What Makes a Good Poker Room?

I'm not much of a poker player.  I love home games, dealer's choice, low limit games - just as long as the most I can lose would be equal to the cost of a McDonald's Happy Meal. It's the casino poker room that we write about today. Five New England casinos have poker rooms. By … Continue reading What Makes a Good Poker Room?

“US Presidents Who Played Poker” – The Monday Link

EVERY MONDAY, NETG BRINGS YOU A GAMBLING POST FROM SOMEONE ELSE FOR YOUR INTEREST, ENTERTAINMENT, AND KNOWLEDGE. WE CALL THIS: "THE MONDAY LINK" Did you know that many American Presidents have also loved a good game of poker? Martin Harris in his post for PokerStarsNews, covered the many presidents who enjoyed a good card game, saying "Poker … Continue reading “US Presidents Who Played Poker” – The Monday Link

Monday Link – Poker etiquette

Every Monday, NETG Brings you a Gambling Post from someone else for your interest, ENTERTAINMENT, and KNOWLEDGE. We Call this: "The Monday Link" After playing in the Fargo Poker Tournament in for the second time in October, it was quite evident that playing poker is full of rules - when to, play, how to put out … Continue reading Monday Link – Poker etiquette