New England Casinos Offer Multiplier Days

I Love Multiplier Days!

One of the great equalizers to earning comps and decreasing payout percentages is gambling big on multiplier days. In New England, where the competition is about to get fierce and the eventual nine casinos are going to be battling for patrons money, multiplier days are one of the best ways to get people through the doors.  It’s also one of the type of promotions that gamblers should take advantage of.

Bonus point multipliers have long been used as a marketing tool in casinos. The practice dates back to the earliest days of player tracking systems. Multiplier days can increase your status/tier points and/or club points for dining, etc.

Mohegan Sun has always offered multiplier days. Now, Foxwoods & MGM Springfield are offering them as well. Oxford Casino in Maine has also offered these type of promotions for quite a while. Here are the list of multiplier days in December at New England’s casinos.

Oxford Hotel & Casino


In the middle of Maine (actually considered southern Maine), in the wilderness where the town of Oxford sits, you can find Maine’s newest casino, owned by  Churchill Downs Inc. It’s quite rural, with the biggest point of interest besides the casino being Poland Springs Water production center.

Oxford offers many promotions, and multiplier days are included. This month, Oxford’s typical points days includes:

The bad news about these multipliers is that they exclude Tier Points, Keno & Video Poker. Only slots and slot points are included.  The video poker is so ugly, you would think they would include VP as a compromise….just saying……

Mohegan Sun Hotel

Mohegan Sun Casino Resort

STATUS MAYHEM – Thursday, December 13th. Give your Momentum status a huge boost with Status Point multipliers from 6:00am – MidnightThe multiplier will randomly change throughout the day – earning you anywhere from 2X – 5X Status Points. Each multiplier is guaranteed to occur at least twice. What’s cool about this promo is that at least 2X is guaranteed throughout the day on your tier status points. Every hour, or sometimes on the half hour, the new multiplier is announced and posted on screens all over the three casino areas. (Not valid on poker play.)

DOUBLE MOMENTUM & STATUS POINTSFriday, December 21st. (Not valid on poker play.)

TRIPLE STATUS POINTSSunday, December 30th. (Not valid on poker play.)

Foxwoods Grand Pequot Hotel

Foxwoods Casino Resort

TRIPLE TIER POINTS – Foxwoods seldom offers multipliers, but probably due to the rise in competition, we now see them. Available last month, and now in December on Friday, December 14th (BEGINNING AT 6AM), you can earn TRIPLE TIER CREDITS on slots, table games, keno, bingo and race book. (Not valid on poker play.)

New Entrance renderings for MGM Springfield

MGM Springfield


The newest New England casino, MGM Springfield, has added multiplier days as well. MLife Rewards Tier Credit Multipliers are available on Wednesdays in December.  The amount of the multiplier depends on your tier level:

  • Saphhire – 2X Bonus Tier points
  • Pearl – 3X Bonus Tier points
  • Gold -4X Bonus Tier points
  • Platinum & Noir -5X Bonus Tier points

You can earn Bonus Tier Credits on slot machines, table games and non-gaming spend. It starts at 12:00AM and goes until 11:59PM.

Take advantage of these multiplier days – they can make a big difference for your tier status, especially for those of us who low to mid-rollers.


Remember, when you gamble, embrace the math, not the myth.



Foxwoods Cheesecake Giveaway – Poor Planning or Scam?

As many casinos in the gaming industry, Foxwoods Resort Casino offers many giveaways to their patrons at different tier levels.  I must say that they offer items that are worth the drive.  Some of their jewelry offers have been wonderful.  So, yesterday, I drove 40 minutes out of my way home after my job to pick up a terrific giveaway – a Junior’s Cheesecake.  If you have ever tasted a Junior’s cheesecake, or many of the other desserts on Junior’s menu, you know how much of a high quality, scrumptious item if is.  For what it’s worth, Junior’s breakfast is considered one of the best breakfasts at a New England Casino by NETG as well.

Juniors Cheesecake, Fox Tower, Foxwoods.

The Junior’s Cheesecake Giveaway was obviously a great offer, because by the time I walked to where the giveaway was (4:30PM, and the giveaway was from 12 Noon – 6:00PM), they were all out!  No cheesecakes left with 1 1/2 hours to go.  Instead, they were offering everyone who showed up a lofty consolation offer of, ……… wait for it……….. $10 in free slot play!   Wow, what a deal.

This was so wrong on so many levels, I don’t know where to begin.  Let’s start here.  Your Honor, I present my examination into this giveaway:


It is typical of Foxwoods to run out of giveaway items – as well as many other casinos in and out of New England.  Many times, Foxwoods will note on your offers page that what was once available was now sold out – a responsible way of handling offers. They are aware if the number of offered items run out because you must sign up for the offer online or call. Someone must keep track, right.  Well, not for Junior’s cheesecake.  How can you run out 75% into the giveaway if some is keeping track ahead of time?  Obviously, incompetent planning was at the helm – or was it?


$10 Free Slot Play (or FSP) is a far cry towards treating Foxwoods guests with respect and does not give them the warm, fuzzy feeling of “we appreciate your play.”  In the FAQ’s about the changes in the the Rewards Club (see Foxwoods Rewards – Before and After) Foxwoods states that changes are “… provide a better loyalty experience for our loyal and new Foxwoods Rewards Members.”  Me thinks they need to look at the way their marketing managers plan these things – if they truly are interested in “….a better loyalty experience for our loyal and new Foxwoods Rewards Members.”


Now, about FSP. Playing full pay Video Poker (JOB) gives you 8 hands at over 99% at $.25 denomination.  But Foxwoods doesn’t have full pay VP in quarters, so an expected value of FSP  would be around $8.  The chance of making more than $10 is possible, but more often than not improbable.  Even less when using it on slots. $10 FSP is not even close to an individual players consolation.


ADT, or Average Daily Theoretical, is what you are worth to the casino in terms of money spent and time spent on a daily visit.  The higher your ADT, the better your offers, or comps, since your worth to casino is also higher.  It doesn’t take much – such as short play, or a non-gambling day – to cause your ADT to tumble down to nowhere.  This isn’t just at Foxwoods, it’s every casino.

I asked two representatives at the giveaway about using the $10 FSP and leaving.  Representative  #1 told me that, yes, it would be considered a “non-gambling day” if I played the $10 and left.  So let me get this straight – I lose out on the cheesecake, but I get a whole $10 in FSP that probably won’t add up to $10 after play, and it will also damage my ADT?  Great plan to get me there, lose the offer I signed up for, and use the consolation prize to lower my Daily Theoretical.  Genius!

Representative  #2 had a different story. If I played the FSP and left, it wouldn’t count against me. because it was loaded as a different type of FSP.  How did I know which rep was accurate? Was I going to risk killing my ADT on this information?   NOPE!  So, no cheesecake to give me, and Foxwoods gets to keep its $10 FSP offer.  Foxwoods marketing score – Foxwoods 1, Patrons nothing.

Average Daily Theoretical is your value to the casino. The math to determine your ADT is based on the above.


I was told that there is always a chance that running out of the item offered might happen.  I was told  in an understanding tone that “It’s in the fine print of every offer.”  There you go.  Buyer beware.  It doesn’t matter that they should be responsible in their giveaways because it’s up to us to read the fine print.  So basically, it’s our fault. Would you want to gamble your money in a place where they aren’t interested in making it right, just because they point it out TO YOU that “it’s in the fine print.”


It is usual business practice for casinos all over to charge you out of your personal Rewards Credits if you don’t show up.  I understand why, and while I’ve been bitten by this rule, I accept it.  If you say you want the offer, then show up!

$10 FSP does not equal the $25 in credits I would have lost for not accepting it.  If I just turned around and went home, I would have lost $25 in credits.  Instead I had to accept $10 FSP that I couldn’t play.  (See Article #4)  But let’s take this a huge insane step forward.

To earn one credit playing slots, it takes $200 (according to VPfree2) through the slot machine.  Charging anyone $25 in credits then makes the cheesecake worth a whopping $5000 in play.  BTW, playing video poker?  Double it!

So, to summarize so far – lose 25 credits that cost $5000 in play on slots if you don’t claim it, get $10 FSP that anyone with a decent ADT can’t use – and NO CHEESEECAKE!


Was it a well-thought out plan, knowing the draw of Junior’s Cheesecake?  I am giving the benefit of the doubt and saying decisively “no.”  BUT, this was not handled well at all, start to finish. Someone in marketing was not thinking of all the possible considerations for their players.  It not an example of caring for their clientele. The complete misjudgment of this giveaway logistics shows a failure to understand the patrons.  And if anyone at Foxwoods thinks we should all be grateful for any morsel thrown our way for spending our hard-earned money there, it won’t take much to take that money elsewhere – like 10 miles in 2017, or up to Springfield in 2018, or to Boston in 2019.

Bottom line – they’ve got to do better!



Twin River Casino, Lincoln, RI

Plainridge Park Entrance, Plainville, MA

Plainridge Park Casino, Plainville, MA


Newport Grand Slots, Newport, RI

There are plenty of great Promotions in New England’s 7 Casinos. So much that we are now separating them by state.  We are also including them as a new tab in our main page so our visitors and subscribers may click on the available promotions & information easily all month.

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Plainridge Park Casino, Plainville MA

Plainridge Park Casino, Plainville MA

PLUSH THROW GIVEAWAY – Sunday, October 8, 11am-4pm. Play to earn a Luxury Plush Throw at the promo zone. Earn 500 points to claim. One per account. While supplies last

AUDI Q5 OR $30K GIVEAWAY – 10pm Grand Prize Winner Guaranteed October 28. Win an 2018 Audi Q5 or $30,000 cash.

PIRATES GOLD PLAY TO EARN – Mondays in October. Excludes October 9. Play-to Earn Pirate’s Gold Bonus* 6am-11:59pm. Earn 300 points and receive a Pirate’s Gold Bonus of $5 up to $20 Free SLOTPLAY. Limit of three (3) bonuses awarded per Marquee Rewards account. Must earn points and redeem bonus on gaming day from 6am-11:59pm. Points must be earned on slot machines only; excludes video poker and electronic table games.

SPOOKY SLOTPLAY – Saturday, October 7 & 14 & 21. 6pm-10pm. 5 winners every hour Win $500 up to $2,500 Free SLOTPLAY®. Winners play a spooky game of chance to determine their prize.

50K PIGSKIN PICKS – Choose the Champs for Sunday and Monday NFL Football Games. Starting September 5, 2017. Win $100 up to $500 Free SLOTPLAY® each week. Top 5 winners of the season will win $1,000 up to $5,000 FreeSLOTPLAY


P OF CLUBS PROGRESSIVE, Fridays in September


Ladies Night Hotseat

Play Your Way To Vegas



$13,000 Cash Sweepstakes  FRIDAY, OCT 13; 3PM to 9PM, FIVE $200 WINNERS EVERY 1/2 HOUR! 

Electronics or Free Slot Play Sweepstakes. Mondays, October 9,16 & 23; Wednesdays, October 11, 18, 25.  WIN YOUR CHOICE OF ELECTRONICS OR $100 IN FREE SLOT PLAY! All Reward Club members receive one free entry and can earn additional entries starting at 10am through 8:55pm October 9, 11, 16, 18, 23 & 25, 2017. 2 winners will be chosen every ½ hour to win choice of an electronic item or $100 in Free Slot Play.

ONGOING PROMOTION: 5X Rewards Points every Tuesday  – Earn 5X more valuable Rewards Points ALL DAY


Twin River Casino, Lincoln RI

Twin River Casino, Lincoln RI

Match Your New England Slot Offer!

For a limited time, any Twin River guest that joins the Twin River Rewards Club is eligible to participate in this New England Slot Offer match promotion! To receive your offer match, guests must bring in their current (within 30 days of their visit to Twin River) New England base slot offer to any Players Club Booth and Twin River will match that base slot offer, with up to $500 in Free Slot Play!! Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island & Vermont offers accepted. So join the club today!

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