8 Ways to MAXIMIZE Your CASINO FUN by “Being in the Moment


Casinos can be fun places – gambling, entertainment, great food choices and more. But there are some things that patrons – gambling & non-gambling – need to be aware of get the most fun out of their visit. Here are a few:

Cocktail Waitress with "free" drinks.

Cocktail Waitress with “free” drinks.

FREE DRINKS – There are ways that casinos are able to promote their casino games to their patrons. One of which is to provide free drinks around. Although it is free casinos have something else to gain from their courtesy of free drinks. Some gamblers cannot seem to control taking advantage of these drinks that they often drink too much leading them to lose their reason and gamble uncontrollably to the casino’s favor. Always take the casino free drinks in moderation.

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The automatic re-shuffling machine – Shufflemaster.” Be careful, it can speed up a card based game faster for your bankroll.

GAMES PACE / SHUFFLE MASTERS – There are some casino games that are played in a faster pace. This will mean the faster the game the more the player places a wager which lead them to spend more within a few minutes. Continue reading