Do you feel safe in the casino?  If so, there are things you can do to feel safe in the casino. Today we offer this great article by Frank Scoblete, author and owner of Casino City Times  concerning Casino Visit Security Tips.

NETG ran a series last year on Mondays to bring you a Gambling Post from someone else. Generally speaking, it was to peak your interest casino and gambling topics. Some of posts included information on Cruise Casinos, Federal Tax reform and  even“US Presidents Who Played Poker” We called it, what else but “The Monday Link.”

Here’s a link to a Frank Scoblete post on GamblingTeachers.com.  At GT, you can discover success secrets from professional gamblers.  Gambling Teachers’ Mission is to remain a free online learning Center, teach Learn to Win programs and lessons of value and retain our GT team of top gambling professionals. King Scobe as he is called, is all about casino gambling. His books include Beat the Craps out of the Casinos, Golden Touch Blackjack Revolution, and Beat the One-Armed Bandits and are staples for your gambling library. He has written and appeared in television documentaries as well as written numerous columns for gambling magazines and websites.  Equally important are Frank’s series of videotapes and DVDs, with most of his work being about craps and blackjack.

Casino Security Tips

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The Top Gambling Podcasts of 2019

So, how many podcasts do you listen to?  How many are specifically about Las Vegas, gambling, travel or other recreational activities? Wouldn’t you like to know what the Top Gambling Podcasts of 2019 are?

The podcasting community has exploded with all sorts of helpful topics with the legalization of sports betting, as well as the expansion of gambling throughout the country. Many of these podcasts have their own Facebook communities, where people can share their experiences, ask questions, and chat about similar interests.

There are so many new ones out there to listen to, you could easily find one with specific interests to you. It is easy to jump to the conclusion that when you want to give gambling a go you only need luck to be on your side. Experienced gamblers know better and they give us hints through their amazing stories and commentaries in podcasts. Grasping the rules and devising shrewd strategies require great skills and continuous efforts. It is worthwhile to listen to gambling podcasts which reveal so much about recreational gambling and advantage play.

Some podcasts follow a travel format, especially those about Las Vegas and Atlantic City. These podcasts often cover entertainment news, openings and closing in dining, and calls from listeners telling of their trips and the experiences they had. I have used many suggestions from these podcasts for my AC and Vegas trips.

While driving to work and back home, I listen to many podcasts. My rotation right now revolves around many listed in this link by  at TravelZork.com

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The must keep his/her identity secret. However, he/she has an interesting perspective in many TravelZork.com articles.

Top Gambling and Las Vegas Podcasts 2019


The Monday Link – Cruise Ship Casino Questions Answered



In the last 34 years, I have had the pleasure of taking four cruises.  Recently, our 4th was on Royal Caribbean’s Mariner of the Seas in the Bahamas.  Each cruise ship had a casino, but size, table game offerings, and slots differed.

So, does a casino matter to you on a cruise – probably, since you’re reading NETimeGambling!  But where do you start in cruise line comparisons?  There are quite a few companies to compare, and then each had anywhere from four to twenty-four ships.

Let NETimeGambling start your search with a great primer by CruiseCritic.com   with

What to Expect on a Cruise: Cruise Ship Casinos