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Mohegan Sun

Mohegan Sun

Some think Rewards or Players Clubs at casinos work against you, or even gather information to distribute to advertising or even the IRS. I just think they are a positive way to decrease the house edge with comps.

What does the casino use the players club for?  Basically, to offer discounts and complimentary items in exchange for adding your name for their marketing database, for the ability to track how and where you spend your money.

In the 7 New England Casinos, we have 6 distinct Slot/Rewards clubs two of which are under Penn National’s Marquee Rewards – Hollywood Bangor in Maine, and Plainridge Park in Massachusetts.

Mohegan Sun has five tiers (levels) now – Core, Ignite, Leap, Ascend & Soar – to their Momentum Rewards Club.

Here are some basics for Mohegan Sun’s Momentum Club.  Statistics are based personal experience and search,  vpFree2, and Mohegan Sun’s Momentum website:

Mohegan Sun's Momentum Players Club

Mohegan Sun’s Momentum Players Club


Accruing Points

Video Poker stats – $390 – $550 coin-in = 1 status point ; short-pay VP earns Momentum Dollars

Approximately $167 coin-in on slots = 1 point


Cashback: NONE
Marketing Comps: Yes
Discretionary Comps: Yes
Points Expire: After 1 year of inactivity
Slot club day runs from: 6:00AM to 6:00AM

You can spend Momentum Dollars at Mohegan Sun in Connecticut, Mohegan Sun Pocono in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania and Resorts Casino Hotel in Atlantic City. You can’t accrue Momentum points at Resorts.

Mohegan Sun Pocono, Pennsylvania

Mohegan Sun Pocono, Pennsylvania

Momentum Club perks by level include:

  • The Core status card is the initial card and free of charge. It has many basic benefits associated with it, such as free slot play, and is available to all guests over 21.  If you sign up as a new card holder online, you can receive a special offer of free slot play.  Click HERE for more to fill out the form.
  • The Ignite status card is available to guests who earn 400 Status Points during the six-month qualifying period. Guests who earn Ignite status will have all of the associated benefits that the Ignite status card offers. Ignite members will be given 50 Choice Credits each month with which they can design their stay based on their interests while visiting Mohegan Sun.
  • The Leap status card is available to guests who earn 600 Status Points during the six month qualifying period. Guests who earn Leap status will have all of the associated benefits that the Leap status card offers. Leap members will be given 200 Choice Credits each month with which they can design their stay based on their interests while visiting Mohegan Sun.
  • The Ascend status card is available to guests who earn 1,400 Status Points during the six-month qualifying period. Guests who earn Ascend status will have all of the associated benefits that an Ascend member receives. Ascend members will be given 800 Choice Credits each month with which they can design their stay based on their interests while visiting Mohegan Sun.
  • The Soar status card is available to guests who earn 4,000 Status Points during the six month qualifying period. Guests who earn Soar status will have all of the associated benefits that a Soar member receives. This card level does not have Choice Credits. Soar members have full access to all of the benefits that are received by using Choice Credits without having to manage a set amount of Choice Credits each month.

    Resorts in Atlantic City accepts Momentum Dollars for all amenities

    Resorts in Atlantic City accepts Momentum Dollars for all amenities

Other NOTES worthy of mention:

  1. Qualifying periods are the same, April through September
  2. As you elevate your Status, Momentum Dollar Accelerators will kick in to boost your Momentum Dollar earning rate. Ignite, Leap, Ascend,  & Soar boosts status points 10%, 15%, 20%, and 25% respectively.
  3. There is no opportunity for spending to earn points or status.  
  4. Mohegan Sun has an inflexible policy concerning “non-gambling” days.  If you use your momentum dollars for dining or drinks, if you take advantage of any offer comped to you, and if you swipe your card in a kiosk without gambling, Mohegan Sun counts it as a “non-gambling” day.  This means it is used to diminish your Average Daily Theoretical which calculates what comps you will be offered.  Be smart with what perks you use and when.
  5. Advantages: Ascend and Soar members may park in our Riverview garage, and Leap, Ascend and Soar members may park in the Indian Summer garage.
  6. When you play at a higher rate, you will earn more Status Points and Status Points are how you move up to a higher Status Card level.  Many times throughout the 6-month period, triple and double multiplier days are offered to boost your status even faster.


Inside one of three VIP lounges at Mohegan Sun

Inside one of three VIP lounges at Mohegan Sun

  1. Momentum Dollars are spendable at any of the shops or restaurants. These dollars are earned by gaming. One Momentum Dollar is equivalent to one dollar when using them for purchase in any of our shops or restaurants.  This is for ALL amenities.
  2. Status Points are earned through gaming and determine which card level members fall into.  Status Points, unlike Momentum Dollars, are earned at the same rate throughout every card level.
  3. Choice Credits are complimentary credits that are given to Ignite, Leap and Ascend members each month. Ignite members will receive 50 Choice Credits each month, Leap members will receive 200 Choice Credits each month and Ascend members will receive 800 Choice Credits each month.  Choice Credits can be used for VIP lounge access, Seasons Buffet entry, hotel stays, scooter rentals, gaming exchanges (available to Leap and Ascend members only) and Arena tickets.


That’s all for now.





Best of 2016, New England Casino Awards – Editors Choice and Analysis

fisherman-8h-8076-mPolls based on popular vote and surveys can be very misleading.  Other times, they can be spot on.  As a musician, I tend to look at things like The People’s Choice Awards as nothing but a great example of “the squeaky wheel gets the grease.” Many times, the truly deserving recipient of the award is not known as well, or people have not experienced their product as much.  So goes with many popular votes.

Today we take a closer look at the “Netties” votes and the analysis for our own Editors’ Choice Awards.  Some were well deserving, but others were not, probably due to the lack of most gamblers experiencing all seven casinos one by one

Best HotelNettie Choice:  1.Mohegan Sun   2. Foxwoods                 Editors’ Choice: FoxwoodsNETG picks Foxwoods because of the number of rooms, rooms of all levels, and more on-campus hotels, all quality places to stay. 

Foxwoods Hotels. Missing in picture is Two Trees Inn.

Foxwoods Hotels. Missing in picture is Two Trees Inn.

Best Bars – Nettie Choice: 1.Mohegan Sun   2. Foxwoods  2. Twin River    Editors’ Choice: 1.Mohegan Sun   1. Foxwoods (tied)

Best Night Clubs / Lounge – Nettie Choice: 1.Mohegan Sun 2.Foxwoods Editors’ Choice: 1.Foxwoods 2. Mohegan SunMohegan Sun has more bars, but Shrine is the best club.  Add Liquid Sundays in the summer, and you have the best at Foxwoods.

Shrine - One of the Best Night Clubs on the East Coast

Shrine – One of the Best Night Clubs on the East Coast

Best Dining Options – Nettie Choice: 1.Mohegan Sun   2. Foxwoods Editors’ Choice: 1.Mohegan Sun   1. Foxwoods (tied)

Favorite Restaurant Nettie Choice: Tom’s Urban (MoSun)          Editors’ Choice: Tuscany (MS) & Red Lantern(Fox) & Fluties22 (Plainridge) tied.  As for Tom’s Urban, we had heard complaints recently on service, and the warmth of the food served. Inconsistency seems to be setting in.

Best Dining Value – Nettie Choice 1.Mohegan Sun  2.Oxford Casino & Plainridge Park

Editors’ Choice:  – Mohegan Sun, Oxford Casino, Foxwoods & Plainridge Park all offer a good bang for the buck, you just have to compare.  

Best Buffet – Nettie Choice 1.Mohegan Sun   2. Oxford Casino  Editors’ Choice:  Ditto!

Best Small Venue for Entertainment – Nettie Choice 1.Mohegan Sun Editors’ Choice:  Ditto, again.  Nothing in the area tops the Wolf Den.

Wolf Den - Mohegan Sun

Wolf Den – Mohegan Sun

Best Large Venue for EntertainmentNettie Choice & Editors’ Choice: Mohegan Sun Arena

Mohegan Sun Arena, Uncasville CT

Mohegan Sun Arena, Uncasville CT

Best Casino Slots – Nettie Choice 1.Mohegan Sun   2. Twin River & Plainridge Park (tied)

Editors’ Choice: – Plainridge Park.  Higher slots payback, improved VP, and added slotplay bonuses, Plainville, MA is the place to go.

Favorite Slot MachineNettie Choice: Cashman & Hot Hot Penny (tied)

Editors’ Choice:How can it NOT be Wheel of Fortune in it’s 20th anniversary, and almost 100 variations.Wheel of Fortune Slot

Best Video Poker Nettie Choice & Editors’ Choice: 1. Mohegan Sun  2. Foxwoods. Mohegan Sun still leads New England in the number of 9/6 JOB offered, while Foxwoods has more progressive VP jackpots.

Best Casino Table GamesNettie Choice & Editors’ Choice: 1. Foxwoods  2. Mohegan Sun & Twin River (tied)

BEST Poker Room – Nettie Choice:1. Foxwoods  2. Twin River       Editors’ Choice: FoxwoodsStill one of the largest and most exciting poker rooms in the country

Foxwoods Poker Room

Largest Poker Room in N.E. at Foxwoods

Favorite Table GameNettie Choice1. Blackjack  2. Craps            Editors’ Choice: 1. Blackjack  2. Texas Hold’em (table game)

Best RacebookNettie Choice1. Foxwoods  2. Plainridge Park    Editors’ Choice: 1. Foxwoods  2. Mohegan Sunbut Plainridge has showed improved signs of life with the new casino. It’s cleaner and feels more like a racebook than a OTB.

Best Casino Players Club – Nettie Choice1.Mohegan Sun               Editors’ Choice: Foxwoodsimproved Players Club Card, addition of Tier/status multipliers, and a friendlier club to locals puts it #1.Foxwoods rewards wonder

Casino You Feel the Luckiest In – Nettie Choice1.Mohegan Sun   2. Twin River & Plainridge Park (tied)

 Editors’ Choice: Pick ’em!  You win, you feel the place is luck, you lose……well you don’t.

Finally, our thoughts on two new questions we asked about this year:

How Many times Do You Visit a New England Casino? –                                 1. 63% once/month      2. 25% once/week

NETG has a feeling there is a little denial going on here.  Definitely more than once per month for most gamblers.

Which casino (approved or not) are you MOST interested in visiting in the future?  1. Third Connecticut casino   2. Wynn Boston Harbor

Wynn Boston Harbor

Wynn Boston Harbor

MGM Springfield Casino Entrance

MGM Springfield Casino Entrance

Again, we think this is swayed by the CT voters who voted this question. But, Wynn and MGM Springfield have got to be the next best things to happen to the New England Casino landscape.  Personally, I can’t wait, and the rest of the staff is especially looking towards the Wynn Boston Harbor opening.

Well, that’s a look at the Best of 2016.  Can’t wait to see changes on the rise.

Keep following for as your complete New England Casino Resource.

Binbin, Miguel, & Bert

Mohegan Sun’s Earth Tower – A First Hand Look

img_1598NETG stayed spent the night in Mohegan’s Earth Tower.

FYI – It’s not really a “tower.”

But it has 12 stories of ultra modern decor and amenities in a slightly smaller package.



The Earth Hotel Lobby

To start with, it has it’s own lobby, which can be reached from the Winter Garage, or the main hotel lobby. Across from the lobby you’ll find four areas to socialize in. The furniture and accessories are soothing, a great place to sit back after a day of the convention or the tables. Include the new Bean & Wine Bar, with sandwiches, desserts, and beverages, and you have a great area to start your visit or end your day.img_1596In the warmer months, there are numerous outdoor fireplaces and benches to entertain old friends or meet new ones. img_1595


The rooms are smaller than the Sky Tower, but the ambiance and furnishings make you tend to forget it.  The long lighted wall behind the beds makes it feel larger. Lots of technological thinking provides many gadgets and necessities for Millennials to Boomers. Numerous USB ports for powering devices are included.img_1589-2 The room key doesn’t need to be inserted, just held up to the sensor.  And some of the light switches are touch sensitive, also. The bathroom is modest with a large shower.  In room amenities include:

  • Safe
  • Refrigerator
  • Mini Bar (coming soon)
  • Coffee Makerimg_1590-2

While we had asked for a King Bed, we were given 2 queens – first come, first served they said.img_1585-1


As with any new opening, there are some tweaks to be made.  One VERY uncomfortable part of the room was temperature.  The thermostat just didn’t work as efficiently as it should. It’s hard to understand and the “ECO” setting seems to mess up any continuous temp.  At one point it read 72, but the room was cooling off at 69 degrees.

To make matters worse, a small vent above the closest bed kept shooting cold air down on one of the beds, causing the bed to be unusable. Staff in the lobby said it had been a problem in other rooms as well, but they’re working on it.

img_1586-1I should mention that while it is nicely decorated, some of the furniture seems a little cheap, namely the drawers (shelves) for clothing.

I’m sure all the things that need fixing will get the attention they need. But, if I had a choice, I would stay in the Sky hotel until the bugs are taken care of.  Soon, Mohegan Sun will have two outstanding hotels for you to choose from.