When Video Poker Machines Hesitate – What Does It Mean?

Royal Flush – almost!

We have all been there – those of us who play Video Poker and Slots.  You’re playing along, things are going well, and then it happens……the machine pause for a moment!  What does it mean?  Was I winning too much?  Did someone in the “Office Upstairs” turn on that switch that changes winning into losing?  Conspiracy thoughts abound.

Well, you know what it means?  NOTHING!  At least it isn’t a reaction to ant success you’ve had previously.

Just Catching up to itself

Yes, we think it might have stopped our winning momentum, or the rhythmic luck we had our mojo in, but nope – it doesn’t have a clue how much you were winning or how your mojo was – it’s a machine and it doesn’t have the consciousness or emotion to care!

A 1980 IGT Video Poker machine.

So, what DOES IT MEAN? Well, when Video Poker Machines Hesitate – especially certain generations of Video Poker machine manufactured by IGT – they do so often to do it’s accounting.  In other words, the counting of hands played, coin in & coin out, for example, are kept in short term memory.  On the IGT VP machines, for example, every 100 hands, it is downloaded into long-term memory, much like your computer does at times.  The more games and denominations on a single terminal, the longer it may take – a single game with a single denomination would be barely noticed.

You will find fewer and fewer machines with that hesitation these days, due to better software upgrades. But when Video Poker Machines Hesitate admittedly, it’s is frustrating.

Of course we, as human beings, may notice it happen when we are winning, and shortly after we start losing.  “They must have known I was winning!!!!” you might yell.  But, seriously, nothing could be farther from the truth.

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Comix Roadhouse at Mohegan Sun Opens

 Country music, mechanical bull riding, a Texas-style food menu, 30 craft beers on tap, a full bar and even line dancing!

No, we aren’t reviewing Treasure Island’s  Gilley’s on the Las Vegas Strip, we’re looking at the new Comix Roadhouse at Mohegan Sun.

What do you do with two once popular rooms of slots and video poker from the original 1990’s casino plan? – Turn it into a multi-faceted country & comedy venue unlike anything in southern New England. For almost a year, Mohegan Sun has been expanding the Comix Comedy Club, preparing it for the big opening this weekend. Mohegan’s newsroom reports it will be a “….state-of-the art venue presents a mix of regional country bands, local performers and entertainment on the new Roadhouse stage. The club will continue to offer its popular stand-up comedy and alternative entertainment in the Comix Comedy Club section of the venue.”

The Roadhouse entrance next to the Arena – Earth casino

The menu will feature authentic Texas-style offerings such as smoked brisket, pulled pork and more with a focus on farm fresh ingredients delivered daily, along with Comix classics and local Craft beers.

“Because Mohegan Sun is a major tour stop for the top Country music artists like Keith Urban, Darius Rucker, Kenny Chesney and so many others starting their careers in the Wolf Den, many then going on to play big arenas like ours, it’s such a perfect fit to welcome Comix Roadhouse, a new country attraction to our entertainment venues “, said Tom Cantone, Sr. Corp Vice President of Sports &  Entertainment of Mohegan Gaming & Entertainment.

Entertainment includes:

  •  #TBTKaraoke every Thursday
  • Live, local & regional country music every Friday & Saturday night
  • Mechanical bull riding, and Roadhouse dancers.

    The “bull” at Gilley’s.

Comix continues its run with stand-up comedy. The comedy club at Comix Roadhouse is open every Wednesday through Sunday with entertainment nightly and late-night shows Thursday through Saturday.

Check out the opening this weekend. You’ll have a great time – darn tootin’!


The Growing New England Casino Market – the Monday Link

Every Monday, NETG Brings you a Gambling Post from someone else for your interest, ENTERTAINMENT, and KNOWLEDGE. We Call this:

“The Monday Link”

I have been a big fan of Steve Ruddock’s writing for sometime now.  You can find many many of his posts on PlayUSA.com which is where this is from. Steve is a Casino & gaming analyst & consultant. His primary focus is on the regulated US online casino and poker markets. He writes for numerous online and print publications, including OnlinePokerReport.com, USPoker.com, and USA Today.

Steve Ruddock

PlayUSA.com is the national site for a series of Play-branded news and informational sites in various states, such as PlayNJ.com, PlayPennsylvania.com, PlayNY.com, and nearly a dozen others. PlayUSA’s focus is to provide readers with news and resources related to legal, regulated online gambling options in the United States. They also have a team of experts writing great material like the one featured today. Their resources include: gambling industry news updates, state-based online gaming guides, and a state legislative tracker.

Read this more than once – there’s a lot to digest in this article.