‘Twas The Night of the Super Bowl

Please humor me today for the whimsy this post is meant to be.  Living in New England, I do support the Celtics, the Bruins, the World Champion Boston Red Sox, the Fabulous UConn Men & Women’s Basketball teams, and of course – The New England Patriots.

It is said that New England is comprised of 5 &1/2 states – Western CT tends to follow Yankees, Giants, etc…….  Today’s post is for those 5 & 1/2 New England States and the rest of Patriots Nation.

Much like those of your who support your favorite professional and college teams, there is a bit of the fanatic in all of us.  So, here is the famous Christmas Poem ” ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas” only done the Patriot Way.  (With apologies to Clement Clarke Moore, author, and of course, Santa Clause)

‘Twas The Night of the Super Bowl

‘Twas the night of the game, when all thro’ the country,

Everyone was stirring, except for the poultry;

The wings were all sought with culinary care,

In hopes that B-Dub take-out would soon be there;


With Pats Fans & Rams Fans all nestled in their chairs,

Visions of Touchdowns is all that they cared

And Mama in her T-shirt, and I in my Hat,

We just settled in, our recliners was “where’ it’s at.”


You see, this wasn’t new for us – we had been here before

We are Patriots Nation and still wanted more!

When out from Atlanta, there arose in the light

It was our National Anthem, sung by Gladys Knight


I stood from my seat, my hand over my heart

Super Bowl 53 was now about to start.

The moon on the breast of the lush field of green,

Gave the lustre of excellence the league has already seen


When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,

Out of the tunnel – the Patriots were here!

With a new hoodie, his gait not so quick,

I knew in a moment it was Bill Belichick.


More rapidly out of that tunnel they came,

As the announcers shouted, and call’d them by name:

“There’s Julian, there’s Sony, there’s Slater and Gronk

On! Hogan, White, Dont’a, on! Cordarrelle and Chung;


The O-line, so polished, and special teams, too.

There isn’t a field goal Gostowski can’t do.

From End Zone to End Zone the defense will deny

That explosive Rams offense – try, after try.


 I witnessed another and another Pats score

All I could think was More, More More!

But this would be close against a formidable foe

Only one look at Brady and Pats Nation did know


A scan of his eyes and his hands to his head

Soon made me realize we had nothing to dread.

He spoke many words, the audible was called

Andrews started the play with the snap of the ball


With terrific protection and vision to match

He laid out a bomb that Gronk made for a catch

And giving a nod, up the field Tom did run

The players went crazy – Brady’s 6th ring was won.


Bill hugged his team, Mr. Kraft hugged his son

It was The Patriots 6th Crown, The celebration had begun!

But I still heard  the haters, as they drove out of sight

“End the Dynasty please so we call all have a good night.”


This seasonal variation was made by a Fan,

who loves his Patriots as much as he can.

With a plea for the haters, both jealous and sad,

at least give them credit – it’s the best Dynasty in the land


So maybe the plot may not follow as above

But We have Bill B., the GOAT, and a team we love.

May all of your parties be pleasant and all your emotions be right

“Happy Super Bowl 53 to all, and to all a good night.”

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Plainridge Revenue Dips – Patriots to Blame?

Old & New Logo of the New England Patriots

Old & New Logo of the New England Patriots

Tom Brady & The New England Patriots have been blamed for everything this year it seems – this (   )gate and that(   ) gate.  You might as well fill in the blanks – I’m surprised Bob Kraft hasn’t been fined by the NFL for global warming!

Now, according to reports from Massachusetts’s only casino, the New England Patriots home games are having a negative impact on its business.  Plainridge Park Casino officials told state gambling regulators this week that the slot parlor and harness racing track in Plainville sees significantly fewer visitors on game days. The casino is located about five miles from Gillette Stadium in Foxborough.

Gillette Stadium, home of the New England Patriots.

Gillette Stadium, home of the New England Patriots.

You mean to tell me that a casino, the only one in Massachusetts – THE ONE THAT IS SUPPOSED TO QUICKLY THREATEN THE RHODE ISLAND CASINOS – can’t draw people to their casino on a weekend?  Damn those Patriots, 5 miles away in Foxboro!

Plainridge Park Entrance, Plainville, MA

Plainridge Park Entrance, Plainville, MA

Monthly revenue at Plainridge Park Casino has dipped slightly each month since its opening.  C’mon “Chicken Littles,” it’s to be expected after a terrific opening.  Even though Plainridge Park Casino generated $12.9 million in gross gambling revenues in October, down from over $18 million in July, let’s not panic.

Embrace the Patriots!  Sponsor sports talk pre-game shows on WEEI, or other radio that covers them.

Doug Flutie Statue in front of Flutie Pub 22

Doug Flutie Statue in front of Flutie Pub 22

By the way, Plainridge Park, have you done ANYTHING to connect to the big football game at Fenway today between Notre Dame and Boston College?  If you haven’t, Doug Flutie’s statue in front of his restaurant must be very disappointed.

(AS AN ASIDE – our thoughts go out to Doug Flutie and his family.  Mr. Flutie’s parents both died this week one day apart from each other.  Our thoughts and prayers are with you.)

NETimeGambling suggests the following to Penn National, owners of Plainridge and Hollywood Bangor:

  1. Massachusetts just approved regulation of Fantasy Sports.  Before it goes away altogether, take advantage with promotions tied to fantasy sports.
  2. Set up a HUGE TV MONITOR on the Revolution lounge stage, get permission to show the games, and treat each game to celebrate our fabulous Patriots.  Embrace the team and stop whining.

    Large Stage in the Revolution Lounge, Plainridge Park Casino

    Large Stage in the Revolution Lounge, Plainridge Park Casino

  3. Special promotions – multiplier days, hot seat days, ticket raffles with entries based on play – do SOMETHING that brings Patriot fans in to gamble and watch the game.
  4. Offer entries on Patriot game days to your Las Vegas Casinos – M Resort Or especially Tropicana on the strip.  Tropicana has just been connected to Marquee Rewards.  On remaining game days, have patrons earn entries for two free nights at the Trop!download (4)

Penn National is high up on the gaming industry ladder – they should know what to do.  These dips are to be expected.  If they continue into the spring, then Massachusetts may have deeper concerns on their plate than Patriot’s game days.

That’s all for now.  Tomorrow – Turkey Day Promotions as part of our weekly SUPER SEVEN Promotions