New England Casinos – How Well Do You Know Them?

How much do you really know about New England’s casinos?  Here’s a little quiz to find out.  Hey, you might learn something!  BTW, if you want to cheat, check out our main page menu with


The answers are below the quiz, so


Here we go!

1.Who has the most slots in New England?   a.Mohegan Sun Resort   b.Twin River Casino   c. Foxwoods    d.MGM Springfield

2.Who has the least amount of slots?  a.Tiverton Casino     b.Oxford Casino    c.Plainridge Park Casino d.Hollywood Bangor

3. Which casino(s) do not have a buffet?    a.Tiverton Casino     b.Oxford Casino    c.Plainridge Park Casino  d.MGM Springfield   e. all four

4.Which State has the most poker rooms?   a. Connecticut     b. New Hampshire  c. Massachusetts   d. Rhode Island

5.Which company(s) owns the most casinos in New England?    a.MGM   b.Penn National   c.Twin River Management Group    d. Mohegan Sun

6.Which casino is the only one without a hotel attached?   a.Twin River Casino   b. Plainridge Park Casino   c.Oxford Casino    d. Tiverton Casino

7.What former New England Patriots quarterback has a restaurant in a New England Casino?   a.Steve Grogan at MGM Springfield   b.Tom Brady at Mohegan Sun   c.Fred Smerlas at Twin River   d. Doug Flutie at Plainridge Park

8. Where can you still find the coveted craps “Fire Bet” in New England?  a.Mohegan Sun   b.Foxwoods   c.MGM Springfield   d.Twin River Casino

9.Which casino(s) in New England offer LIVE horse racing?   a.Oxford Casino   b.Plainridge Park Casino   c.Tiverton Casino   d.Hollywood Bangor Casino

10.By 2019, how many completed casinos will we have in New England?   a.8   b.9   c.10   d.12


  1. a.Mohegan Sun Resort – but only by a few
  2. d.Hollywood Bangor – least amount, followed by Oxford Casino – both in Maine
  3. e. all four – yup, half of New England’s Casinos do not have a buffet
  4. b. New Hampshire – 13 legal poker rooms under the title of “charity gaming” in N.H.
  5. Actually, this is a trick question – both b.Penn National  &  c.Twin River Management Group are correct. Penn runs Plainridge & Hollywood Bangor, TRMG runs Twin River & Tiverton. Both also have connected rewards cards.
  6. b. Plainridge Park Casino
  7. d. Doug Flutie at Plainridge Park (While Fred Smerlas does have a restaurant with Steve DeOssie, another ex-Patriot, they both were lineman.
  8. a.Mohegan Sun – I’ve visited all 8 casinos, but could be wrong.  Let me know.
  9. b.Plainridge Park Casino  & d.Hollywood Bangor Casino – both offer Harness Racing in season
  10. b.9 – When Encore Boston Harbor opens its doors.

How’d you do?  New England Casinos have so much to offer – big & small. Try out a new casino, you might find you’ve been missing out…..