Rewards Club Questions & Answers – Updated!

Marquee Rewards connects to Penn National casinos across the country

Marquee Rewards connects to Penn National casinos across the country

Over the years, the casinos have experimented with many types of promotions to get you through the door. Free spins, free slot play, scratch cards, slot tournaments, table game tournaments, senior specials, cheap buffet……you name it, and they’ve tried it. Many promotions are fun and can be used to improve the players advantage – or at least close the gap.

One of the best ongoing promotions that most casinos offer is a rewards card.  All seven New England casinos offer them.  Each casino has a different slant to their club’s worth.  Here are some important questions, from personal experience, you need to ask to get the best “bang for the buck:”

1)  What can I redeem reward points for?
Many rewards clubs allow you to use your players club points for dining at their restaurants, or shopping.  Some offer using your points for free slot play, but usually for half the price. (ex., 50 points = $25 slot play).  Many casinos allow you to redeem points for entertainment, as in buying tickets for a concert.

Mohegan Sun Arena

Mohegan Sun Arena

2)  Do they expire?  If so, when?
This is important to know.  Some rewards club points don’t ever expire.  Other clubs points expire after 13 months or even 6.  There are so many ways to use them, it’s a shame if a player let them expire – especially when it takes so much money in to earn them.  Which leads to my next question… Continue reading

Social Gaming Part 1 – “myVegas”

This was updated January 18th, 2016


Last week, I introduced the idea of social gaming becoming a bigger than life industry for many casinos and casino businesses.

Let’s remember the idea behind it is “pay to play.”  You pay for credits and play to accumulate more credits and/or rewards of some type – different from online gambling.

This post takes a look at myVegas. MGM apparently has a partnership with Facebook. Play free games on facebook, collect points that can be redeemed for comps at MGM locations in Vegas.  So, instead of playing hours at a casino raising your status or tier for better comps, anyone can play myVegas (as long as you have or sign up for a mLife card) and earn comps at home. If you are patient and play with what you have, or get on a daily bonus, you could eventually build up to earn some nifty comps. Continue reading