS.
    Megabucks Progressive Slots

    Megabucks Progressive Slots

    Keep in mind that to payoff such a large progressive, the payout percentage that you hear sucking the money out of your bankroll will be low.  It has to be to be able to payoff the winner of such a high payoff.  These usually require a high Max Bet.

Suggestion #3 – The less Bells and whistles, the higher the payout.  Again, not necessarily, you don’t really know, you can’t tell, yaddy yadda yadda.  But if the casino doesn’t have to pay other interests such as progressives, themes, lease agreements, additional set up, special lighting, etc, it might encourage your bankroll to last longer.

Mr. Cashman Slot Machine

Mr. Cashman Slot Machine

Sometimes, an old Cashman slot by Aristocrat is just as fun.  My favorite – “Betting Zoo.”

Now, go out there and hit a jackpot.


Spin Poker – Video Poker Strategy w/ Slot Machine Fun

One of my favorite visits to Las Vegas included a 2 hour session of SPIN POKER at Main Street Station during VIMFP. Playing Double Double Poker at a bar top spin poker machine, I hit numerous quads     (4-of-a-kind), with some of the best craft beer (made on the premises) by my side. MSS also has a quad promotion – every time you get a 4-of-a-kind, you are given a scratch off ticket, usually worth $1 – $5 on top of your payoff.  MSS remains one of the best video poker casinos in all of Las Vegas.  

According to John Grochowski, “Spin Poker was designed in the days that nine-payline games were the cutting edge in video slots. There was some hope that Spin Poker would become a crossover game, giving an attractive look to players making a move from video slots. It hasn’t really worked that way, instead settling into a small niche among video poker players.”

SPIN POKER – Is it a slot machine or video poker?

Spin Poker is a cross between a Triple Play video poker game and a five-reel video slot game. It brings the ‘feel” and “excitement” of playing a slot machine to a video poker game.

John Robinson, from Casino City, says, “Spin Poker is unusual for video poker machines in that it has a slot-like spinning display.” download

Michael Shackelford, from the Wizard of Odds, says the rules of playing are as follows:

  1. The game is played on a video screen. There are 15 positions in a matrix of 5 columns and 3 rows.
  2. After making a bet the player will get five cards from a 52-card deck (except for decks that include jokers) on the middle row.
  3. The player may keep and discard as he wishes, as in regular video poker.
  4. Any cards the player holds will be replicated on the top and bottom row as well, in the same column.
  5. After the player presses the “deal” button the empty squares will be filled in from the remaining 47 cards in the deck. No card in the will appear more than once in the draw.
  6. The player will be paid according to the poker value of each active pay line.

As in Triple Play VP, on the deal, you chose the cards to hold. These cards are then used for all lines bet.

How many lines should I play?

When you play Spin Poker, you get to choose how many lines and how many coins you want to wager per line. There are a maximum of nine lines in Spin Poker.  In all video poker, my suggestion is play max for the best Royal Flush payoff, or reduce your denomination.

Are the odds different from regular VP, since it looks like a slot machine?

Spin poker plays like any video poker machine.  A 8/5 JOB on Spin Poker will have exactly the same odds as 8/5 single line VP.

How does it effect my bankroll? 

Since there are nine lines in the matrix that pay off instead of a single line, playing max will cost 9x that of a single line VP machine, or 45 credits instead of 5. Because of that, being a $.25 video poker player, I will look for a nickel denomination. It’s still hefty at $2.25 per hand, but the difference in the game from single line VP can be an exiting change.

Any drawbacks about the game?

The one drawback that I see is that the spinning reels are distracting and slow. Even if you’re betting on only one hand, you have to wait for the reels to spin and all the cards to stop before your bet is settled. Your hands per hour will decrease, and on a game such as 10-6 Double Double Bonus where payback plus player rewards take you into profitable territory, that can be an annoyance.  However, you can always “double-click” the deal button for a faster draw.

Are they variations, or other VP games mixed with it?  Yes.

Deluxe - 20 lines.

Deluxe – 20 lines.

Three reels of Spin Poker Fun.

Three reels of Spin Poker Fun.

Spin Poker Deluxe expands the game further to 20 lines, even more like the matrix of a slot machine.  Spin Poker with Dream Card is available.  But the most popular variation seems to be the Super Times Pay Spin Poker  machine.

The latest is Triple Spin Poker, similar to Triple play, with three reels instead of just one.


Most of New England’s casinos offer Spin Poker.  Try it sometime – it can be a lot of fun.




7 N.E.Time Gambling’s Favorite Posts & Pages From 2016

downloadThe following were the your favorites posts in the past year.  Our many thanks for a great year. Enjoy the posts & pages for the first time, or compare to the latest news – I’m sure we will be updating all seven nect year.  Things change quickly in the gaming business

Momentum @ Mohegan Sun: New England Casino Rewards Clubs Part 1

Mohegan Sun's Momentum Players Club

Mohegan Sun’s Momentum Players Club

Three Suggestions to Slot Machine Players

Massachusetts More Worried, Not Mohegan Sun, About New England’s Casino Share

southern New England

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Casino Comps & Your “Average Daily Theoretical”

Dining Review: Tom’s Urban at Mohegan Sun

The scene looking from the back to the front of the restaurant.

Tom’s Urban.  The scene looking from the back to the front of the restaurant.

ALL ABOUT NEW ENGLAND CASINOS – The Facts & Numbers of All Seven Casinos

What will be in the news next year?  How about:

  • Millennial gaming – the constant concern how to change gambling to get them to spend their money at brick-and-mortar casinos.
  • MGM Springfield & Wynn Boston Harbor – the rush to completion
  • Connecticut’s third joint venture (Pequot & Mohegan tribes) casino – will it ever get started?
  • Will the Mashpee Wampanog’s project “First Light” get out of litigation and get started again?
  • What will the Massachusetts Gaming Commission do with the Southeast Gaming License?
  • Rising resort fees.  Will parking continue to be free in New England?
  • Rhode Island news – Tiverton breaking ground, Twin River ever getting its hotel?
  • Maine – a third casino?

As you can see, NETG is looking forward to another exciting year as we say good-bye to 2016. We hope you continue to join us for the ride!

Bin, Bert, & Miguel


Slot Machine Problems – A Story to Learn From

Last night I was taking advantage of Mohegan Sun’s 3X Status points offer.  I was playing slots since it gave my bankroll the biggest bang in tier status with a low-roller bankroll.

As I was playing an old Aristocrat Cashman machine seen below (PandaPays),img_1420 I received a Cashman Bonus.  For those of you who still play the original Cashman machines, you will know it as the “slot machine multiplier.”  The multiplier was the rarely seen “999” on max bet.  After over ten playes (remember that, it’s significant!) I wondered if I had been paid correctly.  I stopped, to call for a technician.

After waiting over 15 minutes, I called the Mohegan Sun main number (lesson one if you wait too long) to tell my problem. (Shame Mohegan Sun!) The operator contacted operations and someone was helping me out in 2 minutes.

The technician and the slots manager explained to me that they could check it out.  As they opened up the software, they showed me my last ten plays – time, denomination, win/loss.  But here’s the key lesson.

The slot machine could only show the LAST TEN PLAYS.  I had played more than ten before stopping, thus they couldn’t verify what I was talking about.  As it happened, I was wrong and paid appropriately.slot_machine_tilt_error


On more modern machines, I don’t know if more of the history would be able to be recalled.  And this is not the type of specific information captured on your card.  You wait, you’re screwed.

Hope this helps.



Casino Hosts – Who, What, When and Do You Need One?


Do you need a Casino host?  Do you know what a casino host does?

Let’s revisit a previous post about casino hosts.

A Casino Host:

  • delivers services to players at their casino who will become loyal patrons to the establishment
  • tries to fulfill any reasonable requests their clients might have,
  • has the power to issue complimentary services ranging from complimentary meals, beverages, and show tickets right up to full accommodation in a hotel casino
  • develops a relationship with every level of gambler

That last one is the tricky part. If you are spending a qualifying amount of money and time, it’s good to have a host. If you feel you deserve one, ask a slot floor person who is the host on duty and speak to them. Be cordial, polite and expect some customer service. It is their job. There is no minimum level of play necessary just to talk to a casino host. However, unless you plan to direct a fair amount of play towards the casino that they work at, there’s not likely to be a lot they can do for you. You should feel free to ask to speak to a host and they will politely tell you if they think they can be of service to you. Continue reading