Slot Players Strategies…And I Thought I Had Seen & Heard It All

Plainridge Park Casino

Lots of Slots! Lots if myths!

Visiting the casino can certainly be entertaining when least expecting it.  Who needs a specific place in the casino to people watch – just sit, play, and watch the people around you.

Territorial - "I am playing all these Machines!"

Playing “the slots” tends to bring out the strangest behavior ever witnessed in public by humans beings.  Maybe these electronic boxes DO have some form of artificial intelligence.  Maybe they DO just sit there trying to figure out how to outsmart us.  Maybe there are just hundreds of little electronic agents working for the casino, aware of your every pattern and strategy.

slot machine

“Hey player, I’m watching you!”

images (3)Or maybe we are just insanely paranoid when it comes to metal encased computers designed to provide entertainment over a screen when we press a button or pull a lever.  We never see the same behaviors at a soda machine, unless a soda doesn’t drop in for the taking. Continue reading