New England Casino Gambling History – Updated

What seemed to be a slow trot towards socially approving gambling in New England has changed to a sprint, with no finish line in sight. Expansion continues, with the word "saturation" thrown around annually. While we don't know what the future holds concerning sports betting, casinos in Bridgeport, CT., East Windsor, CT., and southeastern Massachusetts, … Continue reading New England Casino Gambling History – Updated

New Year’s Eve in Rhode Island & Maine

It's New Year's time again.  Get your voice ready for "Auld Lang Syne." make sure your sweetie is ready for kissing at midnight, chill the champagne, and get the correct channel on the tube to watch the ball drop - it's New Year's Eve! By the way, you can find us Twitter and Facebook at … Continue reading New Year’s Eve in Rhode Island & Maine

Maine Casinos “By The Numbers”

"Casinos By The Numbers" featuring  Maine. Maine Casinos tend to be forgotten by most New Englanders, never mind those in the rest of the country.  The fact that they are not big destination casinos does not diminish the revenue they add.  Oxford has just renovated and added a hotel. Read about it in Maine Casino Trip … Continue reading Maine Casinos “By The Numbers”